Travel Manager CV Example

Navigating journeys, but your CV feels stranded? Take a trip through this Travel Manager CV example, compassed with Wozber free CV builder. Witness how you can plot your travel expertise to match job coordinates, ensuring your career takes off and never turbulence stands in its way!

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Travel Manager CV Example
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How to write a Travel Manager CV?

Embarking on a journey to become a coveted Travel Manager? Your CV is your passport, guaranteeing passage through the gates of potential employers. Master the art of CV writing with Wozber's free CV builder, ensuring your professional journey is not just a dream but a destination. Ready to navigate the path to success? Let's dive in and tailor a CV that not only ticks all the boxes but sets you soaring above the competition!

Personal Details

Even the most seasoned traveler starts with a single step. Your CV's Personal Details section is exactly that - a critical first foot forward, perfectly aligning you with the Travel Manager position you are jet-setting towards.

Renee Pollich
Travel Manager
(555) 987-6543
New York City, New York

1. Brand Yourself with Your Name

Think of your name as your personal logo. It should be prominent, so use a clear font and consider font size that distinguishes it from the rest of your CV.

2. Job Title Alignment

Directly below your name, tailor your professional title to the job you're applying for – in this case, "Travel Manager". This instantly clues in the reader about your aspirations.

3. Necessary Contact Information

  • Phone Number: Accuracy is key. Triple-check to ensure your number is correct.
  • Professional Email Address: Opt for a simple format like firstname.lastname@email.com to maintain professionalism.

4. Your Location Matters

This position requires you to be in "New York City, New York". Ensuring your location is clearly stated aligns with one of the employer's key criteria.

5. A Professional Online Presence

Including your LinkedIn profile could give you an edge, offering a deeper insight into your professional journey. Ensure it's current and reflective of your CV.


These initial details form the handshake that greets your potential employers. Ensuring they're precise and tailored sets the stage for that impactful first impression. Remember, you're not just listing information; you're strategically positioning yourself as the ideal Travel Manager candidate.

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Much like planning a trip, detailing your experience requires consideration of both the destination and the path taken. Here's how to make each stop along your professional journey contribute to a compelling case for your candidacy as a Travel Manager.

Travel Manager
01/2021 - Present
ABC Travel Solutions
  • Developed and successfully implemented comprehensive travel policies and procedures, improving cost‑effectiveness by 20%.
  • Managed and nurtured relationships with over 50 international vendors, resulting in a 15% reduction in corporate rates.
  • Streamlined the booking and reservation process, otimizing efficiency and cutting operational costs by 25%.
  • Provided key travel data insights quarterly, aiding in budgetary decisions and ensuring a 10% decrease in expenses.
  • Successfully handled and resolved over 100 travel‑related issues annually, ensuring 95% traveler satisfaction.
Assistant Travel Manager
06/2017 - 12/2020
XYZ Tourism Ltd
  • Assisted in the drafting and update of travel policies, leading to a 10% rise in compliance rates.
  • Coordinated with a team of 5 to handle the booking process, achieving a 98% accuracy rate.
  • Liaised with a portfolio of 30 vendors, ensuring timely payments and improving service delivery by 15%.
  • Organized quarterly travel training sessions, boosting company‑wide travel literacy by 30%.
  • Played a key role in the emergency response team, ensuring safety and well‑being of travelers during crises.

1. Digesting the Job Requirements

Trace through the job description, highlighting responsibilities and achievements that mirror "developing and implementing travel policies" or "managing relationships with vendors". These are your benchmarks for relevance.

2. Organize Your Professional Itinerary

Layout your roles chronologically, starting with your most recent position. Include your job title, the company's name, and the dates of your tenure to provide a clear timeline of your professional growth.

3. Tailoring Accomplishments

For each job listed, weave in achievement statements that reflect responsibilities from the job description, like "Managed relationships with over 50 international vendors" or "Optimised booking processes to cut operational costs by 25%".

4. Numbers Tell the Tale

Quantify your successes wherever possible. If you've increased efficiency, reduced costs, or boosted satisfaction rates, let the numbers speak to paint a picture of your impact.

5. Relevance is Key

While it's tempting to list every success, keeping your content aligned with the Travel Manager role ensures that every word on your CV is working towards your goal of securing that position.


The experience section is where your professional narrative takes shape. Tailor it with precision, highlight your relevant achievements, and let your experience advocate for your future success as a Travel Manager. This meticulous curation is your opportunity to prove your excellence in the field.


Your educational background lays the groundwork for your ascent in the Travel Manager realm. Tailoring this section to reflect the job's requirements demonstrates you possess the foundational knowledge to navigate the complexities of this role.

Bachelor's degree, Business Administration
Harvard University

1. Identify Key Educational Qualifications

In this case, the job calls for "a Bachelor's degree in Business, Hospitality, or a related field." Match your degree to these specifications to meet the baseline qualification.

2. Layout Simplicity

A straightforward format keeps the focus on the content. List your degree, the field of study, and your alma mater, followed by your graduation year.

3. Degree Alignment

"Bachelor's degree in Business Administration" was chosen to mirror the job's criteria perfectly, demonstrating a direct link between the educational requirement and your qualifications.

4. Relevant Coursework and Achievements

While the broader degree might suffice, highlighting specific courses or achievements relevant to the Travel Manager role can further establish your suitability.

5. Continuous Learning

Travel and hospitality are dynamic fields. Emphasize any additional certifications, like "Certified Corporate Travel Executive (CCTE)", to show your commitment to staying abreast in the profession.


This section should resonate with the job's educational necessities, reflecting your readiness and eligibility. Let your educational background underscore your preparedness to take on the challenges of a Travel Manager role, setting a solid foundation for your career growth.

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Certificates are like visas in your professional passport - endorsements of your specialized skills and dedication. Let's steer through including certificates that highlight your continuous pursuit of excellence in travel management.

Certified Corporate Travel Executive (CCTE)
Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)
2018 - Present

1. Certificates That Fit the Job

Pinpoint certificates that match the job's needs. The CCTE certification is a direct hit, as it's specified as a plus in the job description.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Prioritize certificates most relevant to the Travel Manager role. This clarity ensures the hiring manager recognizes their direct value at a glance.

3. Keeping Records Fresh

Include the issuance or expiration dates for time-sensitive certifications. For the ever-evolving travel industry, showing you are up-to-date is crucial.

4. Commit to Lifelong Learning

The world of travel management is dynamic, with constant new developments. Regularly refreshing your certifications and seeking new learning opportunities signify your commitment to excellence and adaptation.


Certificates showcase your dedication to maintaining and expanding your expertise in travel management. Highlight them as tangible proof of your ongoing professional development and readiness to contribute at the highest level.


Just as a traveler wouldn't venture without the right gear, your Skills section packs your professional toolkit. This is where you present the hard and soft skills that make you the ideal candidate for the Travel Manager role.

Communication Skills
Policy Development
Issue Resolution
Vendor Management
Travel Data Analysis
Training and Development

1. Deciphering the Job Description

Extract skills directly mentioned, like "proficiency with travel booking software" and meld them with implied skills such as negotiation and analytics.

2. Relevant Skills Front and Center

Identify and list skills that relate directly to the job, placing the most critical ones like Concur expertise or negotiation prowess at the forefront.

3. A Curated Selection

Resist the urge to overcrowd this section. A curated list that shows you possess both the hard skills (like Amadeus software proficiency) and soft skills (like superior negotiation capabilities) will capture attention more effectively.


Your Skills section should reflect a balanced mix of the technical and interpersonal qualities you bring to the table. Tailoring this segment to echo the job's demands illustrates you're not only capable but a perfect match for the Travel Manager role.


In a field as diverse as travel management, your linguistic capabilities can set you apart. Matching your language skills to the job's requirements endows your CV with a global appeal.


1. Language Specifications

"Must be able to function effectively in an English-speaking environment." Being native in English or indicating high proficiency fulfills this vital requirement.

2. Showcase Your Linguistic Range

Beyond the essential, list other languages you're proficient in. Being fluent in Spanish, for instance, can demonstrate your capability to navigate international interactions.

3. Honest Proficiency Levels

Clearly state your level of proficiency, using terms like native, fluent, intermediate, and basic, to give the hiring manager a precise understanding of your linguistic abilities.

4. The Role's Linguistic Demands

Consider the scope of the position - for Travel Managers, especially those working within international contexts, multiple languages can be immensely beneficial.

5. Lifelong Language Learning

Your commitment to learning new languages or improving existing skills showcases adaptability and a global mindset – key traits for a Travel Manager.


Your ability to communicate in multiple languages isn't just a skill; it's an asset that enhances your value as a Travel Manager. It demonstrates your readiness to engage with diverse teams and clients, underscoring your global perspective.


A well-crafted summary serves as the itinerary for your professional journey, offering a high-level overview of where you've been and where you aim to go. Here's how to tailor a summary that aligns with the Travel Manager role you're embarking on.

Travel Manager with over 6 years of industry experience and expertise in developing comprehensive travel policies, managing vendor relationships, and otimizing booking processes. Skilled in providing in-depth travel data insights and adept at resolving travel-related issues efficiently. Known for ensuring cost-effectiveness and high traveler satisfaction.

1. Capture the Job's Core

Reflect on the role's essence, distilling key elements like travel policy implementation, vendor management, and process optimisation.

2. Your Professional Introduction

Begin with a compelling statement articulating your professional identity, highlighting your years of experience and key areas of expertise.

3. Meeting the Requirements

Infuse your summary with a selection of skills and achievements that respond directly to the job description. For instance, your knack for generating travel data insights or streamlining booking processes showcases your direct alignment with the role's demands.

4. Brevity is Brilliance

Conciseness ensures your summary is impactful. Aim for a 3-5 line narrative that encapsulates your professional journey and ambitions.


Your summary is the compass that guides hiring managers through your CV, pointing out the landmarks of your career that make you the ideal candidate for the Travel Manager position. Craft it with care, ensuring it resonates with your professional narrative and the job at hand.

Launching Your Travel Manager Journey with Wozber

With your CV fine-tuned and ready for launch, it's time to set your sights on that Travel Manager position. Remember, crafting your CV with Wozber's free CV builder gives you access to an ATS-friendly CV format, ensuring your application won't just land on the right desk but also make a lasting impression. Consider this guide your map, Wozber your compass, and the job market your new uncharted territory.

Forge ahead with confidence, knowing you're fully equipped to turn your professional aspirations into reality. Safe travels on your career journey!

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Travel Manager CV Example
Travel Manager @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Hospitality, or a related field.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in travel management or a related role.
  • Proficiency with travel booking software, such as Concur or Amadeus.
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills to liaise with vendors and travelers.
  • Certification in Travel, such as a Certified Corporate Travel Executive (CCTE), is a plus.
  • Must be able to function effectively in an English-speaking environment.
  • Must be located in New York City, New York.
  • Develop and implement travel policies and procedures to ensure cost-effectiveness and traveler satisfaction.
  • Manage relationships with vendors, negotiate corporate rates, and ensure compliance with service level agreements.
  • Oversee the booking and reservation process, including airline, hotel, and rental car arrangements.
  • Provide regular travel data insights, including cost reporting and trend analysis.
  • Handle and resolve any travel-related issues or emergencies.
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