77 CV Accomplishment Examples

77 CV Accomplishment Examples

Potential employers see past success as an indication for future performance, that's why CV accomplishment statements are the most powerful part of your CV that can boost your chances of landing a job interview.

Accomplishment statements have a few principal components.

First and foremost, you should target your accomplishments at the specific position - one CV for one job position only. That means, customizing your bullet points every time by using keywords found in a job description and rearranging the most relevant information to appear in the top.

Secondly, statements need to stress your achievements and results instead of duties or responsibilities.

How to format your accomplishments into powerful statements? Start your CV accomplishments with action verbs, use numbers to prove results (numbers provide certainty), and finally enrich these statements by using keywords found in a job description.

If you would like to go deeper into the writing techniques, we have prepared the definitive guide of how to write a CV based on targeted accomplishments. You should check it out.

This article, however, is only about the examples. Use them as an inspiration for your own accomplishments statements which would lead you to a job you want.


  • Sold high-tech products with an average price point of $18,000.
  • Together with the sales team, planned and organized territory sales completing monthly goals of 100 meetings.
  • Increased unit sales goals by 260% and generated over $90,000 in revenue in six months without prior training.
  • Managed and maintained a portfolio of over 400 business clients.
  • Developed new relationships with over 70 business clients, helping them to solve their business challenges.
  • Worked independently and performed 80 - 100 daily cold calls, educating customers and building relationships.
  • Produced and implemented retargeting sales campaigns based on Facebook Pixel and other data tracking technologies.
  • Developed successful telemarketing programs that targeted potential business clients, reducing the time of product introduction.
  • Based on sign-ups for marketing lists, created 20+ email templates that were implemented as a company standard, resulting in positive feedback from the sales teams and customers.

Customer Service

  • Delivered an exceptional customer service experience, resolved issues and shared benefits of additional services. Recognized for being positive, intuitive, and client-centric.
  • Promptly responded to around 70 general telephone and email inquiries per day regarding existing business accounts.
  • Managed 100 clients' data quarterly and maintained individual customer service about up-to-date knowledge of account changes, operations, and financial options.
  • Motivated co-workers by encouraging teamwork, rewarding positive behavior, and promoting optimism.
  • Demonstrated organizational skills by cross-training and providing backup for other customer service representatives when needed.
  • Greeted and assisted customers with various issues, introduced protection programs, and additional service packages.

Office Administrative Assistant

  • Performed daily administrative functions such as answering calls and emails, scheduling meetings, writing multiple reports and other forms.
  • Provided constant and reliable administrative support to 20 office team members.
  • Assisted the HR manager by maintaining personnel files for job applicants as well as active and terminated employees.
  • Maintained, coordinated and updated the client database, records and mailing lists.
  • Maintained an inventory of office supplies.

Office Receptionist

  • Transformed manual processes into a computerized, well-documented standard operating procedures system (SOP).
  • Performed daily administrative functions such as answering calls and emails, greeting visitors, invoicing, and maintaining the inventory of office supplies.
  • Managed and prepared multiple reports, spreadsheets, documents and other forms and handled all media and PR inquiries.
  • Scheduled meetings and managed the calendar, took the meeting minutes and forwarded the minutes via email to all the partners.

Assistant Manager

  • Directly assisted the e-commerce manager in performing internal marketing functions, including keyword and competitor analysis for sales purposes.
  • Responsibly administrated the manager's MS Office documents, forms, emails, and calendar.
  • Monitored, documented and prepared weekly expense and performance status reports.
  • Prepared graphical presentations for sales meetings.
  • Assisted three project managers in performing multiple internal marketing functions such as doing keyword and content analysis for a client's digital media advertisements.
  • Directly administrated seven marketing and PR campaigns in my first year.

Executive Administrative Assistant

  • Supervised the CEO's calendar, handled meetings and inquires. Ensured clear communication from the executive to project teams.
  • Coordinated executive off-sites and other events for up to 800 employees.
  • Coordinated catering for annual staff forum, negotiated terms and pricing agreements, saving at least $30K annually.
  • Managed all documentation, designed and implemented various documents and business cards, monitored email, and replied on behalf of the CEO with regard to related issues.

HR Manager

  • Successfully headhunted and recruited more than 300 professionals via LinkedIn and alumni databases, ensuring background checks, individual offerings as well as contacting uprising talents.
  • Maintained a positive work environment by surprising employees with weekly actions, such as yoga or morning musicians.
  • Managed training programs for all new employees, including orientation, disciplinary procedures, safety, etc.
  • Created and implemented a self-improving employee's training system with well-documented standard operating procedures (SOP) that were later adopted company-wide.
  • Doubled the number of new job applicants by organizing and implementing an employer branding program with the help of a positive Glassdoor image, daily LinkedIn updates, monthly media coverage, etc.
  • Developed and improved a step-by-step recruiting system with friendly job application forms, practice tests, and questionnaires for filtering 100 new daily CVs to find the top talent.

HR Assistant

  • Organized various occasional and regular events, volunteering actions, and continued training programs which increased retention to 60% within three years.
  • Invited at least 10 motivational speakers and industry experts to present lectures and speeches to employees on new industry standards and teaching them how to build confidence and morale in the workplace.
  • Developed an employer manual covering training, disciplinary procedures, FSA, STD, PTO, FMLA policies and other information.
  • Directly assisted the HR manager in performing internal HR functions such as managing CVs and preparing various business documents.
  • Organized content for our employer branding strategy via channels such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and other media networks.
  • Searched for professionals using LinkedIn and alumni databases, ensuring background checks and experience.
  • Responsibly administrated the manager's MS Office documents, forms, emails, and calendar.
  • Monitored, documented and prepared weekly and monthly performance status reports.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

  • Installed, maintained and repaired high-technology equipment for the semiconductor industry, Stepper NSR-SF155 and NSR-1505G2A.
  • Prepared BOQ and implemented SPC for various process steps to monitor 100% production quality.
  • Designed and implemented a working two-channel encoder for an FM modulator within a six-week deadline.

Graphic Designer

  • Designed, implemented and maintained 70+ WordPress and HTML websites using Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Created, designed and presented 26 projects from concept to solution for clients and businesses.
  • Worked closely with marketing project managers to maintain and revise the creative direction for a group of on average five projects/websites.
  • Actively researched, followed and forecasted design trends to bring new ideas. Implemented company-level educational content and book reading practices at a later stage that led to better workflow and higher quality design production.
  • Created 10-12 ads and imageries weekly, including flyers, banners, posters, logos and business cards.
  • Developed and updated five websites.
  • Generated and completed four full advertising campaigns using Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Delivered design solutions under extremely tight deadlines.

Project Manager

  • Solved internal financial business challenges by reducing projects' costs by 25% while employing young, but talented, external freelancers without negatively affecting the overall quality of the project.
  • Managed, lead and coordinated various teams of up to 70 people to perform marketing programs. This included collaboration both with internal and external teams.
  • Created, organized and implemented the company’s employee training program with the help of up-to-date educational book reading practices, which improved the ideas of the professional team members and workflow.
  • Monitored 42 end-to-end marketing and PR projects.

Communication & Advertising

  • Generated, produced and maintained 42 end-to-end marketing and PR projects of which three became viral stunts. Completed all the projects within an approved budget, timescale, and expected quality.
  • Directly administrated seven marketing and PR campaigns in my first year.
  • Created, produced and presented six brainstorm ideas/projects from concept to a solution for client's brief.

Business Analyst

  • Analyzed and architected financial intelligence models to measure complex data, cash flows, NPV, and ROI.
  • Successfully connected internal sales, marketing as well as design teams and departments with external partners via Trello and Slack integrations, leading to 20% more efficient workflow and effective data tracking and sharing of projects.
  • Developed successful business models resulting in a revenue increase of 4.4% from 2015 to 2016.
  • Analyzed and architected business intelligence models to measure ROI. Monitored and reviewed options, risks, and costs of company's $5 million budget.
  • Worked with multiple data sets to apply qualitative and quantitative customer research techniques and business profitability analysis that lead to exceeding monthly goals by 7% on a continuous basis.

Fund Manager

  • Generated, produced and maintained all aspects of the fundraising steps: mailings, tele-fundraising, coordinating with the database administrator, and communication with development teams.
  • Managed, lead and coordinated 60 projects and their budget deadlines, achieving an average annual return of 5.8%.
  • Solved internal financial business challenges by reducing project costs by 25%, while employing young, but talented, external freelancers without negatively affecting the overall work quality.

Finance & Accounting

  • Saved up to 25% on shipping costs by generating accurate reports for determining the cost, quality, and location of the inventory, and maximizing production efficiency.
  • Prepared monthly and quarterly investment forecasts of $4M stock exchange fund to evaluate precise margin call.
  • Performed external audits on +200 JEG listed companies, analyzing their financial statements, tax returns, expenditures, and revenues.
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