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Our Values

Customer Commitment

Our users are the most important aspect of our work. We genuinely care about their success and are always here to help them out.


We do not just feel passionate about our work; we put passion into it.


To build a great product, we are always filtering the ideas and are only delivering the best ideas that are truly helpful for our users.


The job hunt can be complicated and so we work hard to make it simpler.


We seek to deliver only the highest quality solutions.

Meet the team

We're a team of two that have spent tens of thousands of hours to develop Wozber. Drawing from our personal experience, it has grown into a service that everyone can benefit from.

Tomas Slavinskas
Founder, CEO
Deividas Graužinis
Co-founder, Product Designer

How it all started

Hey there! I'm Tomas Slavinskas, founder and CEO of Wozber.

It all started in 2013 when I graduated from university and was looking for a job. Without investing too much of my time, I wrote a standard CV and sent it to all the local companies that had any open job positions in my field.

Two weeks went by, and sadly I received no reply. Not even a single one. Why did this happen? Well, there could be many reasons, not enough work experience usually being the most common one. However, after some research, I figured there was one thing that was most likely the case - it was my generalized CV.

To test my theory, I restarted the job search by picking the top 10 companies that I found most interesting. I rewrote my generic CV addressed to each one of these companies as a targeted resume accompanied by a dedicated cover letter. Each document was explicitly written for a matching job position, highlighting the experience and skills that companies were looking for. It was a troublesome process, but after a lot of editing and moving content around, I successfully finished my second batch of resumes.

Within a week after sending out these job applications, eight from the ten companies invited me for an interview. Six of them offered me a job. And in only three weeks after restarting my job search, I started to work at my chosen company.

After replicating my job hunt success multiple times later, I started sharing my experience with friends and colleagues. Soon enough, I realized that too many talented people are missing excellent opportunities just as I once did. The problem is that people don't know how to show that they boast what companies are looking for in candidates. When the time comes for a job search, they usually write generic resumes without putting enough effort into making them relevant. However, what everyone should realize is that a resume has to be an advertisement aimed at a specific employer.

This problem begged for a smart solution, and so it led to the beginning of Wozber.

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