SAP Developer CV Example

SAPping your skills, but your CV seems off the grid? Check out this SAP Developer CV example, tailored using Wozber free CV builder. See how seamlessly you can integrate your SAP expertise with job specifics, setting your career trajectory straight into the cloud!

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SAP Developer CV Example
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How to write a SAP Developer CV?

Hey there! Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a stand-out SAP Developer CV. But guess what? You're about to embark on an exciting journey where we'll brush up those SAP skills of yours and tie them up neatly in an ATS-compliant CV.

Whether it's your proficiency in SAP ABAP, your knack for turning complex functional requirements into sleek technical solutions, or your mastery over SAP modules, we're showcasing it all using Wozber's free CV builder. This guide isn't just about structuring your CV; it's about breathing life into your SAP Developer story. Let's dive in and transform your CV into a beacon for hiring managers!

Personal Details

First impressions count, especially when you're stepping into the world of SAP Development. Let's pinpoint how you can give a personal touch to your CV that aligns perfectly with what recruiters are seeking.

Dustin Kessler
SAP Developer
(555) 789-0123
San Francisco, California

1. Brand Yourself Right

Your name is essentially your brand. Make sure it stands out by using a clean, legible font. Placing the job title you're applying for right below your name, like 'SAP Developer,' immediately clues in the hiring manager about your career focus.

2. Contact Like a Pro

Include your best contact number and a professional email address, ideally in the firstname.lastname@email.com format. Double-check for typos because nothing says 'attention to detail' like getting your own contact info right.

3. Location, Location, Location

Mentioning 'San Francisco, California' aligns you with the job requirement and saves the employer from any relocation hassles. It tells them, 'I'm here and ready for the role.'

4. Leverage Online Profiles

If you have a LinkedIn profile or a professional website, include it. Ensure it's updated and reflects your CV. This digital footprint can enhance your application and give employers a deeper insight into your professional journey.

5. Privacy Matters

Skip the age, gender, or marital status. Your expertise in SAP modules and programming prowess is what truly matters. Keeping personal details out ensures the focus stays on your qualifications for the SAP Developer role.


The 'Personal Details' section is your digital handshake. It says, 'This is who I am, and I'm ready to take on the challenges of the SAP Developer role.' With the job specifics in mind, let each piece of information serve as a firm footing into the doorway of opportunities.

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The 'Experience' section is where you shine, demonstrating your journey through the SAP landscape. Let's tailor this section, reflecting your SAP prowess, matched perfectly with the job specifics.

SAP Developer
01/2020 - Present
ABC Tech Solutions
  • Designed, developed, and successfully implemented numerous SAP ABAP customizations that improved business processes by 35%.
  • Collaborated seamlessly with functional teams, resulting in a 20% reduction in project delivery time.
  • Addressed and resolved over 250 issues related to SAP applications and integrations, ensuring seamless operations across all business units.
  • Introduced and integrated SAP Fiori and WebDynpro UI technologies, enhancing user experience and increasing user adoption by 40%.
  • Remained up‑to‑date with the latest SAP technologies, providing insights and recommendations that expedited system improvements by 30%.
SAP ABAP Consultant
04/2017 - 12/2019
XYZ IT Solutions
  • Assisted in SAP ABAP customizations, streamlining business operations and achieving a 25% increase in productivity.
  • Managed a team of 5 developers in ABAP coding and scripting, improving collaboration and resource allocation by 30%.
  • Conducted SAP training sessions for 50+ team members, ensuring a smooth transition from legacy systems to SAP.
  • Optimised and fine‑tuned existing SAP applications, resulting in a 15% improvement in overall system performance.
  • Handled various SAP projects on‑time and within budget, earning 95% client satisfaction rate.

1. Job Echo

Dissect the job description. For instance, 'designed, developed, and implemented SAP ABAP customizations' from our CV example directly addresses the job requirement. This method ensures you're ticking all the right boxes.

2. Chronology & Clarity

List your roles from the most recent backward. Be clear with your job title, employer, and the period of employment. This helps map out your journey in the SAP field, showing a clear trajectory of growth and adaptability.

3. Achievement Showcase

For each role, craft bullet points that reflect your accomplishments. Did you enhance business operations by 35% through customizations? That's a win! Quantify your achievements wherever possible - numbers stand out and provide tangible proof of your impact.

4. Relevance Reigns

While we all love extracurricular accolades, on a CV tailored to the SAP Developer role, focus on relevant professional accomplishments. Every point should aim to validate your capability and fit for the role you're eyeing.


Your 'Experience' section is a mosaic of your professional zeniths. With ATS optimisation in mind, it's crucial to echo job requirements with your accomplishments. Wozber's ATS CV scanner can ensure you're speaking the right language, giving your experience the limelight it truly deserves.


Education forms the backbone of your expertise, especially in a technical field like SAP Development. Let's sculpt this section to underscore your academic credentials, aligning them with the job's educational prerequisites.

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1. Key Requirement Identification

Align your degree with the job necessity. A 'Bachelor of Science in Computer Science' matches the job description and places you as a strong candidate right off the bat.

2. Simplicity & Structure

List your education in a straightforward manner: Degree, Field, Institution, and Graduation Date. This clean structure makes it easy for an ATS and potential employers to verify your qualifications.

3. Degree Relevance

If the role specifically asks for a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field, ensure you mention your relevant degree upfront. This direct correlation showcases your foundational knowledge for the SAP Developer role.

4. Coursework & Other Achievements

For early-career professionals or highly specialized roles, listing pertinent coursework can add depth to your qualifications. Though not always necessary, it can be a bonus if you're aiming for roles with specific technical requirements.


Your education isn't just about where you've studied; it's a testament to your preparedness for the challenges of the SAP realm. Reflecting on Wozber's ATS-friendly CV templates, structure your education section to highlight not just your academic achievements but your enthusiasm for continuous learning and growth.

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Certificates can significantly bolster your CV by demonstrating your ongoing commitment to upskilling. For a dynamic field like SAP Development, they're especially golden. Let's navigate adding them to your CV effectively.

SAP Certified Development Associate - ABAP with SAP NetWeaver
2018 - Present

1. Targeted Relevance

Just as in our example, a 'SAP Certified Development Associate - ABAP with SAP NetWeaver' certificate directly aligns with many SAP Developer roles, acting as a stamp of your expertise. Choose certificates that speak directly to the requirements of the job you're applying for.

2. Quality Over Quantity

While it's great to have a series of certificates, focus on the ones most pertinent to your SAP Developer role. This tailored approach ensures that hiring managers instantly see your qualifications that best match the job's needs.

3. Date Details

Include the acquisition or validity period of your certificates. This shows how recent (and relevant) your knowledge is, a crucial factor in rapidly evolving fields.


Your certificates are like the badges of honor in your professional saga. They highlight your dedication to mastering the SAP domain further. With Wozber, you can easily add these accolades to your CV, ensuring they're presented in an ATS-friendly manner that catches the recruiter's eye.


Your 'Skills' section is a potent summary of your professional toolkit. For an SAP Developer, this means showcasing both technical prowess and soft skills. Let's curate a skills list that will make recruiters stop and take notice.

SAP modules
Interpersonal Communication
Time Management
Team Leadership
SAP Fiori
UI technologies
Finance processes
Supply Chain
Human Resources processes

1. Decoding Requirements

Start by highlighting the skills mentioned in the job description. If 'Strong proficiency in SAP Fiori, WebDynpro, and other UI technologies' is stated, ensure these skills are front and center on your CV.

2. Balance is Key

While hard skills speak to your technical ability, soft skills like 'Effective interpersonal and communication skills' illustrate how well you'd fit into the team. Ensure you maintain a balance between these two skill sets.

3. Organisation & Prioritization

Structure your skills in order of relevance to the job at hand. Prioritizing skills like 'SAP ABAP development' over unrelated skills signals to the hiring manager and the ATS that you're a strong candidate.


Polishing your 'Skills' section to mirror the job description doesn't just satisfy ATS algorithms; it's a direct signal to hiring managers that you're the candidate they've been searching for. Use Wozber's free CV builder to ensure your skills are presented in an ATS-friendly format, making your SAP Developer CV impossible to overlook.


In our global workplace, being multilingual is a prized asset, one that can set you apart as an SAP Developer. Let's figure out how to effectively communicate your linguistic capabilities.


1. Essential Fluency

Given that 'Proficient English language use is a job necessity,' make sure English tops your language list with the proficiency level clearly stated. This direct alignment with a job requirement checks a vital box for recruiters.

2. Additional Assets

If you're fluent in other languages, list them too! This showcases your potential to collaborate on international projects and work with global teams, a valuable asset for many organisations.

3. Honesty in Proficiency

Be accurate about your language skills. Overstating your fluency can lead to uncomfortable situations, while underestimating can sell you short. Provide a clear picture of your abilities to set clear expectations.


Your linguistic skills are a reflection of your ability to adapt and communicate in our interconnected world. Showcasing these skills on your SAP Developer CV, especially in a format that's friendly to both ATS and human eyes, underscores your value as a global-minded professional. Wozber's free CV builder ensures you present this information compellingly.


The 'Summary' section is your chance to frame your professional narrative compellingly. It's where you encapsulate your expertise, achievements, and the unique value you bring to the table as an SAP Developer. Let's articulate a summary that captures attention and resonates with hiring managers.

SAP Developer with over 5 years of dedicated expertise in designing and implementing SAP ABAP customizations. Proven track record of bridging the gap between functional requirements and technical solutions, resulting in improved business operations. Skilled in leveraging the latest SAP technologies to enhance user experience and drive system improvements. Committed to staying updated with industry best practices and providing efficient solutions.

1. Start with a Bang

Introduce yourself with a strong statement that encapsulates your professional identity. Mentioning over 5 years of dedicated expertise in SAP ABAP customizations immediately sets the tone for the depth of your experience.

2. Matchmaker

Echo key aspects from the job description, like your ability to bridge functional requirements with technical solutions, showcasing how your skills align perfectly with the role's demands.

3. Economize Words

Keep your summary concise yet impactful. Aim for 3-5 sentences that tell a compelling story of your professional journey and how it intersects with the role you're applying for.


A well-crafted summary not only introduces you to potential employers but also serves as an intriguing prologue to your SAP Developer saga. It sets the stage for a deeper exploration of your CV, compelling hiring managers to dive into your story. With Wozber's tools, especially its ATS-friendly CV templates and ATS CV scanner, crafting a CV that captures and holds attention is straightforward and effective.

Embark on Your SAP Developer Journey

And there you have it! A complete guide to crafting a CV that not only meets the requirements for an SAP Developer position but shines brightly among the competition. Remember, your CV is not just a collection of experiences and skills; it's the narrative of your professional journey. Wozber's free CV builder, with its ATS-friendly CV templates and ATS CV scanner, is the perfect companion on your path.

Tailor your CV, submit with confidence, and prepare for the next exciting chapter in your career. The world of SAP Development awaits your unique contributions. Let's get started!

Tailor an exceptional SAP Developer CV
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SAP Developer CV Example
SAP Developer @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.
  • Minimum of 4 years of experience in SAP ABAP development, including both customizations and enhancements.
  • Deep understanding of SAP modules and processes, particularly in the areas of Finance, Supply Chain, or Human Resources.
  • Strong proficiency in SAP Fiori, WebDynpro, and other UI technologies within the SAP landscape.
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams and stakeholders.
  • Proficient English language use is a job necessity.
  • Must be located in or willing to relocate to San Francisco, CA.
  • Design, develop, and implement SAP ABAP customizations and enhancements to meet business needs.
  • Collaborate with functional teams to understand requirements and provide technical solutions.
  • Perform code and performance reviews to ensure quality and efficiency of SAP applications.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to SAP applications and integrations.
  • Stay updated with the latest SAP technologies and best practices, providing recommendations for system improvements.
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