Community Engagement Manager CV Example

Bringing communities together, but your CV feels like a solo act? Check out this Community Engagement Manager CV example, orchestrated with Wozber free CV builder. Discover how to blend your collaboration skills with job specifications, shaping a career that resonates with the heartbeat of every neighborhood you touch!

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Community Engagement Manager CV Example
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How to write a Community Engagement Manager CV?

If you're blazing a trail towards making meaningful community connections, your CV needs to reflect your capacity to engage and inspire. Tailoring your CV using the Wozber free CV builder ensures that not only does your experience shine, but it aligns beautifully with the heartbeat of your desired role. Ready to weave your professional narrative? Join us as we dive deep into the art of crafting a Community Engagement Manager CV that resonates deeply with hiring teams and passes the automated gatekeeper: the ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Personal Details

In the realm of community engagement, first impressions count. Let's kickoff by ensuring your personal details not only meet the basics but also set the stage for your professional narrative.

Kara Rice
Community Engagement Manager
(555) 987-6543
Los Angeles, California

1. Name as Your Brand

Consider your name as the bold headline of your story. Ensure it's prominently displayed, signaling confidence and professionalism.

2. Link to the Job Title

Directly beneath your name, reference the job title you're pursuing - "Community Engagement Manager" - to align your application from the get-go.

3. Essential Contact Info

  • Phone Number: This is your lifeline to potential opportunities. Make it count and ensure it's error-free.
  • Professional Email Address: Your email should echo your professionalism - simplicity is key, with a format like firstname.lastname@email.com.

4. Localize Your Application

Given that our job specifies "Must be located in Los Angeles, California," mentioning your LA location immediately confirms your eligibility, signaling a seamless fit.

5. Professional Profile

Adding a LinkedIn profile can strengthen your application, provided it's fully aligned with your CV. This digital handshake is your chance to expand on your CV in the interactive world.


Craft the Personal Details of your CV with precision and a touch of strategic flair. Remember, this section is more than administrative details; it's an opportunity to set a proactive, professional tone for your application.

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The heartbeat of your CV lies in your experience section. Here, your community engagement journey takes center stage, showcasing a path of impactful relationships and strategic accomplishments.

Community Engagement Manager
01/2020 - Present
ABC Outreach
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive community engagement strategy, resulting in a 20% increase in community participation in local events.
  • Established long‑term partnerships with 15 key community organisations, amplifying the reach of our initiatives.
  • Facilitated over 50 community forums, gathering crucial feedback that shaped 10 major organisational decisions.
  • Utilized analytics tools to assess and improve community engagement outcomes, leading to a 15% growth in online community interactions.
  • Aligned brand voice with community interests by collaborating with the marketing team, achieving a 95% community approval rating for messaging.
Community Relations Specialist
02/2017 - 12/2019
XYZ Connect
  • Organized 30+ community‑based projects, leveraging over 300 volunteer hours.
  • Initiated a quarterly newsletter, boosting community engagement by 25%.
  • Enhanced digital media presence, increasing online community followers by 30%.
  • Coordinated with local businesses, securing $50,000 in community partnership sponsorships.
  • Led a team of 5 in executing annual community festivals, attracting over 5,000 attendees each year.

1. Decode Job Requirements

Start by dissecting the Community Engagement Manager role. Pinpoint phrases such as "Develop and implement community engagement strategies" or "Manage and facilitate community forums" as benchmarks for relevance in your own history.

2. Structure with Clarity

Lay out your professional timeline clearly, listing each role from the most recent backwards. This traditional format is not only logical but ATS-friendly.

3. Highlight Matching Accomplishments

For each role listed, draft bullet points that mirror the job description, such as detailing a successful community initiative you spearheaded or partnerships you've cultivated. This direct correlation showcases your alignment with the role's demands.

4. Quantifiable Impact

Bring your community engagement triumphs to life with numbers and data. Did your strategy increase event attendance by 20%? Such metrics compellingly argue your case.

5. Relevance is Key

Keep your focus laser-sharp. Unrelated accolades, no matter how impressive, can distract from your narrative alignment with the Community Engagement Manager position.


Articulate your professional journey with precision, ensuring each role and accomplishment aligns closely with the targeted Community Engagement Manager profile. This section is your chance to solidify your position as the ideal candidate through clear, quantifiable examples of your impact in the community engagement spectrum.


While the brilliance of your professional experience shines brightly, your educational background lays the foundational stone of your expertise. Tailoring this section can further align your qualifications with the Community Engagement Manager role.

Bachelor of Arts, Communications
University of Southern California

1. Key Educational Requirements

Pinpoint and align your education to match the role's requirements. For instance, the job calls for a "Bachelor's degree in Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, or a related field." Ensure your degree is prominently listed.

2. Simplicity and Clarity

Organize your educational credentials clearly - name of the degree, followed by the institution, and then the graduation year. This simplicity aids ATS scanning and makes for an easy read.

3. Degree Specificity

Be precise in the wording of your degree, especially if it directly matches the job description. This detail reinforces your specialization and preparedness for the Community Engagement Manager role.

4. Relevant Courses and Achievements

If pertinent, include key courses or extracurricular achievements that demonstrate skills relevant to community engagement, such as leadership roles or specific projects.

5. Continuous Learning

Even if not explicitly required, showcasing additional certificates or trainings relevant to community engagement can highlight your commitment to professional growth.


Your education section is a testament to your preparedness and groundwork for the Community Engagement Manager role. Highlight your qualifications concisely, making sure they resonate with the job's requirements, to underscore your fit for the position.

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In the ever-evolving field of community engagement, staying abreast of the latest trends and methodologies through certifications can significantly bolster your CV.

Certified Engagement Specialist (CES)
International Association for Public Participation (IAP2)
2019 - Present

1. Identify Pertinent Certifications

Consider the value each certificate adds to your application. For example, a "Certified Engagement Specialist (CES)" designation directly relates to the demands of the Community Engagement Manager role.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Rather than listing every certificate you've earned, select those that strengthen your candidacy for the specific role you're applying for. This strategic selection ensures your CV remains focused and relevant.

3. Date Transparency

Include acquisition or validity dates for your certifications to indicate currency and relevance. This is particularly crucial in fields subject to rapid changes in standards and practices.

4. Forward-Thinking

Regularly update your certifications and pursue new learning opportunities that align with your career goals. Continuous self-improvement is an indispensable trait in a successful Community Engagement Manager.


Thoughtfully curated certifications accentuate your expertise and ongoing commitment to excellence in the field of community engagement. Highlight certifications that resonate with the job requirements, showcasing your dedication to professional development.


Your skills section is a curated showcase of your professional toolkit. Aligning this section tightly with the job requirements highlights your readiness to excel as a Community Engagement Manager.

Community Engagement
Interpersonal Communication
Event Planning
Strategic Partnership Building
Social Media Management
Stakeholder Management
Brand Alignment
Data Analytics

1. Skill Extraction from Job Ad

Carefully read through the job posting and list skills that are directly requested, such as "Strong interpersonal and communication skills" or "Proficiency in using social media platforms."

2. Matching your Arsenal

From your list, identify and prioritize those skills where you have strong competencies, ensuring they're directly related to the responsibilities of a Community Engagement Manager.

3. Organized Presentation

Present your skills in a clean, easy-to-read format. Divide them into categories such as interpersonal, technical, or analytical if it helps clarify your proficiencies.


The skills section of your CV is a powerful indicator of your suitability for the Community Engagement Manager position. By carefully selecting and presenting skills that match the job description, you're effectively communicating your capability to meet and exceed the role's demands.


In the field of community engagement, diverse linguistic skills can significantly enhance your ability to interact with varied demographics. Let's tailor this section to reflect your linguistic competencies, bolstering your CV.


1. Job Language Requirements

The job description specifies "English linguistic proficiency is required." Ensuring your CV reflects this will align with the explicit needs of the role.

2. Prioritizing Pertinent Languages

List English at the top of your languages section, categorizing yourself as either a native or fluent speaker, as applicable.

3. Additional Languages

While the primary focus is on the required language, don't hesitate to list additional languages you speak. These can enhance your appeal, especially in a role that values community diversity.

4. Honest Proficiency Levels

Be transparent about your level of proficiency in each language. Misrepresenting your abilities can lead to challenges down the line.

5. Global Engagement

Though not specified, if the role involves interacting with international communities, emphasizing your multilingual capabilities can be a substantial asset.


In an increasingly connected world, your linguistic abilities can set you apart as a Community Engagement Manager. Highlighting your language skills, with a particular focus on the requirements of the role, opens doors to broader conversations and engagements.


Your summary is the hook that captures the hiring manager's attention. A well-crafted summary, tailored to the Community Engagement Manager role, sets the tone for the narrative of your professional journey.

Community Engagement Manager with over 5 years of experience in driving meaningful collaborations, orchestrating impactful community events, and utilizing data-driven strategies to enhance community participation. A strategic communicator with a passion for fostering stakeholder relationships and aligning organisational messaging with community interests.

1. Role Understanding

Begin by internalizing the essence of the Community Engagement Manager position. This comprehension is crucial as it guides how you present yourself.

2. Strong Introduction

Kickstart your summary with a snapshot of your experience, underscoring your speciality in community engagement and your passion for fostering meaningful collaborations.

3. Key Highlights

Surface your core competencies and significant achievements next, directly reflecting the job requirements, to underscore your value proposition.

4. Brevity and Impact

Your summary should be concise yet impactful, a teaser that entices the hiring manager to delve deeper into the narrative of your CV.


A compelling summary acts as your professional headline, succinctly encapsulating your qualifications, achievements, and the unique value you bring to the Community Engagement Manager role. It's your first opportunity to resonate with the hiring team, setting the stage for the detailed excellence to follow.

Launching Your Community Engagement Manager Journey

Armed with these tailored insights, you're now set to create a Community Engagement Manager CV that doesn't just tick the boxes but also sings with potential. Utilize Wozber's free CV builder, ATS-friendly CV templates, and ATS CV scanner to craft a document that stands out to humans and machines alike. Remember, your CV is the narrative of your professional life. Make it count, and let it be the key to unlocking the next exciting chapter of your career.

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Community Engagement Manager CV Example
Community Engagement Manager @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, or a related field.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in community outreach, engagement, or related field.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills both written and verbal.
  • Proficiency in using social media platforms and tools for community engagement purposes.
  • Familiarity with data analytics tools to measure community engagement outcomes.
  • English linguistic proficiency is required.
  • Must be located in Los Angeles, California.
  • Develop and implement community engagement strategies, initiatives, and activities.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, community organizations, and local government entities.
  • Manage and facilitate community forums, focus groups, and public information sessions.
  • Analyze and report community feedback, needs, and concerns to internal teams.
  • Collaborate with marketing and communications teams to align messaging and brand voice with community interests and preferences.
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