Legal Secretary CV Example

Bundling legal prowess, but your CV seems a tad brief? Unravel this Legal Secretary CV example, drafted using Wozber free CV builder. It clarifies how smoothly you can present your administrative acumen to align with the law firm's criteria, helping your career argument carry the weight of a precedent!

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Legal Secretary CV Example
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How to write a Legal Secretary CV?

As a Legal Secretary, you're the backbone of any legal team, ensuring the seamless flow of daily operations within the legal framework. Standing out in this competitive field requires more than a basic CV; it needs a document fine-tuned to the heartbeat of a law firm's requirements. By leveraging the power of Wozber's free CV builder, complete with its ATS-friendly CV template and its revolutionary ATS CV scanner, embark on a journey to tailor your CV to perfection specifically for a Legal Secretary role.

Dive into this guide, and transform your CV into a beacon of professionalism, attracting the attention your achievements truly deserve.

Personal Details

Commencing your CV with personal details might seem straightforward, yet it sets the tone for the entirety of your application. For those aspiring to be a Legal Secretary, presenting your details with clarity and relevance is paramount. Here's how to ensure your first impression is impactful and aligned with your professional ethos.

Yolanda Heller
Legal Secretary
(555) 789-0123
New York, New York

1. Present Your Name Prominently

Your name is the flagbearer of your brand. Ensure it features prominently using a clean, professional font. A subtle increase in font size can ensure it catches the eye, marking a bold start to your CV.

2. Showcase Your Professional Title

"Legal Secretary" isn't just your target role; it's a label of your professional identity. Including it directly below your name can act as a powerful anchor, instantly communicating your career ambitions and alignment with the job at hand.

3. Include Your Must-Have Contact Info

Essential contact details are your phone number and a professional email address - think first.last@example.com. These essentials make you accessible, showcasing your readiness for professional engagement.

4. Addressing the Location Requirement

"Must be located in New York, New York" isn't just a suggestion; it's a necessity. Highlight your New York, New York residency upfront to align with this critical hiring criterion, reassuring potential employers of your availability without the need for relocation.

5. Add a Professional Link, If Applicable

A LinkedIn profile or a personal website can serve as a digital handshake, offering a deeper insight into your professional journey. If you choose to include one, ensure it's polished and mirrors the professionalism of your CV.


Your Personal Details section is more than a formality; it's the gateway to your professional narrative. Craft it with precision and purpose, ensuring it resonates with the essence of a Legal Secretary.

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The experience section is your narrative battlefield. For Legal Secretaries, detailing experiences that resonate with the specific demands of the role can turn your CV from a standard submission into a standout application. Here's how to effectively sell your legal proficiency.

Legal Secretary
01/2020 - Present
ABC Law Firm
  • Prepared and filed over 500 legal documents, including pleadings, motions, and subpoenas in an accurate and timely manner, resulting in a 95% success rate in document submission.
  • Maintained over 200 case files, meticulously organizing all relevant documents ensuring a 100% retrieval rate during attorney‑client meetings.
  • Efficiently scheduled and coordinated 300+ appointments, hearings, and meetings for attorneys, improving overall efficiency by 30%.
  • Provided comprehensive administrative support to a team of 5 attorneys, increasing their productivity by 20%.
  • Managed a high‑volume of incoming and outgoing correspondence, ensuring a 99% response rate within 24 hours.
Legal Assistant
03/2018 - 12/2019
XYZ Law Offices
  • Assisted senior legal secretaries in preparing diverse legal documents, enhancing team productivity by 15%.
  • Played a key role in legal research projects, providing valuable insights that impacted 20+ cases in the firm's portfolio.
  • Facilitated communication within the legal team, resulting in a 25% decrease in miscommunication errors.
  • Drafted and proofread various legal correspondences, maintaining a 98% accuracy rate.
  • Trained and mentored 2 junior legal assistants, improving their proficiency in legal document management by 40%.

1. Dissecting the Job Requirements

Diligently match your past roles with the job description. For instance, if the role requires "preparing and filing legal documents," highlight your direct experience with this task. Mapping your achievements to the job's needs directly demonstrates your capability.

2. Structure Matters

List your experiences in a reverse-chronological order, starting with your most recent job. Clearly outline your role title, employer, and the dates of employment to maintain a clean and readable format.

3. Quantify Your Achievements

"Prepared and filed over 500 legal documents," showcases not just what you did, but the scale at which you did it. Quantifying your accomplishments lends credibility and scope to your capabilities, making your contributions tangible.

4. Reflect the Job Description's Language

When presenting your responsibilities and achievements, mirror the language of the job description. This not only highlights your application's relevance but also optimises your CV for ATS systems by echoing key phrases.

5. Relevance Is Key

Ensure every point under your experience directly ties back to the requirements of a Legal Secretary position. This isn't the place for unrelated achievements, no matter how impressive they might be. Keep your content focused and relevant.


Your experience section is your professional testament. Tailor it to articulate your proven track in the legal field, utilizing quantifiable achievements to underscore your expertise and readiness for the Legal Secretary role.


Your education isn't just about where you've been; it's a launchpad for where you're headed. In the Legal Secretary world, your educational credentials can strongly influence your marketability. Here's how to ensure your education section contributes to your narrative of excellence.

Bachelor's degree, Legal Studies
Harvard University

1. Highlighting Your Degree

"Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies" isn't just a line item; it's a direct match for the job requirement. Featuring your relevant degree up top demonstrates your foundational knowledge in the field and compliance with the job's educational criteria.

2. Simplify Structure for Impact

Keep your education section orderly and straightforward. List your degree, the field of study, the institution, and your graduation year. This clarity makes it easy for hiring managers and ATS systems to confirm your qualifications.

3. Amplify with Relevant Extras

If your education journey includes certifications, honors, or extracurriculars that strengthen your candidacy (like the "Certified Legal Secretary" credential), include them. This added information can turn a standard education section into a standout feature.

4. Spotlight Significant Courses

For newer entrants into the legal field, highlighting specific courses related to legal studies that match job requirements can provide an edge, demonstrating focused knowledge and interest.

5. Keep It Current and Relevant

Focus on recent and relevant educational experiences, especially those directly aligning with the legal sector. This helps underline your preparedness and continued dedication to your professional development.


Your education section offers a glimpse into your academic foundation, a cornerstone of your professional journey as a Legal Secretary. Tailor it to highlight not just your qualifications, but your commitment to the legal profession.

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In the legal world, certifications can serve as powerful testament to your dedication and expertise. While the job requirements might not explicitly demand them, showcasing relevant certifications can significantly bolster your CV's strength.

Certified Legal Secretary (CLS)
Legal Secretaries International Inc.
2019 - Present

1. Identify Pertinent Certificates

List certifications that directly enhance your credentials as a Legal Secretary, such as "Certified Legal Secretary (CLS)". This demonstrates a commitment to your craft and provides you with a competitive edge.

2. Highlight Recent Achievements

If your certifications are recent, make note of it. Recent certifications signal to employers that you're not just experienced – you're up to date with the latest practices and standards in the legal field.

3. Dates Matter

Include the acquisition or validity dates of your certifications. Especially in a field as dynamic as law, showing that your certifications are current is as crucial as having them.

4. Continue to Learn and Certify

The legal landscape is constantly evolving, and so should your expertise. Regularly seek out opportunities for further certification, aiming to keep your knowledge and your CV fresh and relevant.


Certifications are more than just accolades; they're a testament to your ongoing commitment to excellence in the legal arena. By including relevant certifications on your CV, you're not just meeting expectations – you're exceeding them.


A Legal Secretary's toolkit consists of both hard and soft skills, all paramount in navigating the complexities of legal support. This section is your opportunity to showcase the skills that make you an indispensable member of any legal team.

Legal Document Preparation
Time Management
Case File Organisation
Appointment Scheduling
Microsoft Office Suite
Legal Research

1. Identify Key Skills from the Job Description

Extract both explicit and implied skills from the job description. For example, proficiency in "legal software such as ProLaw or Tabs3" directly aligns with the stated job requirements, showcasing your technical aptitude.

2. Prioritize Pertinent Skills

Ensure you list both hard skills, like "Legal Document Preparation" and soft skills, such as "Effective Communication". The blend of these competencies paints you as a well-rounded candidate.

3. Maintain Clarity and Focus

While it's tempting to list every skill you possess, focus on those most relevant to a Legal Secretary's role. This targeted approach keeps your CV sharp and relevant, making it easy for hiring managers to see your fit for the role.


Your skills section is a compelling showcase of your professional capabilities. By aligning your skills with the demands of the Legal Secretary role, you demonstrate not just your suitability, but your potential to thrive within the legal sphere.


In a profession that values precision and clarity, your linguistic capabilities can be a unique asset. Whether it's drafting complex documents or liaising with international clients, your languages section can reflect the wide-ranging potential you bring to the table.


1. Match the Job's Language Requirement

"Must be capable of communicating effectively in English." This primary requirement should be prominently satisfied in your CV, showcasing your proficiency in English, the lingua franca of the global legal world.

2. Feature Your Linguistic Range

If you possess additional language skills, such as Spanish, include them. This evidences not only your ability to communicate across diverse groups but also your potential to handle international or multicultural cases.

3. Accuracy in Proficiency Levels

Be precise when indicating your language proficiency. Terms like "Native," "Fluent," or "Intermediate" offer clear insight into your capabilities, helping employers match your skills with their needs.

4. Consider the Role's Scope

For roles that do not specify language requirements, showcasing additional languages can still be advantageous, particularly for firms with a broad or international client base.

5. Reflect Professional and Cultural Versatility

View each language you speak as a testament to your adaptability and global mindset, valuable traits in today's interconnected legal landscape.


Your language skills represent not just your ability to communicate, but your capacity to understand and adapt to a variety of perspectives. Highlighting your linguistic abilities can set you apart in a field that thrives on precision and understanding.


The summary section is your chance to provide a succinct yet powerful overview of your career as a Legal Secretary. This is where you distill your experience, skills, and accomplishments into a narrative that captures both your competence and your character.

Legal Secretary with over 5 years of experience supporting attorneys, managing various legal administrative tasks, and ensuring efficient workflow. Demonstrated success in document preparation, case file organisation, and communication. Proven track record of improving efficiency, enhancing team productivity, and achieving high accuracy in legal document management.

1. Capture the Job's Essence

Start by absorbing the essence of what the job entails. A Legal Secretary does much more than administrative tasks; they are pivotal in keeping the legal engine running smoothly. Reflect this in your opening statement.

2. State Your Experience and Expertise

Mention your years of experience and key areas of expertise next. For example, your adeptness in "Legal Document Preparation" and efficiency in "Case File Organisation" directly address the core responsibilities of the role.

3. Highlight Key Achievements

Summarize your professional achievements, focusing on those that resonate most with the Legal Secretary role. Quantify your success where possible to add weight to your claims.

4. Keep It Crisp

While your summary should be informative, it needs to be concise. Aim for 3-5 lines that encapsulate your professional persona, making hiring managers eager to delve into the details of your CV.


A compelling summary acts as both an introduction and an invitation, urging hiring managers to learn more about your qualifications. Through careful crafting, ensure your summary showcases the breadth and depth of your experience as a Legal Secretary.

Launching Your Legal Secretary Journey

Congratulations, Legal Secretary trailblazer. With these insights, your CV is no longer just a document; it's a compelling narrative of your dedication to the legal profession. Utilize Wozber's free CV builder, complete with an ATS-friendly CV template and ATS CV scanner, to ensure your application not only meets but surpasses the expectations. Now, armed with a CV that mirrors your professional ethos, embark on your journey, ready to make an indelible mark on the world of law.

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Legal Secretary CV Example
Legal Secretary @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies or a related field.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in a legal office or law firm setting.
  • Proficiency in legal software such as ProLaw or Tabs3.
  • Strong attention to detail and excellent organizational skills.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Must be capable of communicating effectively in English.
  • Must be located in New York, New York.
  • Prepare and file various legal documents including pleadings, motions, and subpoenas.
  • Maintain and organize case files, ensuring all relevant documents are up to date and easily accessible.
  • Coordinate and schedule appointments, hearings, and meetings for attorneys and clients.
  • Assist with legal research and provide administrative support to the legal team.
  • Handle incoming and outgoing correspondence, and answer phone calls, ensuring professional and timely responses.
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