Attorney CV Example

Arguing cases, but your CV lacks conviction? Explore this Attorney CV example, articulated with Wozber free CV builder. Discover how to present your legal expertise in harmony with job demands, positioning your career for a verdict of success!

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Attorney CV Example
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How to write an Attorney CV?

Hello there, aspiring Attorney! Are you prepared to transform your CV into a compelling testimony of your legal prowess? In the legal field's competitive arena, your CV acts as a crucial exhibit of your professional narrative.

Leveraging the power of Wozber, a free CV builder that offers ATS-friendly CV templates and an ATS optimisation tool, we'll guide you through crafting a CV that not only resonates with the nuances of the job you're eyeing but also sails through Applicant Tracking Systems with ease. Let the journey to a standout Attorney CV begin!

Personal Details

The Personal Details section is your CV's opening argument. It needs to captivate and make a memorable first impression. Here's how to tailor this initial handshake for an Attorney position, ensuring it speaks volumes to hiring managers.

Jeanne Little
(555) 987-6543
Chicago, Illinois

1. Name: Your Professional Identity

Your name, the cornerstone of your professional brand, should stand out. Opt for a clear, legible font, slightly larger to anchor your CV. Think of it as the title of your professional narrative.

2. Job Title: Reflect Your Aspirations

Directly underneath your name, align yourself with your targeted role by echoing the job title from the job description - in this case, 'Attorney.' This signals your focused aspirations to hiring managers.

3. Contact Information: The Bridge

Detail your phone number and a professional email address, such as firstname.lastname@email.com, ensuring these essentials are flawless. Remember, your email and phone number are the bridges that connect you to potential opportunities.

4. Location: Align with Requirements

For roles with geographical specifications, such as this one requiring a presence in Chicago, Illinois, your address reassures employers of your alignment with logistical prerequisites, smoothing the path forward.

5. Professional Online Presence

If applicable, include a URL to your LinkedIn profile or a personal website showcasing your professional accomplishments or portfolio. Ensure it's a mirror of your CV, polished and current.


Your Personal Details section acts as the firm handshake before the legal battle begins. Craft it with precision to set the tone for the compelling narrative that follows. It's not just about personal data; it's about introducing the professional you aspire to be within the legal domain.

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The Experience section is where you build your case. Each role and achievement is evidence of your capability and fit for the Attorney position. Align this section meticulously with the job's demands, utilizing Wozber's free CV builder for ATS optimisation. Here's how:

05/2019 - Present
XYZ Law Firm
  • Represented over 150 clients in court, achieving an 85% win rate.
  • Prepared and drafted over 500 legal documents, including contracts and pleadings, ensuring clients' interests were fully protected.
  • Successfully researched and provided counsel on complex legal issues, resulting in positive outcomes in 90% of the cases.
  • Negotiated settlements in 120 cases, saving clients an estimated $5 million in potential damages.
  • Developed and maintained relationships with over 300 clients, generating a 25% increase in client referrals.
Junior Attorney
08/2016 - 04/2019
ABC Law Associates
  • Assisted senior attorneys in managing over 100 legal cases from inception to resolution.
  • Contributed to research efforts, uncovering key case law that influenced case strategies.
  • Drafted 200+ legal memos and reports for senior attorneys, facilitating informed decision‑making.
  • Actively participated in 50+ client meetings, building a foundation of trust and rapport.
  • Collaborated with a team of attorneys to prepare for 30+ trials, achieving a 70% favorable verdict rate.

1. Decipher the Job Description

Break down the job description, highlighting requirements that directly relate to your past roles. For an Attorney, responsibilities like representing clients, legal writing, and research are key. Your past experiences should address these core functions.

2. Chronology and Context

Order your positions starting with the most recent. Include your title, employer, tenure, and crucially, the context in which you excelled. This structure not only outlines your journey but also signals growth.

3. Achievement-Focused Statements

Detail your professional successes with a focus on outcomes. For instance, 'Negotiated settlements saving clients an estimated $5 million in potential damages' quantifies your impact and showcases your negotiation prowess.

4. Quantify Where Possible

Quantifiable results make your accomplishments concrete. They offer a clear metric of your success and effect, making your CV more compelling and memorable to hiring managers.

5. Relevance is Key

Keep the content pertinent to the Attorney role. Irrelevant achievements, however impressive, can distract from your suitability for the position. Tailor your history to meet the job's specific requirements.


Your experience section is the heart of your case to potential employers. Tailor each entry to reflect both your journey and your alignment with the role's expectations. Make every word count in this narrative of your professional prowess.


In law, your educational background is a cornerstone. It lays the foundation of your expertise and underscores your qualification for the Attorney position. Let's ensure this section of your CV reflects the stature and specificity your role demands, with a little help from Wozber's ATS-friendly CV format.

Juris Doctor, Law
Harvard Law School
Bachelor of Arts, Pre-Law Studies
Yale University

1. Identify Key Requirements

Spotlight the Juris Doctor (JD) degree, aligning it perfectly with the job specification. Recognize the bar's weight, showcasing your eligibility to practice law. This specificity signals your readiness and compliance with core qualifications.

2. Structured Presentation

Your education should be presented clearly and concisely: degree, field, institution, and graduation year. This structure promotes ease of reading and allows hiring managers to quickly ascertain your qualifications.

3. Degree Specificity

Highlight your Juris Doctor and Bachelor's degrees, ensuring these credentials are front and center. These aren't just degrees; they're your ticket into the legal arena, signifying years of dedication and legal mastery.

4. Course Relevance (If Need Be)

While the broader degree titles might suffice, noting specific courses or seminars relevant to your specialization or the job at hand can add depth to your qualifications, especially if they closely align with the job description.

5. Relevant Achievements

If your academic journey includes notable laurels, club memberships, or projects, especially those relevant to law, highlight them. Early career lawyers can benefit from showcasing these facets, underlining active engagement and leadership in their field.


Your education section is more than a list of qualifications. It's the bedrock of your legal expertise and must be tailored to showcase your readiness for the role. Ensure it's not just informative, but also a testament to your preparedness and ambition.

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Certificates are your accolades in the legal battlefield, showcasing continuous learning and specialization. Here's how to make the Certificates section an asset in your Attorney CV, emphasizing dedication and expertise.

California State Bar License
State Bar of California
2016 - Present

1. Align with the Job

In the case of our Attorney role, there weren't explicit certification requirements. However, listing your Bar Admission or other relevant legal certifications can significantly augment your CV, showcasing your eligibility and specialization.

2. Choose Wisely

Highlight certificates that resonate with the legal profession and the specific job. Focus on those that demonstrate your expertise in areas directly relevant to the tasks at hand, such as dispute resolution or contract law certifications.

3. Date Transparency

For certifications with validity periods or those recently attained, include dates. This information can offer insight into your current knowledge base and ongoing commitment to professional development.

4. Commit to Continual Learning

The legal landscape is ever-evolving. Regularly seek out opportunities to update your qualifications and keep abreast of the latest developments in your field. This dedication to growth is invaluable.


Your certifications, while not mandatory for every job, can be the detail that tilts the scales in your favor. They're a testament to your dedication and expertise. Highlight them with pride and ensure they're relevant to the Attorney role you're eyeing.


In the courtroom and beyond, your skills define your capability. The Skills section of your Attorney CV is your chance to showcase your professional toolkit. Here's how to curate this segment meticulously, aligning it with your prospective role's demands with Wozber's ATS CV scanner for skill optimisation.

Legal Research
Interpersonal Skills
Client Relationship Management
Writing Skills
Legal Document Drafting
Analytical Skills
Litigation Strategy
Contract Law

1. Match Job Requirements

Thoroughly examine the job description, identifying both stated and implied skills. For an Attorney role, competencies like 'Legal Research', 'Negotiation', and 'Client Relationship Management' are pivotal. Align your listed skills with these requirements.

2. Highlight Pertinent Skills

Your skillset should resonate with the demands of the job. Prioritize legal research, writing, and client management skills, as well as soft skills like communication, which are vital in legal proceedings and client relations.

3. Organisation and Precision

While it might be tempting to list every skill you possess, focus on those most relevant to your target role. A curated list of skills, especially those that can be cross-referenced with your achievements, speaks volumes.


Curated effectively, your skills section is a strategic asset. It subtly yet powerfully communicates your fit for the role. Let each skill listed be a pledge of the value you're poised to bring to the table as an Attorney.


In today's globalized legal landscape, multilingualism is a coveted asset. While the core language for our Attorney position is English, showcasing your linguistic range can enhance your CV. Here's how to present your language skills optimally.


1. Consider the Job's Language Requirements

For roles specifying language skills, such as 'Ability to operate in an English-speaking work environment,' ensure your proficiency level in English is clearly articulated. This requirement might seem basic, but it's foundational.

2. Prioritize Relevant Languages

List languages that are immediately relevant to the job or the region where the job is located. Your proficiency level—in this case, stating you're a native or fluent English speaker—should be clear.

3. Highlight Additional Languages

Showcasing additional languages demonstrates versatility and can be particularly valuable in roles requiring interaction with international clients or documentation. Highlight these skills without overshadowing the primary language requirement.

4. Be Honest About Your Proficiency

Accuracy in detailing your language skills is crucial. Use clear terms to describe your proficiency level, ensuring expectations are set correctly from the outset.

5. Recognize the Broader Implications

Your language skills reflect more than just the ability to communicate; they indicate cultural sensitivity and adaptability, crucial traits in a globally interconnected legal field.


Languages open doors to wider horizons. Even if a beyond-basic proficiency in additional languages isn't a requirement for your Attorney role, such skills can differentiate you as a candidate. Weave this aspect of your identity into your CV with clarity and pride.


Your summary sets the tone for the narrative that unfolds through your CV. It's your chance to engage the hiring manager with a succinct and compelling overview of your professional self. Tailoring it to the Attorney position is key. Here's how to make your summary work hard for you, using Wozber's free CV builder for optimal presentation.

Attorney with over 7 years of experience representing clients in various legal matters, drafting essential legal documents, and providing expert legal counsel. Proven ability to negotiate settlements and represent clients effectively in court. Adept at developing and maintaining client relationships, leading to increased referrals and repeat business.

1. Capture the Role's Essence

Digest the job description carefully, identifying core responsibilities and skills. Start your summary by aligning your professional identity with the essence of the Attorney role.

2. Professional Snapshot

Begin with an overview of your experience, focusing on years in the field and areas of specialization. Mention achievements that reflect key job responsibilities, such as 'represented over 150 clients' or 'negotiated settlements saving clients $5 million.'

3. Distill Your Unique Qualities

Highlight a mix of hard and soft skills that position you as a standout candidate for the Attorney role. Emphasize your legal acumen, negotiation skills, and ability to maintain client relationships.

4. Brevity is Key

Keep your summary concise, aiming for 3-5 impactful lines. Think of it as your opening statement in court — clear, compelling, and directly related to the case at hand.


Your summary is the first impression a hiring manager has of you. Make it count by succinctly presenting your professional identity, aligning closely with the Attorney role. Let it be an invitation to delve deeper into the story of your career.

Launching Your Attorney Journey

Congratulations, you've meticulously crafted each section of your CV, paying close attention to detail and aligning your experience, skills, and education with the Attorney position you're aspiring to. Remember, your CV is a dynamic document, a narrative of your professional journey. As you embark on this next chapter, use Wozber's free CV builder, ATS-friendly CV templates, and ATS CV scanner to ensure your CV isn't just seen but remembered.

You're now ready to step into the legal arena with confidence. Go forth and advocate for your career success!

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Attorney CV Example
Attorney @ Your Dream Company
  • Juris Doctor (JD) degree from an accredited law school.
  • Licensed to practice law in the state or eligible for licensure on motion.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in a law firm or in-house legal department.
  • Strong research, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication abilities.
  • Ability to operate in an English-speaking work environment.
  • Must be located in or willing to relocate to Chicago, Illinois.
  • Represent clients in court or before government agencies.
  • Research and analyze legal problems to provide appropriate legal advice.
  • Draft and review various legal documents such as contracts, pleadings, and motions.
  • Negotiate settlements on behalf of clients.
  • Stay updated on new developments in the law to provide the most accurate and timely advice to clients.
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