People Manager CV Example

Guiding teams, but your CV feels lost? Navigate this People Manager CV example, mapped out with Wozber free CV builder. Discover how to showcase your leadership drive and connect it to job compass, so your career journey always advances toward the right destination!

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People Manager CV Example
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How to write a People Manager CV?

Aspiring People Manager, ready to elevate your career? In the pulse of today's dynamic job market, having a CV that shines bright isn't just advantageous—it's essential. What if you had a secret weapon? Enter the world of Wozber, your trusty ally in constructing a People Manager CV that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

By aligning perfectly with your dream job's demands, you're about to make a leap towards securing that coveted position. Let's transform your CV into a beacon of your prowess, particularly tailored for the People Manager role, with insights sprinkled with fun, and packed with actions that get you ready for the spotlight.

Personal Details

First impressions last, they say—and in the realm of job applications, your Personal Details section is the handshake before the conversation. Let's walk through customizing this pivotal section to cast you perfectly for the People Manager role, ensuring it speaks volumes before the hiring manager reads on.

Rosalie Hansen
People Manager
(555) 321-0987
Los Angeles, California

1. Brand Yourself Right From The Start

Your name is your personal brand; make it memorable. A clear, professional font ensures it stands out. Consider placing your targeted job title, ‘People Manager,' right below your name, aligning your branding with the position's expectations from the get-go.

2. Address The Role Head-on

Listing ‘People Manager' beneath your name immediately signals your intent and alignment with the role, acting as a subtle yet strategic positioning statement.

3. The Essentials: Contact Info

A current phone number and a professional email address are non-negotiables. Ensure these basics are spot-on, as they are your direct lines of communication. A pro tip: your email format—think firstname.lastname@email.com—speaks volumes about your attention to detail.

4. Location, Location, Location

Mentioning ‘Los Angeles, California' expressly ticks one of the prerequisites for the role, reassuring potential employers of your availability and eliminating any concerns regarding relocation.

5. Online Presence Matters

If applicable, include a link to a professional profile or personal website, ensuring they're meticulously curated to echo your CV's narrative. This can add depth to your application, offering a richer picture of your capabilities and achievements.


Think of your Personal Details as your CV's opening act—clear, concise, and pointedly tailored to the People Manager position. This section is more than just administrative details; it lays out a professional snapshot, setting you apart even before the recruiter delves deeper.

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Your experience section is where you let your professional journey do the talking. Tailoring this section to reflect the responsibilities and achievements relevant to a People Manager role can significantly amplify your desirability as a candidate. Let's break down how to craft experiences that resonate.

Senior HR Manager
01/2018 - Present
ABC Corp
  • Oversaw and managed the entire recruitment, onboarding, and retention processes, resulting in a 15% increase in the organisation's top‑tier talent acquisition.
  • Developed and successfully implemented HR strategies integrated with the company's vision, enhancing employee engagement by 20%.
  • Conducted effective performance reviews, leading to a 10% improvement in overall team productivity and satisfaction.
  • Handled and resolved complex employee relations issues, achieving a 90% success rate in conflict resolution.
  • Stayed ahead of industry best practices, ensuring 100% compliance with the latest regulatory HR policies and practices.
HR Business Partner
07/2015 - 12/2018
XYZ Tech
  • Played a pivotal role in building a diverse and inclusive organisational culture, enhancing overall team morale and reducing attrition rate by 12%.
  • Worked closely with the leadership team to design and implement professional development programs, resulting in a 25% increase in internal promotions.
  • Streamlined the company's HR software and tools suite, improving operational efficiency by 30%.
  • Led teams in delivering annual HR initiatives, achieving a 95% participation rate and positive feedback from the workforce.
  • Partnered with senior leaders to address and mitigate potential HR risks, ensuring a proactive approach to workplace compliance.

1. The Foundation: Break it Down

Dive deep into the job description. Identify aspects of your past roles that align with the People Manager responsibilities outlined, such as recruitment strategies, leadership, and performance management.

2. The Framework: Roles & Achievements

List your roles, focusing on those with direct relevance to HR and management. Structure each entry with your title, company, and dates, followed by accomplishment statements that mirror the job's demands. Use Wozber's ATS-friendly CV template for seamless integration of these details.

3. Craft Stories of Success

For each role, zero in on specific achievements that showcase your proficiency in areas crucial to a People Manager. Managed a smooth onboarding process that improved employee retention by X%? That's gold. Numbers and outcomes turn your experiences into compelling narratives.

4. Quantify Your Contributions

Whenever possible, add numbers to your stories. Did your recruitment strategy increase top-tier talent acquisition by 15%? Quantifiable achievements are eye-catching and easily communicate your potential impact to the hiring manager.

5. Relevance is Key

In the spirit of tailoring, refine your focus to the experiences that scream ‘People Manager.' Leverage Wozber's ATS CV scanner to ensure your points are hitting the mark, otimizing your CV for both human eyes and ATS algorithms.


Brilliantly showcasing your experience is about highlighting a track record that screams reliability and aptitude in human resource management. Steer clear of fluff; let every word validate your candidacy as a People Manager, bridging your past achievements with future contributions.


In a CV, every section is an opportunity to shine; your Education section is no exception. Bringing your academic background into alignment with the People Manager role not only meets a checklist requirement but underscores your foundation in the field.

Bachelor of Business Administration, Human Resources
University of California, Los Angeles

1. Match The Pre-requisites

Start with the basics: Highlight your Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Business, or a related field, as specified in the job description. This sets a solid groundwork, affirming your theoretical foundation in the essentials of HR and business management.

2. Keep it Clean and Concise

Adopt an ATS-friendly CV format for listing your educational background: degree title, field of study, institution, and graduation year. Clarity is key, allowing scanners and hiring managers alike to quickly verify your qualifications.

3. Degree Specifics Matter

Directly map your degree and major to the job requirements. For the People Manager position, emphasizing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources meets the criteria head-on, presenting you as a tailored fit.

4. Beyond The Degree

Where relevant, augment your education section with courses, certifications, or extracurricular activities that enhance your candidacy for the People Manager role. Leadership seminars, HR conferences, or any other professional development that underscores your commitment to growth can be beneficial.

5. Highlight Achievements

If you've graduated with honors, received scholarships, or completed significant projects relevant to HR or leadership, let them shine here. While more senior roles might not necessitate this depth, early-career applicants can greatly benefit from such distinctions.


Your Education section does more than tick a box; it resonates with the depth of your groundwork and preparedness for the People Manager role. Well-crafted and precisely tailored, it's another pillar supporting your pitch as the ideal candidate.

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Certificates are your badges of continual learning and expertise. They complement your education and experience, especially when they directly align with the People Manager role's requirements. Strategically displaying these can significantly bolster your CV's strength.

Certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR)
HR Certification Institute (HRCI)
2017 - Present
Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)
HR Certification Institute (HRCI)
2019 - Present

1. Target with Precision

Revisit the job description, noting any certificates mentioned as a plus—like the PHR or SPHR in our People Manager example. Including these certificates crisply communicates your dedication to the field and readiness for the role.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Focus on listing certifications that directly speak to your fit for the People Manager position. This isn't about showcasing all your certificates but about highlighting those that reinforce your candidacy by demonstrating specialized knowledge and commitment.

3. Dates Do Matter

Adding the acquisition or expiry dates of your certifications helps provide context and retains transparency, especially for credentials that require renewal. It assures the hiring manager of your qualifications' currency and relevance.

4. Keep Evolving

The HR landscape is always shifting, with new practices and regulations emerging. Show your commitment to staying abreast by actively pursuing relevant certifications, especially those that sharpen your skills as a People Manager.


Strategically chosen and showcased, certificates can significantly heighten your CV's appeal, marking you as a continual learner and a serious contender for the People Manager position. Let these accolades underline your expertise and readiness for the challenges ahead.


The Skills section of your CV is a compact display of your capabilities, tailor-made to catch the eye of the hiring manager. For the People Manager position, blending hard and soft skills aligned with the role's requirements is key. Let's curate a list that speaks volumes.

Recruitment Strategies
Performance Management
Policy Compliance
Training and Development
HR Systems
Employee Relations
Conflict Resolution
Strategic Planning
Team Building

1. Decode the Requirements

Initiate by teasing out both the implicit and explicit skill demands from the job description. Leadership and strategic planning are given, but also consider softer skills like team-building and conflict resolution, which are paramount for a People Manager.

2. Direct Alignment

Prioritize listing skills that directly match the job description, using Wozber's ATS optimisation tools to ensure your CV resonates with both ATS algorithms and human recruiters. This targeted approach sharply increases your CV's relevance.

3. Clarity and Focus

Opt for a clean, targeted presentation of your skills. Overloading this section can dilute its impact—instead, focus on a refined list that showcases your strongest assets for the People Manager role, ensuring they are compelling and easily digestible for the reader.


The Skills section is your chance to make an immediate, striking impression. With precise tailoring for the People Manager position, it's not just a list but a reflection of your professional identity. Let your skills underscore your candidacy, paving your way to the top of the applicant pile.


In today's global workforce, linguistic skills can set you apart. The ability to communicate across cultures is invaluable, especially for a role that emphasizes effective communication like People Manager. Let's navigate crafting a Languages section that highlights this advantage.


1. Align With Job Necessities

Is English a must? Include it prominently, specifying your proficiency level. While the job might not demand multilingual prowess, emphasizing your command over the requisite language(s) showcases your readiness to communicate effectively.

2. Showcase Linguistic Skills

Following English, list other languages you are proficient in. This not only demonstrates your ability to navigate a diverse workplace but also your potential to connect with a broader spectrum of individuals and cultures—a big plus for a People Manager.

3. Honesty is the Best Policy

Be straightforward about your proficiency levels. Misrepresenting your skills could lead to miscommunications down the line. Employ clear descriptors: native, fluent, intermediate, or basic—as they provide a quick snapshot of your abilities.

4. Global Perspective

Even if not explicitly required, other language skills can broaden your appeal for roles with a multinational aspect or diverse teams. It's about versatility—demonstrating you're prepared for the challenges of a globalizing workplace.

5. Understanding the Scope

For positions that may involve liaising with international teams, your multilingual capabilities could be a significant asset. Even if our People Manager role is primarily local, showcasing language skills can still signify a broad, global perspective.


Languages are more than lines on a CV; they're a testament to your adaptability and cultural savvy. Especially as a People Manager, your ability to communicate across barriers can be a distinct advantage, opening doors and broadening horizons.


The Summary section is your personal billboard, succinctly selling your professional narrative to potential employers. A well-crafted summary tailored for the People Manager position can magnificently set the stage for your application, distinguishing you right from the start.

People Manager with over 8 years of experience in leading and managing human resources operations, talent acquisition, and employee engagement initiatives. Proven track record in enhancing organisational performance through strategic HR management, innovative problem-solving, and delivery of workforce development programs. Known for adeptly handling complex employee relations matters and ensuring compliance with industry best practices.

1. Capture the Role's Essence

Begin with a deep dive into the role's requirements and imbue your summary with insights that align. Acknowledge the crux of the People Manager position—ideal for seamlessly showing your fitting expertise and ambition right off the bat.

2. Initiate With Impact

Kick off your summary with a punchy statement that encapsulates your professional persona and experience length, rooting your candidacy firmly in the field. For example, stating you're a seasoned HR professional with a proven track record in enhancing organisational performance.

3. Key Achievements Front and Center

Pepper in your signature achievements and skills that resonate with the job description. This isn't the place for modesty—highlight your unique contributions to HR, such as specific strategies you've implemented that led to measurable improvements in employee engagement or retention.

4. Conciseness is Key

While it's tempting to detail all your accomplishments, a summary's strength lies in its brevity. Aim for a crisp, inviting narrative that teases your professional depth, making hiring managers eager to delve into your CV for more.


A compelling summary frontloads your application with intrigue and relevance, perfectly setting the stage for the detailed showcase to come. By tightly aligning with the People Manager role, it acts as your advocate, urging the hiring manager to read on, assured they're perusing the CV of a prime candidate.

Embarking on Your People Manager Journey

Congratulations on taking a decisive step towards your goal! Armed with these personalized strategies, you're ready to craft a People Manager CV that not only meets but transcends expectations, spotlighting you as the ideal fit for your dream role. Remember, each section of your CV is an opportunity to demonstrate your distinctive value. Utilize Wozber's free CV builder, ATS-friendly CV templates, and ATS CV scanner to ensure your CV is not only impeccably tailored but also poised for success in the ATS landscape.

Route your career trajectory towards greatness. The perfect People Manager role awaits you—go ahead, seize it with confidence!

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People Manager CV Example
People Manager @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Business, or related field.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in Human Resources, with at least 2 years in a managerial capacity.
  • Strong knowledge of HR systems and tools.
  • Effective communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.
  • Certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification is a plus.
  • Must have the capability to understand and speak English.
  • Must be located in Los Angeles, California.
  • Oversee and manage the recruitment, onboarding, and retention processes ensuring the organization acquires and maintains top talent.
  • Develop and implement HR strategies that align with the company's goals and policies, promoting employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Conduct performance reviews, offer feedback, and ensure professional development opportunities for team members.
  • Handle employee relations, investigate complaints, and recommend disciplinary actions when necessary.
  • Stay updated with industry best practices, regulatory changes, and ensure the company's HR policies and practices are compliant.
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