Sous-Chef CV Example

Mastering culinary arts, but your CV recipe feels half-baked? Delve into this Sous-Chef CV example, crafted with Wozber free CV builder. Explore how seamlessly you can layer your kitchen expertise to align with the job's flavor, creating a career presentation as rich and succulent as your signature dishes!

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Sous-Chef CV Example
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How to write a Sous-Chef CV?

Ah, the culinary world – a realm where precision, creativity, and flair aren't just appreciated, they're required. If you're aspiring to spice up your career with a Sous-Chef position, remember, your CV is the appetizer to the main course that is your career. In the bustling kitchens of the job market, it's crucial to slice and dice your CV to perfection.

Using Wozber's free CV builder, we'll guide you through seasoning your CV to the taste of hiring managers, making it ATS-compliant, and presenting it on an ATS-friendly CV template. So, sharpen your knives and let's prep your CV to make sure you stand out in the heat of the kitchen!

Personal Details

Just as the right garnish can transform a dish, the savviest personal details can significantly uplift your CV. It's your chance to make an indelible first impression, setting the tone for the rest of your CV. Let's tailor this section for the Sous-Chef position, making it as irresistible as your signature dish.

Archibald Smitham
(555) 321-0987
San Francisco, California

1. Brand Yourself

Think of your name as the brand label on a fine wine. Ensure it's in a clear, bold font. Positioning it wisely makes it the first thing the hiring manager sees, much like a perfectly plated dish.

2. Dress Your Title

"Sous-Chef" isn't just a job title; it's a statement of your culinary prowess. Position it prominently under your name to immediately convey your professional stance.

3. Detail Your Contacts

List your phone number and a professional email (think firstname.lastname@email.com, not cheekychef69@example.com) to make it easy for potential employers to reach out for that taste test!

4. Pin the Locale

Mentioning "San Francisco, California" not only ticks a box from the job description but also reassures the employer of your readiness to stir the pot in their kitchen with no relocation delays.

5. Web Presence

If you have a professional website or a LinkedIn profile showcasing your culinary creations, include it. It's like offering a free sample of your work before the main course.


Crafting a standout Personal Details section is like preparing the mise en place – essential for a smooth execution. Keep it professional, pertinent, and, above all, inviting. Consider this your first impression in the kitchen of opportunity.

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In the kitchen of your career, the Experience section is where the heat is felt. It's your chance to showcase the years spent behind the flames, turning up the heat with every dish prepared, every challenge met head-on. Let's sauté your experience in a way that accentuates your culinary journey, making you the prime candidate for that Sous-Chef position.

01/2020 - Present
ABC Kitchen
  • Assisted the head chef in overseeing daily kitchen operations, ensuring a 99% adherence to food quality and presentation standards.
  • Mentored and trained a team of 20 culinary staff, resulting in a 30% improvement in their understanding of the culinary standards and safety guidelines.
  • Supervised daily food preparation operations, achieving a 98% consistency in dish taste and timely service.
  • Effectively managed a monthly food inventory, leading to a 15% waste reduction and increased cost‑effectiveness.
  • Collaborated with the head chef on a bi‑monthly basis to develop new menus, resulting in a 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores.
Junior Sous-Chef
05/2017 - 12/2019
XYZ Bistro
  • Supported senior chefs in menu planning and recipe development, introducing 10 new popular dishes.
  • Assisted in staff training programs, improving departmental efficiency by 25%.
  • Took initiative to enhance sanitation procedures, leading to a 99.9% pass rate in health inspections.
  • Played a key role in weekly inventory management, ensuring no stockouts for essential ingredients.
  • Participated in local culinary competitions, winning 3 prestigious awards in a year.

1. Ingredient Breakdown

Start by dissecting the job description like a recipe, identifying key ingredients: leadership, food quality, and inventory management. These are the flavors you'll want to emphasize in your experience.

2. Organize the Courses

Present your professional experiences as a series of exquisite courses, starting with your most recent role. Ensure every job title and company name is clear — after all, each is a significant ingredient in your career.

3. Detail Your Recipes for Success

Just as no two dishes are the same, no two accomplishments should be, either. Align your achievements with the job's demands: increased customer satisfaction scores, waste reduction, or menu development.

4. Add a Dash of Numbers

Numbers in your CV are like salt in cooking – they enhance everything. From reduced waste by 15% to increased customer satisfaction by 20%, quantify your achievements for added flavor.

5. Relevant Seasoning

Keep the focus on what's relevant to a Sous-Chef role. Maybe skip that summer you spent making cotton candy, and instead, highlight the development and execution of innovative dishes.


Tailoring your Experience section effectively communicates not just where you've been, but also the value you'll bring to the kitchen. It's the dish that waits to be savored by the hiring manager, so make every word count!


In the culinary world, your education serves as the foundation upon which you build your career. Whether it's a prestigious culinary school or an apprenticeship that taught you the ropes, this section adds depth to your CV, much like a good stock lends depth to a sauce.

Associate's Degree, Culinary Arts
The Culinary Institute of America

1. Identify Key Ingredients

First, extract the essential education requirement from the job description. A "Culinary degree or equivalent experience" is your cue to highlight your culinary education prominently.

2. Plate with Precision

Your culinary education should be presented as cleanly as your signature dish. Include the degree, institution, and graduation date in a crisp, easy-to-digest format.

3. Tailor to Taste

If the job calls for a culinary degree and you have one, particularly from a well-known institution like The Culinary Institute of America, make it the centerpiece of this section.

4. Season with Relevant Courses

Especially for newer chefs, noting specific courses that tie directly to the skills in the job description can add an extra layer of relevance to your CV.

5. Garnish with Achievements

Did you graduate with honors or lead a student-run restaurant? These accomplishments are the garnishes that make your education section stand out.


While your experience in the kitchen speaks volumes, don't underestimate the power of a well-presented education section. It reinforces your foundational knowledge and shows a commitment to your craft.

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Like adding certifications from prestigious competitions or institutes, certificates can add credibility and flair to your CV. They're your proof of continued learning and excellence in the field, crucial for a Sous-Chef aiming for perfection.

National Restaurant Association
2018 - Present
Certified Sous Chef (CSC)
American Culinary Federation
2019 - Present

1. Extract the Essentials

First up, pinpoint the certificates specifically mentioned in the job description, such as ServSafe or Certified Sous Chef (CSC), and proudly display them.

2. Curate Your Collection

More isn't always better. Choose to list certificates that are most relevant and impressive, such as those recognized industry-wide or that demonstrate mastery in areas directly relevant to the job's requirements.

3. Detail with Dates

Provide dates to show the currency of your knowledge, especially for certificates that need periodic renewal. This shows that you are up-to-date with the best practices and regulations.

4. Always Be Seasoning

The culinary world is ever-evolving, so stay on the cutting edge by pursuing relevant certifications. This eagerness to learn will be a feather in your cap.


Including certificates in your CV is like providing a tasting menu of your skills and commitment to your profession. It's tangible proof of your dedication to maintaining high standards in your culinary journey.


The Skills section of your CV is your spice rack: it's where you show off the unique flavors you bring to the kitchen. Here, you reveal the ingredients of your success, balancing hard skills with the soft skills that make you a commendable Sous-Chef.

Leadership Skills
Food Preparation
Sanitation Standards
Inventory Management
Team Mentoring
Menu Development
Culinary Creativity

1. Sift Through the Job Description

Begin by carefully reading the job posting, identifying both the explicit and implicit skills required - like inventory management or a palate for menu development.

2. Blend Skills Harmoniously

Combine your hard skills (like food preparation and inventory management) with soft skills (such as leadership and communication) - ensuring a well-rounded presentation of your capabilities.

3. Keep It Neat

While you might be tempted to list every skill you've mastered, focus on the ones most appetizing to this particular role. Aim for a curated selection that will catch the hiring manager's eye.


Just as in cooking, balance and presentation are key in the Skills section. It's about demonstrating not just your abilities, but how they blend to create the perfect Sous-Chef for the role at hand. Let your skills showcase the unique flavor you bring to the kitchen.


In the diverse kitchen environment of today, being multilingual can be as crucial as mastering the perfect béchamel. Your ability to communicate in different languages showcases adaptability and an openness to cultures - essential spices in the gourmet feast of your CV.


1. Menu of Languages

Start by identifying if the job description calls for specific language skills, like "Must have the ability to write clearly in English." This guides you on what to highlight.

2. Arrange by Importance

List languages in order of their relevance to the job, indicating your proficiency level to give the hiring manager a clear understanding of your linguistic capabilities.

3. Add Variety

Even if a language isn't explicitly required, being fluent in languages, especially in culinary hubs like San Francisco, can add a desirable layer of versatility to your CV.

4. Honesty in Proficiency

Accurately represent your language skills to manage expectations - whether you're fluent, proficient, or have a basic understanding. This ensures a smooth transition into the role.

5. Embrace Global Gastronomy

For roles that emphasize a global approach or require communications with teams or suppliers from different cultures, being multilingual can significantly bolster your CV.


Each language you speak is a testament to your ability to engage with diverse cultures, a crucial skill in today's global culinary scene. Highlighting your language skills is like adding a dash of exotic spice, enhancing your allure to potential employers.


Think of the Summary section as the aroma that entices someone to try a dish. It gives the hiring manager a whiff of your professional essence, intriguing and inviting them to dive deeper. Here's how to concoct a summary that encapsulates your career as a Sous-Chef in a few, compelling bites.

Sous-Chef with over 4 years of hands-on experience in managing professional kitchens. Proven track record in ensuring food quality, mentoring staff, and developing innovative menus. Known for exceptional leadership and commitment to maintaining the highest culinary standards.

1. Recipe for Success

Start with a robust base - think about what ingredients of your career best represent you. Are you a Sous-Chef known for your innovative menu developments or your knack for managing and training large kitchen teams?

2. Infuse with Personality

Highlight your unique flavor - mention specific skills or achievements that showcase your unique approach to culinary challenges, wrapped in a few enticing lines.

3. Keep it Simmering

A summary should be succinct but savory, offering just enough to whet the appetite. Three to five lines should suffice to encapsulate your professional identity.

4. Call to Action

End with a subtle invitation to explore your 'menu' further. While your summary is concise, it should encourage the hiring manager to dig into the substantial courses of your CV.


Your summary is the first taste potential employers will have of your capabilities. Make it inviting, reflective of your career, and most importantly, make it memorable. It's your chance to tell your story in a nutshell, setting the stage for the feast of qualifications that follows.

Launching Your Sous-Chef Journey

Ready to step into the spotlight and showcase your culinary prowess? Armed with these insights and Wozber's free CV builder, you're set to craft a CV that's as well-prepared as your signature dishes. Remember, each section is a course in the banquet of your career. Design it with care, infuse it with your unique flavors, and ensure it's as ATS-compliant as it is rich with your professional essence.

The kitchen awaits, Chef. Cook up a CV that no hiring manager can resist, and let it be your ticket to the next big adventure in your culinary journey!

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Sous-Chef CV Example
Sous-Chef @ Your Dream Company
  • Culinary degree or equivalent experience required.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in a professional kitchen, with at least 1 year in a supervisory role.
  • Strong knowledge of kitchen operations, including food preparation, inventory management, and sanitation standards.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills, with the ability to delegate and prioritize tasks effectively.
  • Must possess or be willing to obtain relevant certifications such as ServSafe or Certified Sous Chef (CSC).
  • Must have the ability to write clearly in English.
  • Located in San Francisco, California.
  • Assist the head chef in overseeing daily kitchen activities, ensuring food quality, presentation, and adhering to standard recipes.
  • Train and mentor culinary staff, ensuring they understand the culinary standards and health, safety, and sanitation guidelines.
  • Supervise food prep, cooking, and presentation, ensuring dishes are prepared in a timely and consistent manner.
  • Manage inventory, ordering, and storage of all food and kitchen supplies to minimize waste and maintain cost-effectiveness.
  • Collaborate with the head chef to develop new menus and recipes, incorporating seasonal and local ingredients.
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