Food Server CV Example

Balancing plates, but your CV seems half-empty? Dish up inspiration with this Food Server CV example, served hot with Wozber free CV builder. Learn how to present your service skills to match job demands, and fill up your career plate as wholesomely as the meals you serve!

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Food Server CV Example
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How to write a Food Server CV?

Welcome to your next chapter, aspiring Food Server! In a bustling industry where every detail counts, your CV does more than list your experience—it serves as the amuse-bouche that whets the appetite of potential employers. With the help of Wozber's free CV builder, you can whip up a delectable CV, expertly tailored to your desired Food Server position. Our ATS-friendly CV templates and ATS CV scanner ensure your CV not only looks great but passes through Applicant Tracking Systems with ease.

Ready to plate up? Let's cook up a CV that gets you the job!

Personal Details

The first course in your CV feast is Personal Details. Just as the best dishes balance simplicity with flavor, your personal details should be succinct yet inviting, instantly telling employers you're local, accessible, and exactly who they need.

Karla Rosenbaum
Food Server
(555) 789-1234
New York City, New York

1. Brand Yourself with Your Name

Like the signature on a master chef's dish, your name should be clear and prominent. Use a professional font and give it a pinch more size than the rest of your CV text to ensure it's the first thing to catch the eye.

2. Serve Up the Job Title

Right under your name, align your aspirations by incorporating "Food Server" as your title. This primes the hiring manager's palette to what follows, directly linking you to the role they're eager to fill.

3. Contact Information That Connects

Ensure your phone number and email are correct—after all, an oversight here could mean a missed connection. Opt for an email that is as straightforward as your service, ideally formatted as firstname.lastname@email.com.

4. Location, Location, Location

Mentioning "New York City, New York" confirms your readiness for the role by addressing a specific requirement from the job description. It subtly reassures employers of your availability without the need for relocation discussions.

5. A Nod to the Professional

If relevant, including a LinkedIn profile gives employers a fuller taste of your professional background. Ensure it's up-to-date and reflects the professionalism of your CV.


The Personal Details section is your chance to immediately communicate your readiness for the Food Server role. Just as the best dishes start with the best ingredients, ensure your contact information is the best representation of you. Consider it the amuse-bouche of your CV—enticing and perfectly prepared.

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The main course of any CV is the Experience section. For a Food Server role, this is your platform to show you can handle the heat of a bustling dining environment while maintaining an air of professionalism and attention to detail.

Senior Food Server
01/2021 - Present
ABC Bistro
  • Greeted and promptly seated over 200 customers daily, enhancing dining experience and ensuring consistent footfall.
  • Took accurate food and drink orders for an average of 50 tables per shift, addressing dietary restrictions and allergies effectively, resulting in a 98% order accuracy rate.
  • Served up to 300 plates and beverages daily, ensuring a high degree of precision, leading to increased positive customer feedback.
  • Addressed and resolved an average of 5‑10 customer complaints per shift, achieving a 95% satisfaction rate and escalating only when necessary.
  • Maintained cleanliness, organisation, and setup of 20+ tables in the dining area, consistently refilling condiments and silverware, noted by a 30% increase in positive feedback from diners on table presentation.
Food Server
02/2019 - 12/2020
XYZ Grille
  • Enhanced dining experience by 25% by providing personalized recommendations from the menu, leading to a 20% increase in upselling.
  • Worked efficiently in a team of 10 servers, ensuring a smooth flow of service during peak hours, noted by a 15% increase in customer feedback on quick service.
  • Collaborated with the kitchen staff for special orders, resulting in a 30% decrease in order errors.
  • Maintained a positive, approachable demeanor with all customers, resulting in a 95% positive feedback rating for friendliness.
  • Participated in weekly training sessions, actively incorporating new menu items and knowledge into service interactions.

1. Digest the Job Requirements

Chew over the job description, highlighting phrases like "greet and seat customers," "take accurate food and drink orders," and "maintain a clean and organized work area." These are your keywords, the seasoning that will flavor your experience entries.

2. Layout: Where Presentation Meets Substance

Organize your experience in a way that serves your career trajectory hot and fresh. Begin with your most recent role, making sure each job title and company name are clear. A chronological layout helps hiring managers trace your career growth.

3. Tailor Your Accomplishments

Rather than simply listing duties, cook up accomplishment statements that mirror the job posting. Did you increase customer satisfaction or upsell drinks and desserts? These achievements, quantified where possible, are your five-star reviews.

4. The Power of Numbers

Quantifying your experience—be it the number of tables you managed or the percentage increase in tips—offers concrete evidence of your skills, like a perfectly balanced dish, it shows you have the recipe for success.

5. Keep the Menu Focused

While your tenure as a karaoke champion is impressive, unless you're applying for a job at a karaoke bar, it's best left off the menu. Stick to the ingredients that make you a palatable choice for the Food Server position.


Your Experience section is the hearty entree of your CV. It should leave hiring managers satisfied that you have the requisite experience to excel as a Food Server. Think of each bullet point as a dish in your career banquet, each one meticulously prepared to showcase your talents and achievements.


Though not the main course, the Education section of your CV can act as a perfect side dish, complementing and enhancing your professional experience. Here's how to present your educational background in a way that's savory and satisfying.

Bachelor of Science, Hospitality and Tourism Management
Culinary Institute of America

1. Identify Key Ingredients

Firstly, sift through the job posting for any flourishes of educational requirements. While the Food Server role may not specify a need for a Michelin-star education, showcasing relevant schooling serves as proof of your foundational skills.

2. A Recipe for Success

Keep this section as clean and crisp as your service attire. For each educational entry, include the field of study, degree, school, and graduation year. Simplicity ensures this information is digestible at a glance.

3. Tailoring with Garnish

Even if the role doesn't call for a specific degree, listing your education in Hospitality and Tourism Management, for example, adds context to your career choice and points to your long-standing interest in the field.

4. Extra Courses

Did you complete a wine appreciation course or a seminar on hospitality management? These additional tidbits can add flavor to your CV, hinting at a well-rounded and dedicated professional.

5. Honor Your Achievements

Graduating cum laude or making the Dean's list are like the cherries on top. If your academic achievements are especially impressive or relevant, don't hesitate to mention them.


Even if the recipe doesn't call for it explicitly, the right education and training can enhance any dish. Think of your Education section like the perfect wine pairing—it may not be the star of the show, but it can elevate the overall experience. Present it with pride, and remember, sometimes it's the side dishes that leave a lasting impression.

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Like a sprinkle of freshly chopped herbs on a finished plate, certificates can add a pop of color and credibility to your CV. Here's how to include them so they complement your career story.

Food Handler's Certification
US Food Safety
2020 - Present
Certified Restaurant Professional (CRP)
National Restaurant Association
2019 - Present

1. Gather the Freshest

Review the job posting carefully. For instance, the Food Server position mentions, "Possession of a valid Food Handler's certification." This is your cue to lead with any directly relevant certificates you have, ensuring they're noticeable at first glance.

2. Pick the Best Cuts

It's tempting to list every cooking class, wine course, or customer service certificate you have, but restraint is key. Focus on the certifications that are most relevant to being a Food Server, ensuring each one adds distinct value to your candidacy.

3. Freshness Counts

Especially in roles where certifications have expiration dates, including relevant dates assists hiring managers in determining your current qualification level. It's like proving your ingredients are fresh and ready to use.

4. Always Season to Taste

Staying current in your field shows commitment and passion. Don't let your certifications grow stale; regularly seek out new courses or renewal opportunities related to food service and hospitality to keep your CV flavorful and appealing.


Certificates on your CV are like seasoning on a dish—too little, and you risk being bland; too much, and you overshadow the meal itself. Highlight those that underscore your Food Server abilities and commitment to excellence. Each certificate should tell a story of growth, learning, and dedication to your craft.


The Skills section of your CV is like the spice rack in your culinary arsenal: selecting and applying the right ones can turn a good dish into a great one. Let's ensure your skills are displayed in such a way to tantalize the hiring manager's taste buds.

Menu Knowledge
Customer Service
Time Management
Interpersonal Communication
Order Accuracy
Conflict Resolution
Table Setup and Organisation
POS Systems

1. Decode the Recipe

Start by identifying the fundamental and desirable skills listed in the job description, such as "strong knowledge of food and beverage menus" and "exceptional interpersonal and communication skills." These are the skills you should highlight first and foremost.

2. Mix to Perfection

Combine a blend of hard skills (like knowledge of POS Systems and menu expertise) with soft skills (such as customer service and conflict resolution). This mixture showcases you as a well-rounded candidate ready to deliver in all aspects of the role.

3. A Dash of Organisation

Resist the temptation to overload your CV with every skill under the sun. Carefully curated selections that align with the job description will make your CV more appetizing to hiring managers looking for specific competencies.


Just like in cooking, balance and blend are key. Your Skills section should present a harmonious mix of what makes you the right choice for Food Server. Simplicity, relevance, and clarity will ensure your skills are both noticed and appetizing.


Being multilingual in the food service industry can be the secret sauce that sets you apart. Here's how to present your linguistic talents in a way that complements your main qualifications without overpowering them.


1. Appetizer or Entrée?

Consider whether languages are a main feature of the role or a delightful extra. For a Food Server in New York City, proficiency in English is a must, as stated in the job posting. Highlight this first, showcasing your ability to communicate effectively with a broad clientele.

2. Menu of Languages

List languages in order of proficiency, starting with your strongest. This provides a quick glance at your communication palette, offering insight into how versatile you can be in a diverse dining environment.

3. Seasoning to Taste

Even if not requested, additional languages can add depth to your CV, showing potential to engage with tourists or multicultural guests. Each language is a testament to your ability to learn and adapt—valuable traits in any service role.

4. Clarity in Presentation

Clearly define your level of proficiency for each language using terms like "Native," "Fluent," "Intermediate," and "Basic." This ensures expectations are set right from the start, avoiding any miscommunication.

5. Consider the Restaurant's Theme

For themed restaurants or establishments known for a particular cuisine, fluency in a relevant language can be a significant advantage. Tailor your language section to align with potential demands of the job, making your CV even more appetizing.


Languages on your CV are like special ingredients—they can significantly enhance your appeal as a Food Server, particularly in a cosmopolitan city like New York. Showcase your linguistic skills as you would a fine wine pairing, subtly yet effectively complementing your main offerings.


Your CV's Summary section is the opening act, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience. Let's craft a compelling narrative that captivates the hiring manager's attention, making them eager to see what else you have on the menu.

Food Server with over 2 years of experience in high-volume dining establishments. Renowned for accurate order taking, exceptional customer service, and maintaining a satisfying and personalized dining experience. Proven track record of addressing customer complaints effectively and maintaining a poised and professional demeanor even in fast-paced environments.

1. Blend the Ingredients

Start with a base of your profession (Food Server) and sprinkle in your years of experience. Mix in a dash of your most delectable skills and achievements, specifically those that match the job's requirements, like "renowned for accurate order taking" and "exceptional customer service."

2. Add Seasoning

Include a few key pieces of information that make you unique, such as your ability to handle a fast-paced environment or your knack for upselling. This personal seasoning gives flavor to your summary, distinguishing you from others.

3. Simmer to Perfection

Keep it concise. Your summary should be a tantalizing teaser, not the full course meal. Aim for 3-5 sentences that leave the hiring manager hungry to learn more about you.

4. Taste Test

Read your summary aloud. Does it flow? Is it appetizing? Adjust seasoning as needed until it's just right. Remember, this is your chance to make an impression, so make every word count.


Think of your Summary section as the first taste of a fine dining experience—it should be inviting, flavorful, and leave a lasting impression. By tailoring it to fit the role of a Food Server, you're setting the stage for your CV to be devoured eagerly by hiring managers. And remember, with Wozber's free CV builder, creating an ATS-compliant CV that's as delightful to ATS scanners as it is to human readers is simple and straightforward. Bon appétit!

Launching Your Food Server Journey

Congratulations, chef of your career! Armed with these finely tuned sections, you're ready to serve up a CV that stands out in the crowded job market. Remember, each element of your CV should be prepared with the same care and attention to detail that you'd give to your guests' plates. With Wozber, crafting an ATS-friendly CV that delights both the ATS CV scanner and the hungry eyes of hiring managers is as easy as pie.

Now, tie on your apron, sharpen your knives, and embrace your journey to becoming a celebrated Food Server in the heart of New York City. Let your CV be your ticket to the bustling, vibrant stage where your skills shine brightest. To the future of serving up unforgettable experiences—here's to you!

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Food Server CV Example
Food Server @ Your Dream Company
  • Minimum of 1 year of experience in a food service setting.
  • Strong knowledge of food and beverage menus, including wine and cocktail options.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced environment while maintaining a high level of professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Possession of a valid Food Handler's certification or the ability to obtain one within 30 days of hire, as required by state and local regulations.
  • Strong proficiency in English needed.
  • Must be located in New York City, New York.
  • Greet and seat customers promptly, providing them with menus and informing them of daily specials.
  • Take accurate food and drink orders, ensuring specific dietary requirements or allergies are addressed.
  • Serve food and beverages to customers, ensuring a high degree of accuracy and professionalism.
  • Address customer complaints or concerns promptly and escalate when necessary.
  • Maintain a clean and organized work area, including setting up tables, refilling condiments, and silverware.
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