Music Producer CV Example

Cooking up tracks, but your CV isn't hitting the right notes? Sync up with this Music Producer CV example, mixed and mastered using Wozber free CV builder. It illustrates how you can fine-tune your production prowess to align with job specifications, so your career always hits the highest charts!

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Music Producer CV Example
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How to write a Music Producer CV?

Hello, aspiring Music Producer! If you're looking to make your mark in the highly competitive music industry, crafting a CV that sings your praises louder than your tracks is key. With the Wozber free CV builder, this detailed guide is your backstage pass to creating a CV that not only aligns perfectly with your target role but also harmonizes with those pesky Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Ready to turn the volume up on your career prospects? Let's fine-tune your CV to perfection, ensuring every beat of your experience and skills hits just the right note.

Personal Details

First impressions count, and in the music industry, it's all about sounding right from the get-go. Think of your personal details as the album cover to your career's greatest hits. Here's how to make sure yours is platinum-worthy and perfectly in sync with what a Music Producer role demands.

Glen Koelpin
Music Producer
(555) 123-4567
Los Angeles, California

1. Illuminate With Your Name

Just like your stage name, your real name needs to stand out. Ensure it's the headline act by using a clear, legible font, setting a professional tone for your CV.

2. Cue Your Role

Mirror the job title from the description ("Music Producer") directly below your name. This strategic placement acts as a genre tag, immediately categorizing your CV for the hiring manager.

3. Fine-tune Your Contact Info

Think of your contact section as setting up your mic – it has to be just right. Include a professional email (a firstname.lastname formula) and your most direct contact number. Double-check for typos to avoid any feedback issues.

4. Location, Location, Location

The job description specifies Los Angeles, California. Highlighting your LA residency confirms you're already in the mix, eliminating any concerns about relocation remixes.

5. Link to Your Online Presence

Include a link to your professional website or an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. Think of these as your digital press kit - a place where potential employers can see your work, awards, or projects.


The Personal Details section sets the tone for your CV, much like how an intro track sets up an album. Every piece of information should build anticipation for the hits (aka your skills and experiences) that are about to play. Keep it concise, relevant, and tailored to the Music Producer role. Your CV is about to drop the beat!

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Your career tracklist is the core of your CV. It's where you show off your chart-topping achievements and collaborations. Let's dive into how to orchestrate your experience section so every bullet point sings your praise.

Music Producer
05/2017 - Present
ABC Records
  • Oversaw and managed every aspect of music production, from conception to mastering, resulting in over 15 successful album releases.
  • Collaborated closely with renowned artists, guiding their creative process to achieve their sonic visions and leading to multiple Grammy nominations.
  • Made critical creative decisions on arrangements, instrumentation, and overall production, achieving a consistent chart‑topping sound for the label.
  • Ensured the highest level of technical quality by managing and coordinating recording sessions, bringing in renowned engineers and achieving zero equipment malfunctions.
  • Adapted to current industry trends and techniques, refreshing the label's sound and leading to a 20% increase in streaming and sales.
Assistant Music Producer
01/2015 - 04/2017
XYZ Studios
  • Supported the senior music producer in all stages of the production, leading to 5 top 100 Billboard hits.
  • Played a crucial role in artist management, arranging promotional events that increased online presence by 30%.
  • Deployed cutting‑edge software tools, facilitating the post‑production workflow and reducing time by 50%.
  • Established and maintained relationships with over 50 music professionals, enhancing collaboration opportunities.
  • Participated in weekly industry workshops to introduce new techniques, enhancing creativity and diversifying the studio's portfolio.

1. Break Down the Job Description

Dissect the job description like you're sampling a classic track. Highlight responsibilities and required skills that resonate with your own experience, and prepare to remix them into your CV.

2. Chronology is Key

Structure your career highlights like a well-curated setlist, starting with your most recent hit. Include your role, the studio or label you worked with, and employment dates, ensuring the timeline of your achievements doesn't skip a beat.

3. Highlight Harmonies

For each role, highlight how you directed the production from pre-production through to mastering, showcasing your skills in collaborating with artists to bring their vision to life. Remember, specifics like "Oversaw and managed every aspect of music production, resulting in over 15 successful album releases" sound like gold records on your CV.

4. Quantify Your Hits

Where possible, include stats to amplify your accomplishments. Did your production lead to Grammy nominations or chart-topping hits? Numbers and accolades play like platinum records in your career's discography.

5. Genre Versatility

Showcase your ability to produce across genres, echoing the "minimum of 5 years of professional experience in producing music across various genres" from the job description. This versatility is like being able to play every instrument in the band.


View each accomplishment as a backstage pass to your next gig. Your experience section should read like a setlist of career-defining moments, each one proving why you're the Music Producer the label can't afford NOT to hire. This is your spotlight moment—shine brilliantly!


While the real music magic happens in the studio, your educational background sets the stage for your technical knowhow and theoretical understanding. Here's how to ensure your education section hits all the right notes.

Bachelor of Arts, Music Production
Berklee College of Music

1. Identify Crucial Requirements

The job specifies a Bachelor's degree in Music Production, Audio Engineering, or a related field. If your academic record matches this, you're tuned into the job's wavelength. Include your degree, the institution, and graduation year.

2. Clear and Direct

Keep this section as streamlined as a smooth bassline. List your degree, the name of the institution, and your graduation year, ensuring clarity and readability.

3. Degree Resonance

Align your degree with the job specs. If you majored in Music Production, make it as prominent on your CV as a lead single is in an album promotion.

4. Additional Learning

If you've taken courses that amplify your qualifications—like advanced mixing techniques or digital audio workstations—list them here. It's like adding a featuring artist to a track to give it that extra hit potential.

5. Academic Achievements

Highlight any honors or distinctions that put you top of your class. While not the main act, they're the bonus tracks that can captivate the right audience (your future employer).


Your education section doesn't just verify your qualifications; it sets the stage for your depth of knowledge and dedication to your craft. Make sure it resonates with the requirements of the Music Producer job, ensuring every note and nuance of your education contributes to the harmony of your CV.

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In the fast-evolving music industry, certifications can be like exclusive remixes – they're not always essential, but they can make your CV stand out in a crowded playlist. Here's how to amplify your CV with the right certificates.

Certified Music Producer Professional (CMPP)
The Recording Academy
2017 - Present
MIDI Production Certificate (MPC)
Music Producers Institute (MPI)
2016 - Present

1. Relevant Remixes Only

While the job description for our Music Producer did not explicitly mention certifications, listing relevant ones like 'Certified Music Producer Professional (CMPP)' demonstrates continuous improvement and specialized knowledge – it's like having a hit track on a special edition album.

2. Leading Labels

Include certifications from reputable institutions or industry-recognized bodies. It shows you've been produced by the best, adding gravitas to your CV.

3. Timestamp Your Talent

For certifications that are recent or particularly relevant to the evolving music industry, make sure to include the date. It shows you're up to speed with the latest beats.

4. Continuous Learning

Keep updating your skill set with new certifications and learning opportunities, especially those that align with current industry trends. The music industry doesn't stand still, and neither should your CV.


Certifications can be the bonus tracks of your CV, providing proof of your ongoing commitment to mastering your craft. Select and showcase them with the same care you would an exclusive release, ensuring they enhance your professional repertoire and resonate with your role as a Music Producer.


Your skills section is the riff that gets stuck in everyone's head. It's where you showcase your technical prowess and collaborative finesse. Here's how to ensure your skills section is as unforgettable as a chart-topping chorus.

Ableton Live
Pro Tools
Audio editing
Interpersonal communication
MIDI controllers
Mixing techniques
Mastering techniques
Trend analysis
Studio management

1. Harmonizing with the Job Specs

Run your eye down the job description and highlight the skills that play back to you. From proficiency in Ableton Live and Pro Tools to a strong understanding of mixing and mastering techniques, ensure your skills are a direct echo of the requirements.

2. The Perfect Harmonic Mix

Balance your technical skills with interpersonal ones, such as communication and collaboration, to showcase your ability to work in harmony with artists and other music professionals. It's like mixing the perfect track where every element complements the other.

3. Synthesize Your Skills

Less is more when you're aiming for quality. Focus on the hard skills directly relevant to a Music Producer, backed up by soft skills that demonstrate your ability to hit the right note with colleagues and stakeholders alike. Quality over quantity will have your CV playing on repeat.


Present your skills in a way that harmonizes with the role you're applying for, making it clear you're not just a one-hit wonder. Like a well-produced album, your skills section should leave the hiring manager with no doubt you're the standout track in the applicant pool.


In an industry that's as global as music, speaking multiple languages can be your backstage pass to international collaborations. Here's how to turn your linguistic capabilities into a headline act on your CV.


1. Setlist of Languages

Start with the languages specifically mentioned in the job description ("Proficient in English communication") and then list any additional languages you're fluent in. It's like listing your headline tracks followed by the impressive deep cuts.

2. Main Stage Languages

If the job prioritizes certain languages, make sure these are your headliners. Listing your proficiency level truthfully, from native to conversational, sets the right expectations.

3. Supporting Acts

Even if not specified, additional languages you're conversant in can be valuable, especially in diverse work environments or international markets. It shows you're ready for worldwide tours, not just local gigs.

4. The Importance of Being Fluent

Be factual about your proficiency level. Overestimation can lead to off-key performances when you're expected to be pitch-perfect.

5. International Applause

Understand how your multilingual abilities align with the role's requirements and the broader industry context. Showcasing your linguistic skills could make you the star act in a globally touring lineup.


Like a world tour that shows off your global appeal, your languages section is a chance to highlight your versatility and readiness to engage with diverse audiences. Play up your language skills to show you're not just nationally but internationally chart-worthy.


Consider your summary the hit single of your CV—it's what gets the audience hooked. A compelling intro sets the stage for the deep dives to come, encapsulating your best features in a few sharp lines. Let's craft a summary that tops the charts.

Music Producer with over 6 years of experience in creating chart-topping music and leading successful album releases. Renowned for collaborating with top-tier artists to achieve their sonic visions. Demonstrated proficiency in advanced music production software, trend analysis, and versatility in handling various genres. Proven ability to manage high-level technical sessions while ensuring the label's songs and albums are on trend.

1. Tune Into the Role

Begin by decoding the essence of the job description. This understanding lets you pitch your summary in a key that resonates with potential employers.

2. Lead With a Hook

Start with a strong opening line that captures your professional identity and core capabilities. Think of it as the catchy hook that makes the song memorable.

3. Drop the Beat

Dive right into the highlights—those key skills and achievements that make you the perfect fit for a Music Producer role. Like a well-composed bridge, this part connects the initial hook with the grand finale.

4. Keep It Radio-Friendly

Your summary should be a concentrated hit of your professional high notes. Lengthy solos can get skipped, so ensure your summary stays engaging and on point.


Just like a record label looks for hit potential, potential employers are scouting for CVs that resonate with their needs. Using Wozber's free CV builder to ensure your CV is both ATS-compliant and packed with your career's greatest hits gives you the best shot at landing the Music Producer role of your dreams. Get ready to take the stage—the spotlights are on you!

Launching Your Music Producer Journey

Congratulations! You're now equipped with the knowledge to craft an ATS-optimised CV that plays harmoniously to the tune of a Music Producer job. Your crafted CV is more than just words on a document; it's a melody that captures your professional journey's rhythm and beat. Wozber is here to help you put it all together.

With access to free ATS-friendly CV templates and an ATS CV scanner, you're ready to hit the record button on your career. Go ahead, make your mark in the music world—one application at a time.

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Music Producer CV Example
Music Producer @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Music Production, Audio Engineering, or related field.
  • A minimum of 5 years of professional experience in producing music across various genres.
  • Proficiency in using industry-standard software and hardware for music production, such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools, and MIDI controllers.
  • Strong understanding of audio editing, mixing, and mastering techniques.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to effectively collaborate with artists and other music professionals.
  • Proficient in English communication.
  • Must be located in Los Angeles, California.
  • Oversee the entire music production process, from pre-production to final mastering.
  • Collaborate closely with artists, songwriters, and musicians to realize their sonic vision.
  • Make creative decisions on arrangements, instrumentation, and overall production elements.
  • Manage and coordinate recording sessions, ensuring the highest level of technical and artistic quality.
  • Stay updated with industry trends and techniques to maintain a fresh, marketable sound.
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