Rooms Division Manager CV Example

Juggling hotel guests and keys, but your CV seems check-out ready? Dive into this Rooms Division Manager CV example, tailored with Wozber free CV builder. Discover how you can neatly arrange your hospitality leadership to match job criteria, ensuring your management career checks into the finest opportunities!

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Rooms Division Manager CV Example
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How to write a Rooms Division Manager CV?

Hello, aspiring Rooms Division Manager! Navigating the waves of the hotel industry job market can feel like steering a ship through a storm, but fear not! Your CV is your anchor, securing your chance to land that coveted Rooms Division Manager position.

With the guidance of the Wozber free CV builder, we're about to embark on a journey to craft a CV that is not only a reflection of your skills and experiences but also tailored to glide through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with ease. Let's set sail towards creating a CV that opens doors to grand opportunities in the hospitality realm.

Personal Details

The personal details section of your CV is the first impression you make on a potential employer. Let's navigate through this section with precision, capturing the essence of what makes you the ideal candidate for the Rooms Division Manager position.

Elizabeth Metz
Rooms Division Manager
(555) 987-6543
New York, New York

1. Spotlight Your Name

Think of your name as the brand that you're introducing to the world of hospitality management. It's important to make it stand out. Use a clear, professional font and consider its placement at the top of your ATS-compliant CV, ensuring it grabs attention at first glance.

2. Reflect the Exact Job Title

Directly below your name, mirror the job title you're applying for. Including ‘Rooms Division Manager' not only shows you're directly applying for the position but makes your CV more ATS-friendly, as it's likely a keyword identified by the system.

3. Ensure Your Contact Information Shines

Provide your most accessible phone number and a professional email address, adhering to a simple firstname.lastname@email.com format. Missteps in this area are small but mighty errors that could steer your CV into unchartered waters.

4. Anchor Your Location

In the realm of hospitality, the location is paramount. Including "New York, New York" as your location not only aligns with the job's geographical requirements but reassures the hiring manager there's no need for relocation.

5. Consider a Professional Online Presence

If applicable, adding a LinkedIn profile or a personal website related to your profession can provide depth to your application. Ensure any added links are current and reflect the professional image you wish to present.


Your personal details section is the welcoming mat of your CV. It should invite potential employers into your world in a concise and professional manner. Aligning it with the Rooms Division Manager role you aim for sets the stage for the rest of your CV to shine.

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The experience section of your CV is where you get to showcase the depth of your journey in the hospitality industry. Let's ensure it spells out why you're the perfect fit for the Rooms Division Manager position, reflecting a career that has been both impactful and meaningful.

Rooms Division Manager
06/2019 - Present
ABC Hotels
  • Overseen the daily operations of the front desk, housekeeping, and reservations departments to ensure guest satisfaction and operational efficiency, resulting in a 20% increase in positive feedback scores.
  • Developed and implemented departmental policies, procedures, and service standards, achieving a 15% improvement in efficiency and adherence.
  • Monitored and managed room inventory, yield, and pricing strategies, leading to a 10% revenue boost and 98% average occupancy rate.
  • Trained, mentored, and evaluated a team of 50+ departmental staff, improving service delivery by 25%.
  • Handled over 1000 guest concerns annually and ensured all issues were resolved promptly, maintaining an 85% positive guest experience throughout their stay.
Assistant Rooms Division Manager
01/2015 - 05/2019
XYZ Resorts
  • Assisted in developing and enhancing departmental policies and procedures, resulting in a 10% improvement in operational efficiency.
  • Played a key role in managing staff schedules and ensuring optimal staffing levels, reducing overtime costs by 15%.
  • Leveraged hotel property management systems to streamline operations and improve guest check‑in/check‑out times by 20%.
  • Oversaw daily shift briefings, improving staff communication and reducing service‑related complaints by 30%.
  • Collaborated with the sales team to create room package promotions, leading to a 5% increase in room bookings during promotional periods.

1. Decode and Align with Job Requirements

Begin by dissecting the job description. Highlight keywords and responsibilities such as ‘oversee daily operations' and ‘develop and implement policies.' Each experience listed should echo these requirements, demonstrating your capability to fulfill the role.

2. Structure Your Roles Strategically

Present your experiences in reverse chronological order, ensuring each role is clearly outlined with the job title, company name, and period of employment. This structure is ATS-friendly and allows hiring managers to navigate your career path with ease.

3. Craft Targeted Accomplishments

Under each role, detail your accomplishments. For instance, specific achievements like ‘resulting in a 20% increase in positive feedback scores' directly demonstrate your success in enhancing guest satisfaction, a key requirement for the role.

4. Quantify Your Impact

Quantifying achievements makes your accomplishments more tangible. Use percentages, numbers, and other metrics to highlight your effectiveness in previous positions, such as improving operational efficiency or increasing revenue.

5. Maintain Relevance

Keep your focus razor-sharp. Only include details that apply to the Rooms Division Manager role. Irrelevant accomplishments, however impressive, can distract from your fit for the position at hand.


Your Experience section is the backbone of your CV. Crafting it with precision to reflect your suitability for the Rooms Division Manager role is key. Emphasize accomplishments that align with the job description and remember, tailored experiences are your beacon to the hiring manager, guiding them to see your potential value to their team.


In the competitive field of hospitality, your educational background can distinguish you from other candidates. It's more than just a degree; it's proof of your foundational knowledge and dedication to the profession. Let's tailor this section to highlight how your education aligns with the Rooms Division Manager position you desire.

Bachelor's degree, Hospitality Management
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

1. Identify the Required Education Level

The job description calls for a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management or a related field. Ensure your degree is front and center. This not only checks a vital requirement box but also demonstrates your preparedness for the role.

2. Adopt a Clear Structure

Organize this section in a simple, ATS-friendly format, listing the degree, field of study, and institution, followed by your graduation date. Clarity in this section allows for quick scanning by both hiring managers and ATS systems.

3. Align Your Degree with Job Expectations

If your degree directly matches the job listing (e.g., Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management), make sure it is prominently featured. This direct alignment with the job requirements strengthens your candidacy.

4. Mention Relevant Courses or Achievements

Though not always necessary for seasoned professionals, highlighting specific courses or achievements related to hospitality management could bolster the credentials of those early in their careers or those seeking to demonstrate specialized knowledge.

5. Include Other Educational Highpoints

If you have graduated with honors, participated in relevant extracurricular activities, or completed significant projects aligned with the Rooms Division Manager role, including these details can further illustrate your qualifications and commitment.


Your education section does more than list degrees; it underlines your foundational expertise and commitment to the hospitality field. Craft it to reflect a solid base upon which you've built a career poised for the Rooms Division Manager role. With strategic detailing, let it reinforce your position as a knowledgeable and prepared candidate.

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In the ever-evolving hospitality industry, having up-to-date certifications can set you apart. These certifications are badges of honor, showcasing your dedication to professional growth and expertise. Let's strategically select and present certificates that resonate with the Rooms Division Manager role.

Certified Rooms Division Executive (CRDE)
American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI)
2018 - Present
Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS)
American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI)
2017 - Present

1. Reflect on Relevant Certifications

Though the job description might not list specific certifications, including relevant ones like the Certified Rooms Division Executive (CRDE) or Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS), underscores your commitment to the hospitality profession and your desire to stay at the forefront of industry standards.

2. Select Pertinent Certificates

Prioritize listing certifications that align closely with rooms division management. This shows prospective employers that you have not only the necessary experience but also the validated skills that can contribute immediately to their objectives.

3. Include Validity Dates

For certifications that have validity periods, ensure you include the date of acquisition and, if applicable, the expiry. It reassures hiring managers of your current expertise and commitment to maintaining professional standards.

4. Stay Currrent

The hospitality industry thrives on innovation and excellence. Regularly updating your certifications and seeking new learning opportunities signals your enthusiasm for growth and adaptation, key qualities for a Rooms Division Manager.


Certifications are your arsenal for proving your dedication and up-to-date knowledge in the hospitality industry. Selectively showcasing relevant certifications in your CV can elevate your application, signaling to potential employers that you are a lifelong learner committed to excelling in the Rooms Division Manager role.


The Skills section of your CV is a concierge desk of your professional capabilities, showcasing both your technical expertise and your impeccable soft skills. Tailoring this section to the Rooms Division Manager role means spotlighting the skills that make you an exceptional leader and hospitality professional.

Leadership Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS)
Revenue Management
Inventory Management

1. Unpack the Job Description for Skills

Examine the job description closely, identifying both explicit and implicit skills required. For the Rooms Division Manager role, leadership, communication, and expertise in hotel property management systems are key. Ensure these are prominently featured in your skills section.

2. Highlight Synergistic Skills

Make a direct connection between your skills and the job's demands. For instance, if the job highlights the need for ‘exceptional communication and interpersonal skills,' ensure these are not just listed but represented as areas of strength in your CV.

3. Organize for Impact

Prioritize your skills based on their relevance to the job at hand. A neat, organized skills section allows hiring managers to quickly gauge your fit for the role. Consider using an ATS-friendly CV format from Wozber to ensure readability for both human and machine.


Your skills section is a showcase of your professional toolkit. Approach its crafting with an eye towards the specific demands of the Rooms Division Manager position. Remember, every skill you list is an element of your professional narrative, demonstrating your readiness to excel in this role.


The hospitality industry is inherently global, making the ability to communicate across languages a highly sought-after skill. Your CV's languages section is an opportunity to highlight your linguistic capabilities, signaling your versatility and readiness to cater to a diverse clientele.


1. Analyze Language Needs

Start by identifying if the job posting specifies any language requirements. For the Rooms Division Manager position, strong English language competence is a must. Ensuring ‘English: Native' is at the top of your languages section directly aligns with this prerequisite.

2. Prioritize Essential Languages

Listing languages in order of relevance to the job ensures that the most critical language skills are immediately visible. For a position in New York, showcasing any additional languages like Spanish or Mandarin can be an asset, reflecting your capability to engage with a broad spectrum of guests.

3. Accurately Describe Your Proficiency

Being clear about your language proficiency levels is critical. It's important to match your self-assessment to the job's needs, ensuring you can confidently handle guest interactions or team communications in those languages.

4. Consider the Role's Global Reach

For a Rooms Division Manager, the ability to communicate effectively with international guests and staff members is invaluable. Even if not expressly stated, mentioning additional languages speaks volumes about your ability to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment.

5. Reflect on the Role's Requirements

While focusing on the languages, it's crucial to revisit the job's core requirements. Tailoring your language proficiencies to both the explicit and the nuanced needs of the role can subtly but powerfully underscore your fitness for the role.


In the global arena of hospitality, linguistic flexibility is a gleaming asset. Your ability to communicate in multiple languages not only showcases your respect for diversity but also amplifies your effectiveness in a Rooms Division Manager role. Let your CV reflect this valuable skill set with clarity and pride.


The summary section is your elevator pitch, an enticing aroma drifting from the hotel kitchen, inviting potential employers to discover more about you. Tailoring this section to the Rooms Division Manager position means refining it to encapsulate your professional essence while aligning sharply with the job requirements.

Rooms Division Manager with over 7 years in the hospitality industry. Proven track record of overseeing front desk, housekeeping, and reservations departments, while achieving high guest satisfaction scores and operational efficiencies. Expertise in leveraging hotel property management systems and driving revenue growth through effective inventory and pricing strategies.

1. Digest the Job's Essence

Start by thoroughly understanding the job description. Internalize its requirements and how they align with your skills and experiences. Your summary should reflect a deep comprehension of what it takes to be a successful Rooms Division Manager.

2. Introduce Yourself Professionally

Lead with a strong opening line that positions you as a seasoned professional in the hospitality sector, specifically within the realm of Rooms Division Management. Highlighting your years of experience and your role-specific expertise sets the tone for your CV.

3. Showcase Relevant Achievements

Pinpoint a few key achievements that align with the Rooms Division Manager's responsibilities. Referencing specific outcomes, like improving guest satisfaction scores or otimizing operational efficiency, directly speaks to your potential value to the employer.

4. Keep It Concise Yet Powerful

The magic of a compelling summary lies in its brevity and impact. Aim for 3-5 persuasive lines that draw the reader in, enticing them to delve deeper into the narrative of your professional journey. Your goal is to pique interest and compel further exploration.


The summary is your CV's handshake, the opening note in the symphony of your professional story. Tailor it to echo the key notes of the Rooms Division Manager role, showcasing your expertise and readiness to elevate the guest experience to new heights. Let this section invite the hiring manager to engage with your CV, sparking interest and setting the stage for what's to come.

Launching Your Rooms Division Manager Journey

Congratulations, you've now navigated through the art of crafting a CV tailored for a Rooms Division Manager position. With each section finely honed to reflect the specific demands of the role, your CV is ready to make a remarkable impression. Remember, this document is more than words on paper; it's a vibrant narrative of your professional identity. Armed with your newly crafted CV and the comprehensive tools provided by the Wozber free CV builder, including ATS-friendly CV templates and an ATS CV scanner, you're well-equipped to embark on your next career adventure.

The doors to the hospitality world are wide open, waiting for your expertise and leadership. Here's to unlocking the finest opportunities and charting a course towards your dream Rooms Division Manager role!

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Rooms Division Manager CV Example
Rooms Division Manager @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management or related field.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in hotel operations, with at least 2 years in a managerial role within the rooms division.
  • Proven leadership skills with the ability to motivate and foster a team-oriented environment.
  • Demonstrated expertise in using hotel property management systems (PMS) and related software applications.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills to effectively interact with guests, staff, and management at all levels.
  • Must demonstrate strong English language competence.
  • Must be located in New York, New York.
  • Oversee the daily operations of the front desk, housekeeping, and reservations departments to ensure guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • Develop and implement departmental policies, procedures, and service standards, in line with the hotel's overall objectives.
  • Monitor and manage room inventory, yield, and pricing strategies to maximize revenue and occupancy.
  • Train, mentor, and evaluate departmental staff, ensuring they provide the highest level of service and adhere to established standards.
  • Handle guest concerns and resolve any issues, ensuring a positive guest experience throughout their stay.
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