A Smarter Way to Build a CV with the AI-Powered Job Ad Analysis

A Smarter Way to Build a CV with the AI-Powered Job Ad Analysis

Companies hire new staff to fill specific needs. The problem is, too many people often apply for the same position, many without the required skills or experience. Others may have the skills and experience, but their CVs do not reflect the fact.

Due to the overwhelming number of job applications recruiters receive, companies have started using a type of software to make a hiring process easier – an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

The ATS compares the skills and keywords indicated by the employer in the job ad to the skills and phrases found in the CV. Then it ranks each candidate based on the calculated relevance.

The problem for a job seeker is that most irrelevant CVs are rejected without even a glance from an actual human being. An HR manager examines only those CVs to which the ATS assigns the highest relevance scores.

What is most alarming is that 75% of medium to large companies in Europe and the USA are using such software – as a result, making job seekers lives super hard.

Wozber to the rescue

We want you to be successful in the modern age of recruiting. And so, we're introducing the Job Ad Analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can instantly show you which keywords you need to use in your CV and cover letter to achieve a higher relevance. Look at it as a reverse-engineered ATS dedicated for your personal use.

Example of Job analysis done by Wozber
A job ad processed by Wozber Job Ad Analysis

By simply copying the job ad requirements into Wozber, you will find out hard skills, soft skills, and languages the company is searching for.

Example of Job analysis done by Wozber
CV keywords' usage statistics

And by using those keywords in your job application, you will always know how relevant your content is:

Example of Job analysis done by Wozber
Relevance Score as shown in Wozber CV builder

Wozber will automatically calculate Your Relevance by considering which keywords in the job ad are the most relevant, and where they appear and how many times they appear in your CV and cover letter.

This is just the beginning

We will keep improving the AI algorithms that power our Job Ad Analysis behind the scenes to bring you even more insights into what employers want from a candidate. Try out the service here.

Stay tuned. Exciting times to be a job seeker!

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Tomas Slavinskas
Tomas Slavinskas
Founder and CEO of Wozber
From starting with zero landed job interviews to increasing my success rate up to 80%, I found the answers of what makes a job search successful. That experience ultimately led me to dedicate myself to guiding job seekers through their journeys, empowering them with the tools and knowledge required to reach more exciting job opportunities.

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