Build Your CV on the Go

Build Your CV on the Go

Not that long ago, we were focusing on building Wozber only for desktop users, following the fact that the majority of job seekers come to Wozber using a computer.

Nonetheless, we knew the day would come for us to make a mobile version since an increasing number of users are sharing Wozber with their friends on social media, naturally developing a requirement for mobile.

Even though writing a CV is best on a traditional setup with keyboard and computer display, there are times when you don't have access to any of that and yet need to start writing a new Wozber CV or make some edits to your existing one.

We wanted to deliver a great experience no matter the channel or device a job seeker is using, so we took the time to design and develop support for modern touch devices.

Wozber on mobile
Wozber on mobile

It's our first iteration, so we expect some corner cases will need to be solved, and for that, we're actively listening for feedback. Please don't hesitate to write us a short message if there's anything you'd like to be improved.

Every moment counts

Wozber brings the best CV writing experience even closer to you. Build your CV whenever you feel inspired, with whatever device is at hand.

Tomas Slavinskas
Tomas Slavinskas
Founder and CEO of Wozber
From starting with zero landed job interviews to increasing my success rate up to 80%, I found the answers of what makes a job search successful. That experience ultimately led me to dedicate myself to guiding job seekers through their journeys, empowering them with the tools and knowledge required to reach more exciting job opportunities.

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