Recruitment Manager CV Example

Hunting top talent, but your CV lacks appeal? Dive into this Recruitment Manager CV example, pieced together with Wozber free CV builder. Grasp how to align your sourcing skills with job requirements, ensuring your career prospects aren't left in the "Not a fit" pile!

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Recruitment Manager CV Example
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How to write a Recruitment Manager CV?

Greetings, aspiring Recruitment Manager! In your quest to secure that coveted position, your CV isn't just a piece of paper; it's your golden ticket. As the recruitment field thrives on identifying top talents, your CV must mirror these capabilities. Fear not, for Wozber is here to guide you, blending industry-leading techniques with our free CV builder, ensuring your CV is not only ATS-compliant but a compelling narrative of your professional journey.

Let's elevate your CV game and ensure it's precisely sculpted for your dream Recruitment Manager role. Prepare for a transformation that makes your CV outshine the competition!

Personal Details

Every detail counts in your CV's Personal Details section, especially when curating it for a Recruitment Manager position. This section sets the professional tone, providing recruiters a glimpse into your attention to detail and organisational skills.

Sally Littel
Recruitment Manager
(555) 123-4567
New York City, NY

1. Brand Yourself with Your Name

Your name is more than identification; it represents your personal brand. Ensure it's prominently placed at the top, commanding attention while maintaining a professional aesthetic. This is where you remind hiring managers that they're about to read about a standout candidate.

2. Match Your Job Title

Directly beneath your name, include the job title you're aiming for, in this case, 'Recruitment Manager.' This creates immediate relevance, showing you're not just a fit but focused and informed.

3. Essential Contact Details

Include a professional email and your most reliable phone number. Remember, first impressions count, and a professional email format (firstname.lastname@email.com) sets the right tone. This is no place for 'partyguy88@email.com'.

4. Signal Your Location

By confirming your location as 'New York City, NY,' you're ticking a crucial box for the employer. This small detail resonates with the 'must be located in or willing to relocate to New York City, NY' requirement, removing any doubts about potential relocation concerns.

5. Digital Presence

Linking your LinkedIn profile or a professional website offers a deeper insight into your career achievements. Ensure they are scrubbed for professionalism, as they now serve as extensions of your CV. This adds depth to your application, letting recruiters dive into your professional world.


Your Personal Details section isn't just routine information; it's your professional introduction, setting the stage for your CV. With these critical components tailored for a Recruitment Manager's role, you're well on delivering a polished and purposeful first impression.

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The Experience section is the backbone of your CV, especially for a Recruitment Manager position. Here, you'll showcase not just where you've been, but how you've shined. Let's mold this section to reflect your recruitment prowess, directly tying your achievements to the role's requirements.

Recruitment Manager
01/2018 - Present
ABC Corp
  • Developed and managed the recruitment strategy, resulting in a consistent and efficient hiring process across the organisation.
  • Successfully led, mentored, and managed a team of 10 recruiters, achieving 95% of KPIs and exceeding recruitment goals by 20% in the last fiscal year.
  • Established and maintained strategic relationships with 15+ recruitment agencies, job boards, and other hiring resources, expanding talent pool by 30%.
  • Reviewed and approved over 500+ job descriptions, ensuring they accurately aligned with the organisation's needs and attracting top talent.
  • Analyzed recruitment metrics and presented monthly reports highlighting a 15% increase in effectiveness and provided actionable insights to senior management.
Senior Recruiter
06/2015 - 12/2017
XYZ Tech
  • Played a key role in developing the company's recruitment strategy, which contributed to a 25% reduction in time‑to‑fill positions.
  • Managed end‑to‑end recruitment processes for 200+ positions per year, maintaining a candidate satisfaction rate of 95%.
  • Collaborated with department heads to understand their specific talent needs, resulting in a 20% improvement in quality of hire.
  • Utilized advanced ATS and HRIS systems to streamline the recruitment workflow, improving team productivity by 30%.
  • Organized and facilitated 30+ recruitment events, increasing employer brand visibility and attracting top‑tier candidates.

1. Dissect Job Specs

Firstly, break down the job description, pinpointing necessary experiences. For a Recruitment Manager, understanding and experience with ATS and HRIS systems, leadership in recruitment strategy, and a strong track record in enhancing recruitment processes are indispensable.

2. Role Structuring

Present your experience in a clean, chronological order, starting with your most recent role. This order not only highlights your career trajectory but also aligns with how hiring managers and ATS scan CVs.

3. Concrete Accomplishments

Frame your achievements to mirror the job description. For instance, 'Successfully led, mentored, and managed a team of 10 recruiters, achieving 95% of KPIs.' This not only highlights your leadership skills but directly correlates with the requirement to manage and lead a team.

4. Quantify Success

Quantifiable achievements grab attention. If you've expanded the talent pool by 30% or enhanced recruitment effectiveness by 15%, these numbers offer tangible proof of your contributions, demonstrating your impact in previous roles.

5. Relevance is Key

Stay laser-focused on experiences that resonate with the Recruitment Manager role. This means prioritizing your achievements in recruitment strategy over unrelated accomplishments, ensuring every bullet point advances your candidacy.


Your experience doesn't just list past jobs; it narrates your journey to becoming the ideal candidate for the Recruitment Manager position. By strategically curating this section, you're assured that your CV not only satisfies but surpasses recruiter expectations. It's time to let your professional achievements do the talking.


Crafting your education section with precision can substantially augment your CV. For a Recruitment Manager role, this part underlines your foundational knowledge and dedication to your field.

Bachelor of Science, Human Resources & Business Management
Harvard University

1. Highlight Required Education

Since a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources or a related field is a prerequisite, showcase your relevant degree upfront. This immediately verifies that you meet the educational requirements, clearing any doubts right off the bat.

2. Structure for Clarity

Maintain a straightforward structure: Degree Title, Field of Study, University, Graduation Date. This clear format ensures easy scanning for hiring managers or ATS, allowing them to quickly confirm your qualifications.

3. Degree Specificity

If the job demands a specific degree, like our example requesting a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, ensure it's precisely listed. This direct match reinforces your CV's relevance to the job requirements.

4. Course Relevance

While our example didn't necessitate it, for those at career inception or when applying for specialized roles, itemizing relevant courses or projects can bolster your credentials, especially when direct experience might be leaner.

5. Additional Accolades

Though it's more significant at the entry-level, do not hesitate to mention cum laude honors or relevant extracurricular involvements that can enrich your profile, signifying a well-rounded candidate.


Your education section does more than tick a box; it exemplifies your preparedness and foundational knowledge for the Recruitment Manager role. By meticulously aligning it with the job's requirements, you elevate your CV from good to exceptional.

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In the Recruitment Manager realm, certifications can spotlight your ongoing commitment to your professional development. Let's ensure your certificates section adds significant weight to your candidature.

Certified Professional in Talent Acquisition (CPTA)
Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
2019 - Present

1. Pinpoint Priorities

Identify certifications that resonate with the job specifications. Our job description prefers CPTA or similar HR certifications, elevating their importance on your CV.

2. Selective Showcase

Remember, quality trumps quantity. Highlighting your Certified Professional in Talent Acquisition (CPTA) certification directly aligns with the job preference, showcasing your specialized expertise.

3. Date Transparency

Adding the acquisition or expiry dates of your certificates, as done with the CPTA certification (2019 - Present), assures recruiters of your qualifications' currency.

4. Continuous Learning

The evolving landscape of recruitment demands ongoing learning. Regularly updating and acquiring new certifications not only keeps you competitive but demonstrates your dedication to professional growth.


Certificates are more than accolades; they're proof of your commitment to excellence in the talent acquisition field. By showcasing relevant certifications, you reassure hiring managers of your proficiency and dedication to the ever-evolving demands of recruitment.


Your skills section is the quick snapshot of your capability toolkit. For a Recruitment Manager position, crafting this section thoughtfully can significantly amplify your CV's impact.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
Communication Skills
Stakeholder Management
Interviewing Techniques
Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
Talent Acquisition Strategies
Talent Pipelining
Employee Onboarding

1. Decode the Essentials

Comb through the job description to distill both explicit and implicit skills required for the role. Skills like proficiency in ATS and HRIS, interpersonal communication, and talent acquisition strategies are paramount.

2. Tailored Listing

Enumerate skills that have a direct bearing on the Recruitment Manager position. Prioritize those mentioned in the job posting, ensuring your CV speaks directly to the employer's needs.

3. Organized Presentation

Resist the urge to overcrowd this section. Present a crisp, organized list of skills that showcases your mastery in a way that immediately catches the recruiter's eye, making it impossible to overlook your fit for the role.


Consider your skills section as a concise exhibit of your professional prowess. By carefully tailoring this part of your CV, you're not just listing competencies; you're emphatically stating why you're an excellent fit for the Recruitment Manager role. Let each skill listed be a stepping stone to securing your place in the shortlist.


In the globalized world of recruitment, linguistic abilities can significantly enhance your professional appeal. Crafting your languages section with strategic thought can add an invaluable dimension to your candidature.


1. Primary Requirements

Firstly, confirm the job's language requirements. For our Recruitment Manager role, effective communication in English is a must. Highlighting your 'Native' proficiency in English upfront caters directly to this prerequisite.

2. Additional Languages

While the focus is on English, indicating fluency in other languages, like Spanish, demonstrates your ability to operate in a diverse, multicultural environment, potentially giving you an edge in global recruitment scenarios.

3. Accurate Proficiency Levels

Be honest and precise about your proficiency levels. This transparency helps set realistic expectations and showcases your integrity—a crucial trait in the recruitment domain.

4. Reflecting on the Role

For roles emphasizing international recruitment or diversity inclusion, additional language skills can tremendously boost your candidacy. Even if it's a 'nice to have,' it subtly underscores your broader applicability.

5. The Global Perspective

Beyond ticking a requirement, each language you speak reflects an ability to bridge cultures and connect with diverse candidates. In recruitment, this capability can be an invaluable asset, positioning you as a resourceful and adaptable professional.


Languages are more than communication tools; they're pathways to establishing deeper connections. Your multilingual skills reflect a readiness to engage with the global talent pool, distinguishing you as a forward-thinking, versatile Recruitment Manager candidate.


The summary section is your CV's headline act, gripping potential employers with a vivid picture of your professional identity. For a Recruitment Manager role, this section must be articulated with precision to echo your career narrative effectively.

Recruitment Manager with over 8 years of proven expertise in developing recruitment strategies, leading high-performance teams, and establishing key relationships with top talent sources. Known for streamlining the hiring process, exceeding recruitment goals, and leveraging technology to optimise talent acquisition functions. A dedicated professional committed to achieving organisational objectives through effective talent management.

1. Grasp the Role's Core

Begin by internalizing the essence of the job. Understand what makes a successful Recruitment Manager – strategic thinking, leadership, proficiency in recruitment technologies, and a stellar track record.

2. The Opening Move

Introduce yourself with a punchy statement that encapsulates your professional persona. For instance, positioning yourself as a 'Recruitment Manager with over 8 years of proven expertise' instantly establishes your experience and focus.

3. Echoing Job Must-Haves

Pivot to aligning your capabilities with the job's requirements. Highlighting your successes in developing recruitment strategies, leading teams, and leveraging technology for talent acquisition speaks directly to the heart of what employers are seeking.

4. Brevity and Impact

Keep it concise yet powerful. Your summary should be a tantalizing preview, enticing hiring managers to delve deeper into your CV. It's about striking a balance between showcasing your strengths and keeping them wanting more.


Consider your summary as the pitch that sets the stage for your narrative. It's where you make a compelling case for why you're the ideal match for the Recruitment Manager role. A well-crafted summary not only captivates but also seamlessly guides the recruiter through your professional journey, leaving a lasting impression.

Launching Your Recruitment Manager Journey

Armed with a detailed roadmap and Wozber at your side, you're now equipped to craft a CV that's not just ATS-compliant but a powerful testament to your candidacy. Dive into your CV creation with confidence, showcasing your unique offering to the world of recruitment. Remember, your journey to becoming a Recruitment Manager starts with a compelling CV. Let Wozber's free CV builder, encompassing ATS-friendly CV templates and optimisation tools, be your ally.

The path ahead is clear; your dream job awaits. Let's make your CV the key to unlocking it!

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Recruitment Manager CV Example
Recruitment Manager @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Human Resources or related field.
  • Minimum of 5 years of recruitment experience, with at least 2 years in a managerial capacity.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to effectively work with diverse candidate profiles and internal stakeholders.
  • Certified Professional in Talent Acquisition (CPTA) or other relevant HR certifications preferred.
  • Ability to effectively communicate in English is a prerequisite.
  • Must be located in or willing to relocate to New York City, NY.
  • Develop and manage the recruitment strategy, ensuring a consistent and efficient hiring process across the organization.
  • Lead, mentor, and manage a team of recruiters, ensuring the achievement of KPIs and recruitment goals.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with recruitment agencies, job boards, and other hiring resources.
  • Review and approve job descriptions, conduct interviews, and provide guidance in recruitment decision-making processes.
  • Analyze recruitment metrics and present reports on recruitment activity, effectiveness, and challenges to senior management.
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