Orthodontist CV Example

Aligning smiles, but your CV feels crooked? Check out this Orthodontist CV example, straightened with Wozber free CV builder. Grasp how easily you can position your dental expertise to fit the job criteria, ensuring your career trajectory remains as on-point as those perfectly positioned incisors!

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Orthodontist CV Example
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How to write an Orthodontist CV?

Hello, aspiring Orthodontist! In the highly specialized and competitive field of orthodontics, your CV isn't just a document—it's a pivotal platform showcasing your expertise and enthusiasm for creating beautiful, healthy smiles. Using Wozber's free CV builder, this guide will help you navigate the nuances of crafting an ATS-compliant CV that aligns perfectly with your desired role. Let's sculpt your CV into a compelling narrative that perfectly positions your skills and experience, propelling you towards your next career milestone in orthodontics!

Personal Details

The very first section of your CV might just be about ticking boxes with your personal details, but think of it as your first impression in the dental world. Let's tailor this section for an Orthodontist application, ensuring every detail from your name to your location sings in harmony with the job description provided.

Amy Schneider
(555) 789-1234
Los Angeles, California

1. Name Showcase

Your name isn't just an identifier; it's your brand label in the professional world. Position it prominently at the top with a clear and noticeable font. Think of it as the headline on your CV, so make sure it stands out.

2. Professional Stature

The job title layers an extra coating of professionalism on your CV. Placing "Orthodontist" directly under your name perfectly primes hiring managers on what to expect, firmly establishing your professional identity.

3. Essential Contact Info

"PhoneNumber" and "Email": These staples of communication must be error-free and professional. Opt for an email address that's straightforward, using a combination of your first and last name to keep it polished and easy to remember.

4. Plug Into Locality

Since the job emphasizes the need for a candidate located in "Los Angeles, California", make sure your contact details shout out this requirement loud and clear. This small detail immediately positions you as a hassle-free option for the hiring managers.

5. Online Presence

A professional profile or personal website, like your LinkedIn or an online portfolio, only if relevant, adds depth to your CV. Ensure it's scrupulously updated and echoes the professionalism of your CV.


Your personal details section is more than administrative trivia; it's the first handshake with your potential employer. From your contact information to your professional title, every component must be pristine, professional, and perfectly aligned with the job you're applying for. This sets the tone for the rest of your CV. Let it exude confidence and professionalism, paving the way for a great first impression.

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Crafting a compelling experience section is your golden opportunity to showcase how your journey in orthodontics makes you the ideal candidate. Drawing inspiration from the provided job description, let's dive into framing your experience so that it mirrors the specific demands of your dream job in orthodontics.

01/2018 - Present
ABC Dental Group
  • Diagnosed, evaluated, and developed customized treatment plans for over 300+ patients with various jaw, skeletal, and dental malformations, achieving a 98% success rate.
  • Designed and implemented cutting‑edge orthodontic appliances, improving dental irregularities in 95% of the cases and enhancing overall patient satisfaction.
  • Successfully collaborated with a team of 15 general dentists and other dental specialists, ensuring seamless comprehensive patient care and a streamlined treatment outcome.
  • Introduced and integrated digital imaging technology, reducing diagnosis time by 40% and enhancing treatment precision.
  • Conducted over 500 follow‑up appointments, monitoring patient progress, making timely adjustments to treatment plans, and achieving an average patient rating of 4.8 out of 5 for overall experience.
Orthodontist Specialist
04/2015 - 12/2017
XYZ Dental Care
  • Delivered orthodontic services to a diverse clientele, treating over 250+ patients annually with different dental conditions.
  • Introduced new orthodontic techniques that increased clinic efficiency by 30%.
  • Mentored junior orthodontists, enhancing treatment efficacy and teamwork within the clinic.
  • Organized and led orthodontic seminars for both staff and patients, improving overall awareness and education about orthodontic procedures.
  • Strengthened patient referral network, resulting in a 20% increase in new patient appointments.

1. Job Requirement Alignment

Start by dissecting the job requirements. Make a direct correlation between your past roles and the responsibilities listed, such as "diagnosed, evaluated, and developed customized treatment plans" and "designed and implemented orthodontic appliances". This step is all about showcasing your proven track record in the required areas.

2. Presentation Framework

Organisation is key. Arrange your experiences from the most recent moving backwards. This not only shows progression but also ensures the hiring managers see your most relevant and advanced experiences first.

3. Accomplishments over Duties

Rather than listing daily tasks, focus on what you achieved—"Implemented cutting-edge orthodontic appliances, improving dental irregularities in 95% of cases." Quantifying your accomplishments with statistics or percentages adds credibility and demonstrates your impact clearly.

4. Quantify Where Possible

Facts and figures have power. Cataloging your impact with concrete numbers—whether it's patient satisfaction scores, percentages of improvement, or numbers of successful treatments—adds substance to your claims.

5. Relevance Reigns Supreme

While diverse experiences enrich your professional profile, prioritize relevancy to the Orthodontist role. This ensures your CV remains concentrated on the qualities the job demands, making it easier for hiring managers to envision you in the role.


The experience section is where you make your mark. Every bullet point should work to affirm your credentials and portray you as a significant contender for the role. View your experiences through the lens of the hiring manager, showcasing your expertise in orthodontics with clear, quantified examples. Customize, quantify, and remain confident in your accomplishments. You're not just applying; you're showing them why you are indispensable.


Even in its apparent simplicity, the education section holds substantial weight in demonstrating your foundational expertise in orthodontics. Let's refine this section, making sure it mirrors the credentials highlighted in the job description, and highlight how you can frame your academic background convincingly.

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), Dentistry
University of California, San Francisco

1. Clear Educational Requirements

The job explicitly requests a "Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)" or a "Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD)" degree. Ensuring your degree is front and center meets a crucial qualification off the bat and sets a solid foundation for your application.

2. Simplified Structure

Maintain clarity and brevity: list your degree, the field of study, the institution, and your graduation year. This straightforward structure helps hiring managers to quickly verify your qualifications against their criteria.

3. Degree Precision

Align your degree title directly with the job requirements. If the job seeks a "Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)", make sure it's listed exactly that way on your CV, rather than a broad or less specific term.

4. Course and Achievements Highlight

While your degree speaks volumes, don't miss an opportunity to shine a light on relevant coursework or academic achievements, especially those directly related to orthodontics or dental surgery, which underline your commitment and depth of knowledge in the field.

5. Education Beyond Degrees

In a field as dynamic as orthodontics, any additional training, seminars, or workshops you've attended that contribute to your expertise should be noted. This shows your commitment to staying abreast of the latest developments and techniques in orthodontic care.


The education section is where you establish your academic credibility and demonstrate your solid foundation in dentistry and orthodontics. Use this space to reinforce your qualifications and show that you not only meet but exceed the educational requirements for the role. Your educational journey is a testament to your commitment to excellence in orthodontics. Make it count.

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In a profession that values continuous learning and certification, the right credentials can set you apart. Let's align your certificate section with the benchmarks of excellence in the orthodontics field, spotlighting your dedication and expertise.

American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) Certification
American Association of Orthodontists (AAO)
2016 - Present

1. Identify Pertinent Certificates

Start with the certificates that most closely match the job's demands. If the job description mentions a preference for an "American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) Certification", make sure it is prominently displayed. This immediately signals your adherence to high professional standards.

2. Quality over Quantity

Focus on listing certifications that directly contribute to your proficiency and expertise as an Orthodontist. Quality trumps quantity, ensuring hiring managers notice your most relevant and impressive credentials first.

3. Date Relevance

Mentioning the acquisition dates, especially for ongoing or recently acquired certifications, is critical. This showcases your commitment to continued education and staying current with the latest practices in orthodontics.

4. Regular Updates and New Learning

The dental field evolves rapidly, necessitating continuous education and certification. Regularly updating your certificates and seeking new opportunities for learning underlines your dedication to excellence and adaptation in your practice.


Certificates are the badges of honor in your professional journey, showcasing your commitment to excellence and ongoing learning in orthodontics. Make this section a highlight reel of your most impactful and relevant certifications, proving your qualifications and dedication to both the craft and your patients.


The skills section is a concentrated display of your professional toolkit. Let's map out how the skills for the Orthodontist role were chosen to meet the job requirements and how to amplify each skill with the right mix of technical prowess and soft abilities specific to the dental profession.

Digital Imaging Technology
Team Collaboration
Dental Malformation Evaluation
Treatment Plan Development
Orthodontic Software (e.g., OrthoCAD)
Comprehensive Patient Care
Jaw Correction Techniques
Treatment Precision
Patient Education
Patient Referral Management
Clinic Efficiency Enhancement

1. Skillset Analysis

Begin by breaking down the job description to identify both the stated and implied skills required. Skills such as "Demonstrated proficiency in using orthodontic software and digital imaging technology" and "Collaborate with general dentists and other dental specialists" are cue points to highlight your matching abilities.

2. Skills Mapping

Draft a list of skills that mirrors those in the job description. Whether it's expertise in "Digital Imaging Technology" or proficiency in "Comprehensive Patient Care", make sure each skill outlined contributes to a vivid portrayal of you as the perfect candidate for the position.

3. Focused Listing

Avoid the temptation to overload this section with every skill in your repertoire. A neatly curated list that aligns with the job's requirements will do far more to impress than a lengthy compendium of every capacity you possess. Aim for precision over breadth.


Your skills section should single you out as a cut above the rest, demonstrating not only your technical finesse in orthodontics but also your aptitude in patient care and collaboration. Let each skill underscore your ability to exceed in the role, making a strong case for your selection. Sharpen this toolkit, and you'll be ready for any challenge the job throws your way.


In a city as diverse as Los Angeles, the ability to communicate in multiple languages can significantly enhance patient relationships and clinic reputation. Let's decode the ideal way to showcase your multilingual capabilities, turning them into a substantial asset for the Orthodontist role.


1. Requirement Review

First, ensure your CV clearly states your proficiency in "English" as it's listed as a requirement. Positioning this at the forefront of your language skills confirms your ability to meet one of the fundamental criteria of the job.

2. Primary Language Highlight

If English is your first language, label it as 'Native' to clarify your proficiency level. This minor detail plays a significant role in setting hiring managers' expectations about your communication skills.

3. Additional Languages

Showcasing other languages you're fluent in, like "Spanish", can make a significant difference, especially in a multicultural city. It speaks volumes about your ability to connect with a broader range of patients and contribute to a more inclusive practice environment.

4. Honesty in Proficiency

Be transparent about your level of proficiency. If you're not fluent, indicating 'Intermediate' or 'Basic' avoids miscommunication and sets realistic expectations about your capacity to engage with non-English speaking patients or colleagues.

5. Role Relevance

Even if the job description doesn't explicitly demand multilingual skills, showcasing your linguistic capabilities can provide a competitive edge, signaling an additional layer of value you bring to patient interactions and the broader clinic environment.


In a profession where empathy and clear communication are paramount, your ability to speak multiple languages can be a critical asset. Highlight your linguistic prowess with honesty and strategic placement in your CV, showcasing yourself as a versatile and culturally aware candidate. This not only adds depth to your professional profile but also aligns you more closely with the diverse landscapes of places like Los Angeles.


The summary is where you distill your professional essence into a concise, compelling narrative. Custom-tailored for the Orthodontist role, it sets the stage for the depth of expertise and passion you bring to the table. Let's refine your summary into an authentic reflection of your professional journey and aspirations.

Orthodontist with over 6 years of experience in diagnosing, evaluating, and treating a wide range of dental malformations. Renowned for designing and implementing advanced orthodontic appliances and collaborating with multidisciplinary dental teams. Passionate about integrating digital imaging technology for enhanced patient outcomes and contributing to the growth of the orthodontic community through mentorship and education.

1. Job Essence

Digest the job description to grasp the core expectations and values sought after. This understanding allows you to tailor your summary, ensuring it resonates deeply with what is most valued in your field.

2. Catchy Introduction

Start your summary with a striking statement about your profession and experience. 'Orthodontist with over 6 years of experience in diagnosing, evaluating, and treating a wide range of dental malformations' instantly captivates and situates your expertise.

3. Highlighting Your Expertise

Point out key skills and achievements that address the job's needs, like your proficiency in 'designing and implementing advanced orthodontic appliances' and how you contribute to 'enhancing overall patient satisfaction'. Offer glimpses of your impact in the role.

4. Conciseness

While your experiences and skills might be extensive, the summary demands brevity. Limit yourself to 3-5 potent lines that encapsulate your professional identity, striking a balance between informative and engaging.


Your summary is your elevator pitch; it's your chance to hook the hiring manager's interest from the get-go. By tailoring it meticulously to the job at hand, you signal that you're not just a candidate—you're the candidate. Reflect on your professional highlights, encapsulate your skills and experiences, and weave them into a brief yet impactful narrative.

Your Perfect Orthodontist CV

Congratulations on completing this comprehensive guide! With these insights, you're equipped to craft an orthodontist CV that doesn't just meet the requirements but vibrantly showcases your dedication to orthodontics. Using Wozber's free CV builder, including the ATS-friendly CV template and leveraging the precision of the ATS CV scanner, you have everything you need to start this journey. Your CV is more than just a document; it's the key that opens doors to new opportunities.

Fine-tune it, infuse it with your unique passion and precision, and let it be the foundation of your next big leap in your orthodontic career. The path ahead is bright. Shine on!

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Orthodontist CV Example
Orthodontist @ Your Dream Company
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) degree from an accredited institution.
  • Completion of a post-doctoral orthodontic residency program (2-3 years) from an accredited institution.
  • Valid state dental license and a specialist orthodontic license.
  • Certification by the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) preferred.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in using orthodontic software and digital imaging technology.
  • Proficient English language skills required.
  • Must be located in Los Angeles, California.
  • Diagnose, evaluate, and develop treatment plans for patients with jaw, skeletal, and dental malformations.
  • Design and implement orthodontic appliances to correct dental irregularities and achieve desired patient outcomes.
  • Conduct regular follow-up appointments to monitor patient progress and make necessary adjustments to treatment plans.
  • Collaborate with general dentists and other dental specialists to coordinate comprehensive patient care.
  • Stay updated with the latest orthodontic techniques, treatment options, and industry best practices.
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