Epidemiologist CV Example

Unraveling health mysteries, but your CV is feeling obscure? Delve into this Epidemiologist CV example, sequenced using Wozber free CV builder. Discover how to synthesize your disease-detecting expertise with job prerequisites, ensuring your career trajectory stays well-mapped within the realm of public health!

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Epidemiologist CV Example
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How to write an Epidemiologist CV?

Hello there, aspiring Epidemiologist! If you're on the brink of applying for your dream role in the world of public health and disease investigation, let's ensure your CV is not just a document but a statement of your professional journey and capability. With Wozber's free CV builder, this guide will walk you through crafting a CV that resonates with the specific demands of the Epidemiologist role you're eyeing. It's time to translate your expertise into a compelling, ATS-compliant CV narrative.

Ready? Let us embark on crafting a document that stands out in the competitive job market.

Personal Details

In the realm of Epidemiology, your CV's personal details section is akin to the opening chapter of a novel; it sets the stage for the narrative that follows. Let's delve into how you can ensure this section forms an immediate connection with the job you're applying for, making it clear that you are the candidate to watch.

Sylvia Wisoky
(555) 987-6543
Seattle, Washington

1. Lead with Your Name

Your name is the cornerstone of your personal brand. Use a clear font and larger typography to make it pop. This isn't just another applicant; this is YOU stepping into the spotlight.

2. Tailor with Precision

Directly below your name, align yourself with the Epidemiologist position you're pursuing. This subtle nod signals to the hiring manager that you see yourself in the role, fostering an immediate connection.

3. Essential Contact Info

  • Phone Number: Ensure this is your primary contact number. A typo here could mean a missed opportunity.
  • Professional Email Address: Your email should be simple and professional. firstname.lastname@email.com reflects a polished demeanor.

4. Specify Your Location

Since our target job indicates a preference for candidates either located in or willing to relocate to Seattle, Washington, including this detail can position you as a convenient choice for the role.

5. The Professional Web Presence

If you have a LinkedIn profile or a professional website showcasing your portfolio, include it. Ensure they're mirrors of your professional life, providing a deeper insight into your qualifications.


The Personal Details section introduces you not just as a candidate, but as the protagonist of your professional story. It's your first handshake with the hiring manager, make it count. With precision, alignment, and professional presentation, you're laying the groundwork for a compelling narrative.

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Your experience plays a critical role in illustrating your journey and excellence in the field of Epidemiology. Here's how to ensure this section effectively mirrors the requirements of the job, presenting you as the standout candidate.

Senior Epidemiologist
01/2017 - Present
ABC Health Center
  • Designed and implemented over 20 epidemiological studies, including clinical trials, observational studies, and outbreak investigations, enhancing the center's capacity to respond to public health crises.
  • Analyzed and interpreted complex surveillance and research data, leading to the identification of key health issues and 15 evidence‑based recommendations for public health action.
  • Championed interdisciplinary collaboration, resulting in the development of 5 innovative public health intervention programs.
  • Conducted 10 comprehensive risk assessments, influencing health policies and successfully mitigating potential health threats.
  • Mentored and trained 7 junior epidemiology staff, significantly improving department efficiency and productivity.
Epidemiology Research Associate
06/2014 - 12/2016
XYZ Institute
  • Supported the design and execution of 15 major epidemiological projects, strengthening the institute's research portfolio.
  • Enhanced data management practices, leading to a 20% reduction in data errors and ensuring more accurate findings.
  • Collaborated with a team of 10 researchers in the analysis and synthesis of research data, streamlining the process and saving an average of 15 hours per project.
  • Developed visual aids and graphics for research findings, facilitating the understanding of complex epidemiological concepts for both technical and non‑technical audiences.
  • Participated in annual international conferences, presenting 3 research papers and expanding the institute's network of collaborators.

1. Understanding the Job

First, dissect the job requirements. Highlighting critical aspects such as "Design and implement epidemiological studies" or "Analyze surveillance and research data" will guide you in aligning your experience.

2. Structuring with Precision

Layout your roles elegantly, starting with the most recent. This chronological storytelling emphasizes your growth and current capacities in Epidemiology.

3. Crafting Achievements

Flaunt your accomplishments, particularly those that resonate with the job requirements, like "Designed and implemented over 20 epidemiological studies". Quantify your achievements to lend them weight.

4. Quantify Your Impact

Use numbers to your advantage. Whether it's the number of studies you've led or the impact of an intervention you developed, tangible metrics offer concrete evidence of your contributions.

5. Stay Relevant

Focus only on experiences that reflect the requirements of your targeted Epidemiologist role. This keeps your CV focused and impactful, ensuring every word counts.


Each bullet point in your experience section is a golden opportunity to demonstrate your fit for the Epidemiologist role. It's about articulating not just what you've done, but how what you've done aligns perfectly with what the job entails. Tailor meticulously, quantify boldly, and let your professional journey shine through—with relevance, precision, and impact.


Your educational background in Epidemiology provides a solid foundation for your role as an Epidemiologist. Let's ensure this section is not merely listed but accentuated to reflect your fit for the role.

Doctor of Philosophy, Epidemiology
Johns Hopkins University
Master of Science, Epidemiology
Harvard University
Bachelor of Science, Biology
Yale University

1. Highlight Key Educational Credentials

Refer to the job's educational requirements and ensure your highest relevant degree is front and center. For instance, a "Doctor of Philosophy in Epidemiology" showcases your deep commitment and expertise in the field.

2. Structure Elegantly

Maintain clarity with a simple and concise listing of your academic credentials, adhering to the format of degree, field, institution, and graduation date.

3. Tailor Degree Details

Directly listing your degree titles as specified in the job's educational requirements, such as "Master of Science in Epidemiology", demonstrates perfect alignment with what the employer is seeking.

4. Relevant Courses and Projects

Though your degrees speak volumes, highlighting pertinent courses or projects can further underscore your specialization and readiness for the Epidemiologist role.

5. Other Educational Achievements

While focusing on the most relevant educational qualifications, don't shy away from mentioning honors, clubs, or activities that reflect your passion and commitment to public health and epidemiology.


Your education is a testament to your preparation for the Epidemiologist role. By clearly aligning your educational history with the job's requirements, you position yourself as not just a qualified candidate, but as the ideal fit. Let your educational achievements showcase the depth of your knowledge and your dedication to the field.

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In the field of Epidemiology, certifications can significantly bolster your CV, showcasing your continuous learning and expertise. Here's how to smartly include them, ensuring they resonate with your target job's requisites.

Certified Epidemiologist (CSTE)
Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE)
2016 - Present
Certified Public Health Professional (CPHP)
National Board of Public Health Examiners (NBPHE)
2017 - Present

1. Identify Relevant Certifications

Pinpoint certifications mentioned in the job description, such as "Active certification in Epidemiology from CSTE". Featuring this prominently on your CV immediately checks a crucial requirement box for the hiring manager.

2. Curate Your Certifications

It's tempting to list every certification you've earned. However, prioritize those that are most relevant and impactful for the Epidemiologist role, ensuring a focused and potent presentation.

3. Transparency with Dates

Dating your certifications, especially for ones with recertification requirements, signals to employers that your knowledge is current and up-to-date.

4. Continuous Learning

Epidemiology evolves, and so should you. Regularly seek out and list new certifications that enhance your expertise and signify your ongoing commitment to remaining at the forefront of your field.


Your certifications are a clear indicator of your dedication and proficiency in the ever-evolving field of Epidemiology. By aligning them with the job requirements, you not only tick essential boxes but also affirm your commitment to excellence and continuous growth. Keep learning, keep certifying, and let these badges of honor shine on your CV.


The skills section of your CV is a compact display of your professional capabilities. Let's walk through identifying and listing the skills that can position you as a strong candidate for the Epidemiologist role.

Applied Epidemiology
Analytical Skills
Data Interpretation
Public Health Intervention Design

1. Decipher the Job's Skill Requirements

Scrutinize the job description for both stated and implied skills. For instance, "strong analytical skills" and "proficiency in statistical software" are direct cues on what to include.

2. Highlight Skills with Precision

Focus on listing skills that align directly with the job's needs. By showcasing expertise in tools like Stata, R, or SAS, you're directly answering the employer's requirement for proficiency in statistical software.

3. Prioritize for Impact

While you might have a broad skill set, prioritize those that are most relevant to the role of an Epidemiologist. This ensures your CV remains focused and speaks directly to the job at hand.


Your skill set is a reflection of your professional toolkit. By strategically aligning it with the job's requirements, you're not just claiming you're a good fit; you're proving it. Each skill you list should be a testament to your readiness and suitability for the role. Approach this section as a focused showcase of your capabilities, aiming directly at the heart of what the employer is seeking.


In an interconnected world, your ability to communicate in multiple languages can be a strong asset, especially in global or community-focused fields like Epidemiology. Here's how to effectively present your linguistic abilities in alignment with your target job.


1. Assess Job Language Requirements

First, sift through the job posting for any language preferences or requirements. Proficiency in English was a must for our targeted role, so leading with this is paramount.

2. Primary Language at the Forefront

Clearly mark your native language or the language in which you are most proficient. This sets the stage for showcasing your ability to communicate effectively in the primary language of the role.

3. Showcase Additional Linguistic Skills

Additional languages can underscore your adaptability and potential for community outreach. List these languages with an honest assessment of your proficiency, whether fluent, intermediate, or basic.

4. Honesty in Proficiency

Be transparent about your language skill levels. This honesty ensures realistic expectations and demonstrates integrity in your application.

5. Consider the Role's Global Impact

For roles with a broader impact or interaction with diverse communities, additional language skills can be a significant advantage, showcasing your ability to navigate a multicultural landscape effectively.


Your linguistic capabilities extend the reach of your professional influence, breaking barriers and facilitating wider communication. Regardless of proficiency level, each language you speak adds a layer of versatility to your profile. Present them proudly on your CV, and view them as both personal achievements and professional assets in the expanding field of Epidemiology.


A compelling summary at the top of your CV offers a snapshot of your professional identity. It's your opportunity to encapsulate your qualifications, experiences, and suitability for the Epidemiologist role in a few impactful sentences.

Epidemiologist with over 6 years of expertise in applied Epidemiology, research, and public health. Known for designing and executing impactful epidemiological studies, providing evidence-based recommendations, and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. Proven ability to mentor junior staff and communicate complex findings effectively to diverse audiences.

1. Insight into the Job's Core

First, immerse yourself in the essence of the job description. Understand what the employer values most and how your career trajectory aligns with these aspects.

2. Start with a Strong Introduction

Begin by stating your professional title and years of experience, setting the tone for your expertise. For instance, "Epidemiologist with over 6 years of expertise in applied Epidemiology, research, and public health" immediately conveys your relevance.

3. Highlight Your Unique Contributions

Briefly touch on your core skills and significant achievements, prioritizing those that directly align with the job requirements, such as "designing and executing impactful epidemiological studies."

4. Conciseness is Key

Remember, the summary is a teaser designed to intrigue and invite further reading. Keep it succinct, aiming for 3-5 sentences that convey your qualifications and enthusiasm for the position.


Your summary is your billboard. It's where you assert your credibility and stoke interest. Tailoring this section to resonate with the job's essence is crucial. You're not just a candidate; you're the solution to their search for an Epidemiologist. Craft it to leave a lasting impression and invite deeper exploration of your professional narrative.

Ready to Tackle Your Epidemiologist Journey

Congratulations, you are now equipped to draft an ATS-compliant CV that doesn't just align with the Epidemiologist role you're aspiring towards but speaks directly to the heart of what hiring managers are seeking. Remember, your CV is a living document—refine it, personalize it with Wozber's free CV builder, including its ATS-friendly CV templates and ATS CV scanner for optimum keyword optimisation. It's your story of professional excellence, ready to capture the attention of your future employer.

Dive into Wozber, tailor your narrative, and step confidently into your next chapter in the world of Epidemiology. Your expertise is needed, and now, you're ready to make your mark.

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Epidemiologist CV Example
Epidemiologist @ Your Dream Company
  • Master's or doctoral degree in Epidemiology or related field.
  • Minimum of 3 years of professional experience in applied Epidemiology, preferably in a public health setting.
  • Proficiency in statistical software such as Stata, R, or SAS.
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to communicate complex findings to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Active certification in Epidemiology from the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) or another nationally recognized certifying body.
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in English.
  • Must be located in or willing to relocate to Seattle, Washington.
  • Design and implement epidemiological studies, including clinical trials, observational studies, and outbreak investigations.
  • Analyze surveillance and research data, and interpret findings to inform public health action.
  • Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to develop and improve public health intervention programs.
  • Conduct risk assessments and provide evidence-based recommendations to mitigate health threats.
  • Participate in the training and mentorship of junior epidemiology staff, and contribute to the overall growth of the department.
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