Counter Server CV Example

Juggling orders, but feel out of service on your CV? Dive into this Counter Server CV example, pieced together with Wozber free CV builder. Learn how you can display your quick-service prowess to align with the job's tastes and make your career order always on the go!

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Counter Server CV Example
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How to write a Counter Server CV?

Hey there, future Counter Server champ! Ready to whip up a CV as mouth-watering as the specials on the menu? Your CV isn't just a piece of paper—it's your ticket to a bustling career in the food service industry.

With the help of the free CV builder Wozber, we're going dive deep into perfecting a CV that not only meets the cravings of your potential employer but also passes the sniff test of those picky Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). From the appetizer to the main course, let's cook up a CV that gets you that Counter Server role!

Personal Details

First impressions are like the first sip of coffee in the morning—they matter. Your personal details section is the opening line of your career story. If you want the hiring manager to save you a seat, you need to dish out the essentials tastefully and relevantly. Let's spice up your introduction to ensure it hits the right notes for a Counter Server position.

Malcolm Steuber
Counter Server
(555) 432-1234
Los Angeles, California

1. Brand Yourself with Your Name

Picture your name in bold, like the signature dish at your favorite restaurant. Make sure it's the first thing they taste—clear, readable, and appetizing.

2. Title It Right

Next, garnish your name with the job title—"Counter Server." It's like telling the head chef directly, "I'm here for this exact role." It signals your focus and dedication.

3. Essential Contact Info

For your contact info, think of it as the address to your restaurant. Where can they reach you? A clean, professional email and a reliable phone number are must-haves. Make them prominent and error-free.

4. Local Flavor

"Must be located in Los Angeles, California." Got it? Then flaunt it in your CV. Showing you're a local can be as appealing as a farm-to-table ingredient list.

5. A Dash of Professionalism

If you have a LinkedIn profile or a personal website showcasing your professional journey in the food service arena, include it. Consider it the cherry on top that could invite a deeper look into your credentials.


Your personal details are the opening act of your professional showcase. Mold it with care, precision, and a touch of personality to set the stage for a memorable introduction. It's the first ingredient in the recipe for your dream Counter Server role.

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Let's stir-fry your experience section to reflect not just where you've been, but the flavors you bring to the table. A Counter Server plays a pivotal role in ensuring customers leave with their cravings satisfied and souls warmed. Here's how to convey that rich experience in your CV, making each achievement and responsibility as delectable as the daily special.

Counter Server
01/2021 - Present
ABC Eateries
  • Greeted, took orders, handled payments, and ensured 100% customer satisfaction, leading to a 20% increase in repeat business.
  • Prepared and served food and beverages, consistently meeting and exceeding company standards, resulting in a 15% boost in positive customer feedback.
  • Maintained impeccable cleanliness and organisation of the counter area, exceeding food safety and sanitation regulations, and receiving a commendation from the health department.
  • Responded promptly to over 150 daily customer inquiries, complaints, and feedback, addressing and resolving 95% of issues on the spot.
  • Assisted with stocking and inventory management, reducing stock‑out instances by 30% and ensuring a continuous supply of popular menu items.
Food Service Associate
04/2019 - 12/2020
XYZ Delights
  • Engaged with customers, improving the dining experience and contributing to an 18% increase in positive online reviews.
  • Expertly prepared specialty coffee drinks, boosting beverage sales by 25%.
  • Trained 5 new employees, ensuring consistent service and reducing training time by 20%.
  • Managed cash register operations, maintaining an accurate cash float and reducing discrepancies by 95%.
  • Collaborated with the kitchen team, ensuring timely food delivery and achieving a 97% order accuracy rate.

1. Dissect the Job Posting

First, comb through the Counter Server job description like a sous-chef examining the day's fresh produce. Highlight experiences that resonate with phrases like "prepare and serve food," "maintain cleanliness," and "ensure food safety."

2. Organize the Flavor Profiles

List your experiences like the menu sections, with your latest role being the special of the day. Include your title, the place of employment, and the dates like ingredients in a recipe, ensuring they blend well together.

3. Showcase Your Specials

Now, take each role and jazz it up with your accomplishments. Did you lead to a "20% increase in repeat business" by ensuring 100% customer satisfaction? That's a signature dish right there. Make it quantifiable, the way a dash of salt transforms a dish.

4. Serve It Hot

Numbers are tantalizing. They tell a story more effectively—like "handling over 150 daily customer inquiries." It's the proof in the pudding of your ability to multitask and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

5. Relevance is Key

Choose experiences that are directly related to the bustling world of food service. Your cooking class might not be as relevant as your experience in maintaining food safety or managing a cash register amidst the lunchtime rush.


Your experience section is your five-course meal. Each bullet point is a bite-sized testimonial to your skill, dedication, and success in the food service realm. Curate it with intention, and it'll convince the hiring manager that you're the secret sauce their team needs.


In the Counter Server world, your education section might seem more straightforward—like side dishes. But remember, even a side dish can steal the show when done right. Let's ensure your educational background complements the main course—your experience and skills—perfectly.

High School Diploma
Lincoln High School

1. Match the Menu

Identify the key educational ingredient the job posting is looking for. For this role, a "High school diploma or equivalent" is the base. Start from there.

2. Simple Yet Satisfying

Frame your education section with clarity and purpose. Start with your high school diploma, adding the school and graduation date. Think of it like listing the ingredients of your favorite dish—straightforward and informative.

3. Customize for the Cuisine

If the role emphasized specific skills developed through your education, include them. While your diploma suffices for a Counter Server position, showcasing anything extra indicates your willingness to go beyond the basic recipe.

4. Special Ingredients

Did you take a course in food safety or customer service? These are like adding truffle oil to mac and cheese—it transforms the dish. Relevant coursework can provide a tasty boost to your qualifications.

5. Presentation Matters

Just as in plating a dish, how you present this section counts. If you've had notable achievements like graduating top of your class or participating in relevant extracurricular activities, don't shy away from including these garnishes.


Your education section is more than just a list of schools. It's a testament to your preparedness for the professional kitchen. Treated with care, it complements your experience and skills, rounding out your CV like a well-balanced meal.

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The skills section of your CV is like the spice rack in your kitchen—it can transform a dish from ordinary to extraordinary. For a Counter Server, showcasing the right mix of hard and soft skills is crucial to demonstrating your readiness to manage the bustling front line of the food service industry. Let's pick out the spices that will make your CV irresistible.

Customer Service
Order Taking
Team Collaboration
Time Management
Food Safety
Cash Handling
Sanitation Regulations

1. Extract the Essence

Dive into the job posting and identify both the stated and implied skills needed for a Counter Server. Skills like "strong communication," "customer service," and the ability to "work in a fast-paced environment" are your staple ingredients.

2. Blend Them Perfectly

Pair your skills to the job description like wine with cheese. If you excel in "handling multiple tasks simultaneously," make sure it's on your list. Balancing the hard skills with soft ones, like "team collaboration," shows you're a full-bodied candidate.

3. Presentation Is Everything

Organize your skills in a way that's easy for the hiring manager to digest. Think of it as laying out your spices—too many can overwhelm, but the right amount perfectly accents the dish. Focus on those most relevant to a Counter Server, and you'll have a winning combination.


Your skills section is the flavor profile of your professional self. It needs to be potent but balanced, subtle yet distinctive. Choose each skill with the role in mind, and you'll craft a CV that's as satisfying as the perfect meal. Remember, every skill you list is a testament to your potential as the ideal Counter Server.


In the melting pot of the food service industry, language skills can be as enriching as adding a new cuisine to the menu. Especially in a place like Los Angeles, known for its diversity, being multilingual might just be the special ingredient that sets you apart. Let's ensure your linguistic palette gets the spotlight it deserves.


1. Check the Recipe

Start by looking back at the job description. "Proficient English language use is a job necessity" it says. So, if English is your strength, ensure it's clearly listed as such.

2. Main Ingredients First

Just like prioritizing the ingredients for a dish, list the languages required for the job at the top. Your proficiency level in English, followed by any additional languages you speak fluently, adds versatility to your profile.

3. Add More Flavors

Even if other languages weren't specifically requested, don't hesitate to include them. It's like offering a seasonal special—it might just catch the eye of someone looking for that specific flavor.

4. Honesty in Measurements

Be clear about your fluency levels. Whether you're a "Native" speaker or "Fluent," be precise. It helps set clear expectations and displays honesty—qualities every Counter Server needs.

5. Consider the Dining Experience

In a city as vibrant as Los Angeles, being able to converse in multiple languages can significantly enhance the customer experience. It's an asset worth highlighting, especially if the restaurant caters to an international clientele.


Your language skills are the garnish on the plate, the unexpected pop of flavor that delights the palate. Even if you feel your proficiency is basic, listing it shows you're open to learning and connecting. In a city like Los Angeles, every language you speak is another way to welcome guests into the dining experience. Embrace your multilingual abilities—they're a true asset.


Crafting a compelling summary for your Counter Server CV is like writing the perfect menu description. It should entice and inform, giving a taste of what's to come without revealing all the secret ingredients. Your summary is the chance to whet the appetite of the hiring manager with a glimpse into your professional background. Let's make it irresistible.

Counter Server with over 3 years of hands-on experience in the food service industry. Recognized for enhancing the dining experience through exceptional customer service, prompt issue resolution, and adeptness in food safety practices. Committed to maintaining a clean and organized counter area, driving repeat business, and ensuring the highest standards of food service.

1. Capture the Flavor

Begin with an appetizing introduction that encapsulates your experience and expertise in the food service industry. Consider it your opening salvo, the aroma that invites further exploration.

2. List the Specials

Mention a few key skills and accomplishments. For instance, having "over 3 years of hands-on experience" and excelling in "enhancing the dining experience through exceptional customer service" showcases the breadth and depth of your capabilities.

3. Make It Bite-Sized

Keep your summary succinct, aiming for 3-5 lines. Just like a menu description, it should be enticing but brief—leaving them hungry to learn more about you.

4. Season to Taste

Inject a bit of your personality into it. Are you passionate, dynamic, and dedicated? This is the spot to let those qualities shine through, adding a personal touch to your professional achievements.


Your summary is the invitation to your professional table. Craft it with care, highlighting your experience, skills, and unique qualities that make you an excellent Counter Server candidate. It's your chance to convince the hiring manager that you're exactly what they've been looking for. Make it flavorful, make it you.

Launching Your Counter Server Journey

And there you have it—a recipe for a Counter Server CV that's sure to get you noticed. With this guide and the tools provided by Wozber, including the free CV builder, ATS-friendly CV templates, and the ATS CV scanner, you're well on your way to securing your spot behind the counter. Remember, your CV is your story. Season it with your accomplishments, garnish it with your unique skills, and serve it confidently.

The food service industry is bustling, full of opportunities just waiting for someone like you. Take what you've concocted here, head to Wozber, and let your career take off. Bon appétit!

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Counter Server CV Example
Counter Server @ Your Dream Company
  • Minimum of 1 year experience in food service or hospitality setting.
  • Strong communication and customer service skills.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Familiarity with food safety and sanitation regulations.
  • High school diploma or equivalent required.
  • Proficient English language use is a job necessity.
  • Must be located in Los Angeles, California.
  • Greet customers, take orders, and handle payments at the counter.
  • Prepare and serve food and beverages according to company standards.
  • Maintain cleanliness and organization of the counter area, ensuring food safety at all times.
  • Respond to customer inquiries, complaints, and feedback, ensuring a positive dining experience.
  • Assist with stocking and inventory management as needed.
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