Narrative Designer CV Example

Crafting captivating tales, but your CV lacks storyline flow? Dive into this Narrative Designer CV example, woven with Wozber free CV builder. Learn how seamlessly you can thread your storytelling finesse with job criteria, penning a career narrative that keeps prospects on the edge of their seats!

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Narrative Designer CV Example
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How to write a Narrative Designer CV?

Step into the realm of Narrative Design, where your CV is not just a document, but a narrative of your professional journey, awaiting to enchant your next employer. Using Wozber, a free CV builder, we're diving deep into the art of crafting a CV tailored for a Narrative Designer. With focus on ATS-compliant layouts, from the personal to your summarized professional saga, every step is a new chapter.

Ready to weave your own epic? Let's conjure a CV that steps beyond the borders, making your application unforgettable.

Personal Details

The gate to your narrative kingdom, the Personal Details section, sets the stage. Here, you're not just listing your name; you're introducing your epic. With precision, you align this section to beckon the casting directors of your next adventure. Let's embark, shall we?

Mamie Luettgen
Narrative Designer
(555) 987-6543
Los Angeles, California

1. The Banner of Your Name

Let your name shout from the ramparts in a clear, bold font. It's the flag under which your achievements march, so make it memorable. A slightly larger font than the rest ensures it catches the eye of every weary traveler (or recruiter) who passes through.

2. Claim Your Title

Directly below your banner, state your quest - in this case, 'Narrative Designer'. This isn't just any title; it's your profession, your calling. By aligning this with the job title from the description, you're sculpting a key from the very stone of the employer's needs.

3. The Crossroads of Contact

Here lie the coordinates to your realm - your phone and professional email address. Opt for simplicity and clarity (firstname.lastname@email.com) as your heralds. And remember, double-check those digits; a wayward number could lead your future allies astray.

4. Mark Your Territory

"Los Angeles, California" isn't just a backdrop; it's where your tale unfolds, where your battles are fought. By confirming your realm matches the quest's requirement, you reassure your would-be companions of your readiness, no relocation spell required.

5. The Scroll of Your Saga

Consider attaching the link to your LinkedIn profile or professional website. Let the realm witness the depths of your adventures, but ensure it's a mirror image of your CV, telling the same epic with the same vigor.


Think of the Personal Details section as the prologue to a tale that will captivate your reader's imagination. Approach it with care, ensuring every detail contributes to the narrative you wish to unfold. This is your first impression, and in the realm of Narrative Design, it must be as meticulously crafted as the worlds you create.

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The Experience section is your storybook, a compilation of quests, battles, and alliances. Here, you're not just listing jobs; you're architecting a legend of your accomplishments that aligns perfectly with the narrative design quest before you.

Senior Narrative Designer
01/2019 - Present
ABC Games
  • Collaborated with the design team to create and successfully implemented over 100 compelling narrative contents that aligned perfectly with the game's vision, resulting in a 30% increase in user engagement and positive reviews.
  • Wrote, reviewed, and revised 500+ dialogues, character biographies, and game lore components with a keen eye for consistency, improving overall game quality by 25%.
  • Played a key role in successfully working with a team of 50 artists, animators, and voice actors to ensure consistent and cohesive narrative experience, reducing post‑release patches by 50%.
  • Led a player research initiative, collecting data from over 5,000 players, effectively informed narrative changes that increased player retention by 20%.
  • Stayed ahead of industry trends, incorporated best practices into game releases, and earned ABC Games the 'Best Narrative Design' award three years in a row.
Junior Narrative Designer
08/2016 - 12/2018
XYZ Studios
  • Assisted senior designers in creating narrative arcs for 3 major game titles that together sold over 2 million copies.
  • Played a crucial role in beta testing, gathering player feedback to enhance narrative gameplay elements, resulting in a 15% boost in game sales.
  • Collaborated with the art department and redesigned the visual elements of in‑game cinematics, improving the immersion factor by 40%.
  • Conducted regular team workshops on storytelling techniques, fostering an environment of creativity and innovation leading to a 20% increase in narrative proposal submissions.
  • Optimised narrative scripts for localization, ensuring seamless language adaptation for global markets and attracting an international user base.

1. Deciphering the Quest

Begin your journey by identifying the dragon you're to slay - the job requirements. Highlight skills and experiences that mirror the call to adventure, ensuring your saga is not just a tale, but a legend crafted for this specific journey.

2. The Epochs of Your Legend

Structure your epic chronologically, illustrating your ascent from a wandering novice to a wise sage. For each epoch, detail your title, the guilds you've joined (companies), and the periods your quests spanned, leading with your most recent achievements.

3. The Bard's Verse

For every position you've held, sing of your accomplishments. Detail how your narratives have influenced the realm, mirrored the job requirements, and turned tides in your favor, creating immersive worlds that have captivated many.

4. The Measure of Success

Tales of numbers and percentages enchant like no other. They provide a tangible testament to your impacts. Whenever you can, quantify your achievements; be it an increased user engagement or a prestigious accolade earned, let the numbers speak of your prowess.

5. The Relic Selection

In a world brimming with tales, ensure yours resonate with the quest at hand. While tales of your prowess in unrelated realms might be fascinating, focus on the ones that directly affect your quest as a Narrative Designer.


Your experience is the core of your narrative. With each tale, you're convincing the realm's guardians that you are the chosen one. Sculpt your experiences into a weapon, sharp and refined, ready to impress upon the hiring managers that your saga is far from over. Wear your accomplishments proudly, for they are the essence of your narrative.


The Education section is not merely a list of academies you attended; it's a testament to the scrolls you've mastered, the lore you've absorbed. For a Narrative Designer, this is where you unveil the sources of your wisdom.

Bachelor of Science, Game Design
University of Southern California

1. Identifying the Arcane Scrolls

The quest begins with identifying the key scrolls and tomes required for your journey. For the Narrative Designer position, the mystical texts are: Bachelor's degree in Game Design, Creative Writing, or a related field. This is the cornerstone of your knowledge.

2. The Structure of Your Library

Present your educational chronicles with clarity: your field of study, the prestigious academies (universities) attended, and the years you walked their hallowed halls. Keep this almanac of your journey clear and to the point.

3. The Specific Tomes

While the broader field of study is crucial, listing specific relevant courses or degrees can align your scholarly pursuits closer to the realm's needs. However, remember, too much detail can cloud the tale. Stay focused on what enriches your narrative.

4. Embellishing Your Tale

Were you a chosen scribe of your class (graduated with honors)? Did you lead a guild of scholars (clubs or societies)? If these facets of your journey add to the tale you're weaving, include them. But, as you ascend in your career, these details may fade, giving way to your deeds and accomplishments.

5. Other Scrolls and Achievements

Consider mentioning significant projects, research, or thesis work that align closely with Narrative Design. These could be your secret weapons, revealing depths of your understanding and commitment to your craft.


Your educational journey is a testament to your commitment to mastering the art of Narrative Design. Let each entry in this section be a stepping stone, showcasing not just where you've been, but how every step has prepared you for the quest ahead. Your educational narrative is a reflection of your dedication; wield it with finesse.

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In the realm of Narrative Design, certificates are like enchanted items, each bestowing upon you a unique ability or recognition. This section is where you display the honors and accolades that further establish your expertise.

Certified Narrative Designer (CND)
The Narrative Designer's Guild
2018 - Present

1. Gathering Your Trophies

Even though the job quest didn't specify a need for enchanted credentials, showcasing relevant achievements can set you apart. Pick certificates that underline your commitment to the craft and your continuous journey towards mastering it.

2. Displaying Your Relics

List your enchanted items (certificates) focusing on the ones closely aligned with your quest. Quality trumps quantity. Let each listed certificate be a testament to skills highly relevant to the realm of Narrative Design.

3. Time's Mark

If your relics bear a time stamp, showcase it proudly. Whether they're from ancient times or recent discoveries, the date of acquisition shows your ongoing quest for knowledge.

4. Quest for Knowledge

The realm is ever-evolving, and so should be your collection of enchanted items. Regularly seek out new learning opportunities, certifications, and accolades that elevate your stature in the world of Narrative Design.


Think of each certificate as a sword, a shield, or a potion in your inventory, each highlighting a specific talent or accolade. Regular updates and acquisitions showcase your relentless pursuit of excellence and your readiness to face new challenges. Let them be your torch, shining brightly on your path to becoming a legendary Narrative Designer.


In the vast world of Narrative Design, your skills are your spells, each with its unique power. The Skills section is where you offer a glimpse into your magical arsenal, laying bare the capabilities that make you an exceptional candidate for this epic quest.

Narrative Design
Effective Communication
Character Development
Unreal Engine
Game Mechanics
World Building
Player Engagement

1. Decoding the Spellbook

Embark by decoding the job description, identifying both the explicit and implicit spells required for the journey. The mastery of tools like Unity, Unreal Engine, and Twine are just the beginning.

2. Highlighting Your Spells

List the abilities that echo the heart of the job's requirements. This is where your prowess in storytelling, your understanding of game mechanics, and your ability to weave narrative into the player's experience shine brightest.

3. Cataloging with Care

Resist the temptation to list every spell in your book. Instead, focus on those most alluring to the guardians of this quest. Let every skill listed be a testament to your suitability and distinction in the realm of Narrative Design.


Approach this section as your moment to impress upon the hiring mage that you're not just a wanderer, but a master sorcerer in the art of Narrative Design. Each ability you list is a promise of value, a demonstration of your readiness to enhance their world. Present them not as mere words, but as badges of honor, each skill contributing to the epic tale you're destined to write.


In the tapestry of Narrative Design, the languages you speak are not just modes of communication, but keys to unlocking new realms and connecting with diverse tribes. Here, you detail your linguistic prowess, enhancing your appeal in a global storytelling quest.


1. Deciphering the Runes

Begin by scouring the job description for linguistic runes required for your journey. English, with its diverse dialects, is your base tongue, proclaimed as a fundamental skill for this quest.

2. Listing Your Tongues

Rank your languages starting with the one demanded by the quest and chronicle your proficiency. Being a native speaker or fluent are different badges of honor, each telling its own tale.

3. Revealing Additional Languages

Even if not summoned by the quest, showcasing other tongues you command can only add to your allure. They show you're a traveler of worlds, capable of weaving tales that cross boundaries.

4. Honesty in Your Scroll

Be true in detailing your mastery over each tongue. Whether you're a native speaker, fluent, intermediate, or hold basic knowledge, each level tells a story of your journey with that language.

5. Comprehending the Scope

Should your quest demand storytelling across realms, your multilingual abilities become not just an asset but a necessity. Even if not explicitly requested, showcasing your language skills can be a decisive factor.


Your command over languages is a testament to your ability to engage and enchant diverse audiences. Every tongue you speak is a bridge to new experiences, a tool to make your narratives resonate wider and deeper. Celebrate your linguistic diversity as a key pillar of your narrative prowess, ever ready to weave stories that transcend borders.


At the dawn of your CV lies the Summary, a beacon that guides the reader into the heart of your professional saga. Craft this introduction with the grace of a master storyteller, setting the stage for the narrative that follows.

Narrative Designer with over 5 years of experience. Recognized for creating gripping storylines and seamlessly merging narratives with gameplay mechanics. Proven track record of enhancing player immersion, improving user engagement, and delivering award-winning narrative experiences. Skilled in cross-functional collaboration and leveraging industry-standard tools to push the boundaries of storytelling in games.

1. Grasping the Essence

Start by absorbing the aura of the job, decoding both the spoken and the unspoken. What tale is the realm seeking? How does your own saga align with their quest?

2. The First Verse

Introduce yourself as the protagonist of your tale. Mention your realm (profession) and your years of wandering (experience), setting the stage for the epic that is to unfold.

3. Singing Your Spells

List the spells (skills) and feats (accomplishments) that showcase the unique impact you've made in the realm. Highlight your journey's highlights, the moments where your storytelling reshaped worlds.

4. The Quill's Economy

A masterful summary is potent yet concise, a lure that invites your reader to delve deeper into your tome. Craft it as a call to adventure, weaving a narrative that begs the question: 'What's next?'


Consider your Summary the opening spell of your grand narrative, one that captures the essence of your professional journey and beckons the reader onward. It's a potent incantation, drawing the right eyes to your tale, setting in motion the series of events that leads to that fabled call: 'You're just what we've been searching for.' With this crafted carefully, you're not just a seeker of roles; you're a Narrative Designer shaping your own destiny.

Unfurling Your Narrative Designer Journey

Congratulations, brave scribe, you've navigated the labyrinth to craft a CV not just compliant with the ATS but rich with the essence of your professional saga. As you wield Wozber, our free CV builder, to craft an ATS-friendly CV template into your own epic, remember: this is but the incantation's beginning. Your CV is the key that unlocks doors, but it's your skill, your passion, and your unwavering determination that will carry you through them. As you step forth, CV in hand, may your journey be as legendary as the tales you're destined to tell.

The realm awaits your mastery. Onward, to narrative greatness!

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Narrative Designer CV Example
Narrative Designer @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Game Design, Creative Writing, or a related field.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in narrative design or a similar role within the gaming industry.
  • Proficiency in using industry-standard software such as Twine, Unity, or Unreal Engine for narrative development.
  • Strong understanding of game mechanics and how narrative can enhance the overall player experience.
  • Effective communication, collaboration, and storytelling skills.
  • Strong English proficiency is a fundamental skill.
  • Must be located in Los Angeles, California.
  • Collaborate with the design team to create and implement compelling narrative content that aligns with the game's vision.
  • Write, review, and revise dialogue, character biographies, and game lore for consistency and quality assurance.
  • Work closely with artists, animators, and voice actors to ensure a cohesive narrative experience.
  • Conduct player research and analyze player feedback to make data-informed decisions on narrative changes.
  • Stay updated with industry trends and best practices in narrative design to push the boundaries of storytelling in games.
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