Beating the System: ATS Optimisation 3.0

Beating the System: ATS Optimisation 3.0

Today, we're introducing a new, better way to understand a company's job requirements and to write a matching, tailored CV. It's great not only for job seekers who want to make sure their CV is ready for recruiting software. In essence, it's super helpful for anyone who wants to write a CV effortlessly.

Before diving into new features, we'd like to give you a short refresher about the problem we're addressing.

Applicant Tracking Systems

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software companies use to filter applicant CVs by their relevance based on comparisons with a job description. It's the first barrier you need to pass through before your CV lands on a recruiter's hands.

For a while now, Applicant Tracking Systems has been a norm among mid-size to large corporations worldwide. While many organisations are pursuing more and more automatisation in every department, ATS is stepping into small companies' offices as well.

With our world health and economy are being challenged simultaneously, competition in the job market can get ugly and difficult to beat. Job seekers are competing not only in the amount of their gathered experience but in ways of showing that experience's relevance for their prospective employers.

So, what can you do to pass an ATS scan, to outperform other applicants, and to increase your chances of landing a job interview? The answer is more straightforward than you think – you need to clearly show in your CV that you perfectly match the job requirements. If there's a precise match, ATS will get you through. Then, a recruiter will see you as a candidate who has better chances of fitting the job position and the one to invite for a job interview.

However, another problem arises. Matching your CV to job requirements, a.k.a. tailoring a CV, can be a troublesome process if you're located in one of the more competitive job markets in the world. For example, an average American job seeker usually needs to send out 300 CVs before landing a job. 300! It's crazy.

So, to help job seekers in job markets small and big, a few years ago, we introduced ATS Optimisation. From day one, it's been aimed to help you quickly optimise and adjust your CV to different job requirements for job positions you're interested in. It's one of the core services that we believe can be a secret key to your job hunt success. Thus, we keep improving it continuously.

ATS Optimisation 3.0

Everything you need in your CV is right before your eyes in the job description itself. ATS Optimisation 3.0 makes it a no-brainer and gives you all the necessary tools to write a CV tailored for specific job requirements.

ATS Report

A whole new user interface dedicated to showing you what specific information will ATS and recruiter search for in your CV.

The ATS Report starts with your current ATS Score, together with a simple explanation of your current state and tips on how to improve.

Wozber ATS Optimisation ATS Score
Calculated ATS Score

All the different keywords and their usage statistics now are in one place to help you see the bigger picture. Also, in addition to languages, hard and soft skills from previous ATS Optimisation versions, we added a job title check and certificates.

Wozber ATS Optimisation keywords usage stats
Keyword Usage Statistics

In some cases, seeing all the highlighted keywords without knowing their context can be more harmful than beneficial. To safeguard you from misusing keywords, now we show you their context as a list of job requirements, distinguished into three main categories: Experience, Education, and Common. Education and Experience requirements should be used in their respective CV sections, while common requirements are general information that should be reflected in each part of your CV content.

Wozber ATS Optimisation Job Requirements
Job Requirement Categories

Job Requirements in Action

One thing is to see the analyzed job requirements, another - to use those insights in action. We made Wozber Guide smarter in that regard, and now it shows you relevant job requirements with highlighted keywords in places where it's most beneficial for you.

For example, while you're writing an experience section, it will show you the experience requirements. The same goes for Education, and so on.

Wozber Guide and Job Requirements
Wozber Guide showing relevant job requirements

When you are writing certificates, it will automatically list what certificates the specific position requires. Similarly, when writing languages, it will show you the required languages. Do you see how it can majorly improve your CV? It's like a recruiter is constantly pointing out what information is necessary for them to invite you for a job interview.


The overall accuracy of keyword extraction is now higher than in previous versions, but we still can do better.

For the majority of positions, especially in Tech, ATS Optimisation can be very accurate and highlight the key information correctly. However, for other positions focusing mainly on physical activities or soft skills, there's much room for improvement.

Accuracy varies in different languages as well. While ATS Optimisation in English is highly reliable, German and Lithuanian are harder to crack.

Increasing accuracy is one of the most important milestones for us right now. We're already working on the solution, and it should be ready in the near future. Meanwhile, we're keeping a beta status for the service. While ATS Optimisation is in beta, it's open and free to use for everyone.

The Bottom Line: Achieve More with Less Effort

We honestly believe that once you try writing your CV with the new ATS Optimisation, you will never want to go back. This is a major step forward in making CV writing a very approachable and productive experience for anyone, a total novice or a seasoned job seeker. Give it a try!

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Tomas Slavinskas
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