EDI Developer CV Example

Translating data, but your CV seems unreadable? Decipher success with this EDI Developer CV example, fashioned using Wozber free CV builder. Learn how to sync your integration talent with job standards, so your career isn't lost in translation!

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EDI Developer CV Example
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How to write an EDI Developer CV?

Embarking on the journey to secure your dream EDI Developer role? Your CV is not just a document, it's a highlight reel of your career, tailored to sing in harmony with the job you're eyeing. Leveraging Wozber's free CV builder, this guide is your trusted compass to navigate through the nuances of creating an ATS-compliant CV.

Ready to transform your application into an irresistible call to the recruiter? Let's shape your CV into a masterpiece that lands you the EDI Developer job with finesse!

Personal Details

First impressions count, and your personal details set the stage. Tailoring this section for an EDI Developer position involves precision, ensuring it resonates at first glance with what recruiters are seeking. Dive in as we decode the art of crafting your contact information to make that compelling first impression.

Nicolas Herzog
EDI Developer
(555) 555-5555
Chicago, Illinois

1. Your Name, Your Brand

Think of your name as the title of your professional story. It should stand out. Opt for a font that's clear and possibly slightly bolder than the rest of your CV to ensure it catches the eye immediately.

2. Job Title Alignment

Directly below your name, state your professional title. Aligning it with the job you're applying for, like "EDI Developer," acts as a clear signal to the hiring manager that you're a fit right from the start. Remember, alignment is key.

3. Essential Contact Information

A polished phone number and a professional email format (preferably firstname.lastname@email.com) are crucial. Double-check for typos to ensure you're reachable. Adding a location, especially when it matches the job's location requirement, sets a seamless logistical expectation.

4. Professional Online Presence

Including a LinkedIn profile can bolster your credibility, offering a deeper dive into your professional persona. Ensure it's up-to-date and reflects your CV. This digital handshake can be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

5. Privacy-First

Skip personal details that don't pertain to your professional capabilities, like age or marital status. Protecting your privacy safeguards against inadvertent biases and keeps the focus squarely on your qualifications.


Your personal details are more than just basics; they're the introductory handshake that sets the tone for your professional narrative. Craft them with care, ensuring they spark the right conversation. Your contact information is the bridge, making sure it's sturdy and leads directly to you.

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Your experience is your battleground of skills, achievements, and professional growth. For an EDI Developer, it's about detailing your journey in a way that resonates with the specific requirements of your desired position. Let's explore how to make each entry a testament to your suitability for the job.

EDI Developer
01/2020 - Present
ABC Tech Solutions
  • Designed, developed, and successfully implemented three major EDI integration solutions that exceeded business and technical requirements and improved data integrity by 99%.
  • Collaborated with a team of 10 to ensure all EDI solutions aligned with business needs and industry standards, resulting in a 30% increase in process efficiency.
  • Diagnosed, debugged, and troubleshot over 200 EDI mapping issues, resolving 98% of them within a 24‑hour period.
  • Facilitated communication with key trading partners, leading to successful onboarding of five new partners within six months.
  • Studied and integrated the latest EDI industry trends and best practices, introducing three innovative strategies that enhanced the EDI environment at ABC Tech Solutions.
Junior EDI Developer
06/2018 - 12/2019
XYZ Software Solutions
  • Supported senior EDI developers in the design and documentation of EDI integration workflows.
  • Assisted in the testing, deployment, and maintenance of various EDI solutions, reducing downtime by 20%.
  • Participated in monthly training sessions, enhancing proficiency in ANSI X12 and EDIFACT standards.
  • Played a key role in the team that migrated legacy EDI systems to a modern EDI platform, resulting in a 15% increase in operational efficiency.
  • Contributed to the development of user manuals and training materials for junior EDI team members.

1. Break it Down

Dissect the job description, identifying keywords and essential skills. If the description calls for "EDI mapping using tools such as Gentran, BizTalk, or Cleo Harmony," ensure your experience reflects your competencies in these areas with concrete examples.

2. The Structure

Present your roles in reverse chronology. Within each, list your title, the company's name, and your tenure. This framework sets the stage for detailing your accomplishments in a clear, coherent manner.

3. Accomplishments that Speak Volumes

For each position, create bullet points that echo the functional experience listed in the job description, not forgetting to quantify your achievements. If you've improved data integrity by 99%, make sure it's highlighted.

4. Quantify Impact

Numbers tell a compelling story. They offer tangible proof of your contributions, giving your achievements weight. Wherever possible, add metrics to underscore your impact, making your experience resonate even louder.

5. Relevance is Key

Stick to detailing experiences that showcase your proficiency as an EDI Developer. This tailored approach ensures every line of your CV advances your case for the role, leaving no doubt of your fit and capabilities.


The Experience section of your CV is where your professional journey unfolds, proving your value and fittingness for the EDI Developer role. Craft this narrative with precision, ensuring every word advances your candidacy. Your experiences are your beacon; let them shine brightly, guiding the hiring manager to see you as the ideal fit.


The Education section does more than list degrees; it dovetails your academic achievements with the job's specifications, showing you have a strong foundation for the EDI Developer role. Here's how to mold this section to highlight your educational fit.

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1. Align with Job Requirements

Zero in on the educational requirements of the job posting. If it specifies a "Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field," ensure your degree is front and center. This alignment demonstrates you meet the fundamental education prerequisites.

2. Simple Structure

List your degree, the institution, and your graduation year. This clean structure allows hiring managers to quickly verify your educational background against their criteria.

3. Degree Detailing

Accentuate your relevant degree with pride. If the job requires knowledge in a specific area of computer science, and your education backs this up, make it evident. This explicit alignment reinforces your suitability.

4. Relevant Achievements

For entry-to-mid-level roles, sharing relevant course work, projects, or thesis topics can be beneficial. Showcase pieces of work that reflect the competencies sought after for the EDI Developer role.

5. Continuous Learning

If you've engaged in additional courses or certifications relevant to EDI development, including them can demonstrate ongoing commitment to your professional growth and expertise in the field.


Your educational background is the foundation upon which your professional capabilities are built. Tailoring this section to match the job's educational requirements shows you've got the academic chops to back up your professional prowess. Let your education shine as a clear indicator of your readiness and qualification for the EDI Developer role.

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In the evolving realm of EDI Development, certifications act as badges of honor, showcasing your dedication and expertise. Here's how to effectively highlight certifications, aligning your achievements with the job's demands.

Certified EDI Professional (CEDIP)
EDI Academy
2019 - Present

1. Match the Job's Pulse

Analyze the job posting for any explicit certification requirements. While the example role may not specify certifications, showcasing relevant ones like 'Certified EDI Professional (CEDIP)' can set you apart, demonstrating specialized knowledge and commitment to the field.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Focus on certifications that underscore your EDI development expertise. This targeted approach ensures your CV remains crisp and relevant, immediately signaling your qualifications to the hiring manager.

3. Date and Details

Include acquisition dates, especially if the certifications are recent, to underscore your commitment to staying updated in the fast-evolving tech landscape. This conveys initiative and a forward-looking mindset.

4. Keep Evolving

The tech world never stands still, and neither should your learning journey. Continually updating your certifications and pursuing new ones relevant to EDI development not only boosts your CV but also ensures you stay ahead in the field.


Certifications are powerful indicators of your skills and dedication to professional growth. By curating a list that resonates with the EDI Developer role, you shine as a candidate who's not just qualified but deeply invested in your craft. It's this commitment to excellence that can often tip the scales in your favor.


The Skills section is your professional highlight reel, showcasing your EDI Developer toolkit. Let's align this section with the job's requirements, making it a testament to your readiness and exceptional fit for the role.

EDI Mapping (Gentran, Cleo Harmony, BizTalk)
Analytical Skills
Technical Specifications

1. Extract and Match

Carefully read through the job description, picking out skills keywords like 'EDI Mapping' and 'ANSI X12.' Ensure these are prominently featured in your skills list, reflecting your expertise in these areas.

2. Focused Listing

Prioritize skills that directly address the job's requirements, balancing both hard skills like 'EDI Mapping using Gentran' and soft skills such as 'exceptional analytical and problem-solving abilities.' This shows you're a well-rounded candidate.

3. Clean and Organized

Keep your skills section neat, opting for a bullet list format. This makes it easy for hiring managers to scan and affirm at a glance that you possess the competencies needed for the job.


Your skills section is the distilled essence of your professional capabilities. By carefully aligning it with the job's requirements, you ensure that every line advances your candidacy, demonstrating you're not just a fit but the perfect candidate for the EDI Developer role. Shine a spotlight on your most pertinent skills, and let them speak volumes.


In the interconnected realm of EDI Development, linguistic skills can be a notable advantage. Whether dictated by the job or not, showcasing your language proficiencies could broaden your appeal. Let's navigate the languages' section with strategic finesse.


1. Job Requirements Check

Revisit the job posting to double-check for any language requirements. For instance, our example emphasized the necessity to 'speak, read, and write in English.' Highlighting your proficiency in essential languages meets the fundamental communication requirements.

2. Essential First

Prioritize the languages essential for the role, indicating proficiency levels for each. This clarity assures hiring managers of your ability to communicate effectively in the job's primary language.

3. Additional Languages

Even if not directly required, additional languages can distinguish you as a candidate with a broad perspective and potential for global interactions. List these in order of proficiency to provide a comprehensive view of your linguistic toolkit.

4. Honesty in Proficiency

Accuracy in depicting your language skills is crucial. Use terms like 'native,' 'fluent,' 'intermediate,' and 'basic' to offer a clear snapshot of your ability. This honesty sets realistic expectations and builds trust right from the start.

5. Role Scope Insight

Understand the broader scope of the EDI Developer role you're vying for. If it entails international collaborations, highlighting multiple languages can significantly enhance your candidacy, portraying you as a versatile and adaptable professional.


Your language skills are a testament to your ability to navigate global interactions, a valuable trait in the expansive field of EDI Development. Whether required for the job or not, showcasing linguistic proficiencies broadens your appeal, reflecting a readiness to engage with a diverse range of stakeholders. Let your languages section underline your global readiness.


Your summary is the golden opportunity to make your pitch, encapsulating your qualifications, skills, and unique value you'd bring as an EDI Developer. Let's master the craft of weaving a summary that makes hiring managers want to read on.

EDI Developer with over 4 years of hands-on experience creating, implementing, and troubleshooting EDI integration solutions. Known for driving process efficiency, collaborating with stakeholders, and adopting the latest industry trends. Successfully designed and deployed several major EDI solutions that enhanced data integrity and business processing speed.

1. Digest the Job

Absorb the essence of the job posting, identifying key skills and experiences it emphasizes. Your summary should reflect your alignment with these elements, showcasing your fit for the EDI Developer role from the outset.

2. Start Strong

Lead with a powerful opening line that introduces you as an EDI Developer, setting the tone for your narrative. This intro acts as your professional headline, inviting further exploration into your credentials.

3. Highlight Your Best

Select key achievements and skills that directly respond to the job's requirements. Whether it's your proficiency in 'EDI Mapping using Gentran, BizTalk, or Cleo Harmony' or your ability to 'ensure data integrity by 99%,' make them impossible to overlook.

4. Elegance in Brevity

Your summary should be concise, yet impactful. Strive for a balance that provides a tantalizing glimpse into your capabilities, enticing recruiters to delve deeper into your CV. Remember, less is often more.


The summary section of your CV is your professional highlight reel, condensed into a few compelling lines that showcase your readiness for the EDI Developer role. Crafted with intention, it invites the hiring manager on a journey through your professional story, beginning with a snapshot that resonates with precision and allure. Make every word count, painting a picture of an EDI Developer poised to excel.

Embarking on Your EDI Developer Journey

With these detailed guidelines and the power of Wozber's free CV builder at your fingertips, you're now equipped to craft an ATS-compliant CV tailored for the EDI Developer position you're targeting. Your CV is a storybook of your career, ready to be told with authenticity, alignment, and a tactical approach that matches the job's requirements. Seize this opportunity to shine, letting your CV be the key that unlocks new professional horizons. Ready, set, innovate!

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EDI Developer CV Example
EDI Developer @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in EDI development and mapping using tools such as Gentran, BizTalk, or Cleo Harmony.
  • Strong proficiency in ANSI X12, EDIFACT, and other EDI standards.
  • Experience with translating business requirements into technical specifications for developing and implementing EDI solutions.
  • Exceptional analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills with a strong attention to detail.
  • Ability to speak, read, and write in English is necessary.
  • Must be located in or willing to relocate to Chicago, Illinois.
  • Design, develop, and implement EDI integration solutions in accordance with business and technical requirements.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure EDI solutions are meeting business needs and standards.
  • Perform testing, debugging, and troubleshooting of EDI mappings to resolve production issues and ensure data integrity.
  • Coordinate with trading partners and other stakeholders to implement and support EDI processes and updates.
  • Stay updated with the latest EDI industry trends, standards, and best practices to ensure continuous improvement and innovation in the EDI environment.
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