Waitress Cashier CV Example

Juggling trays and tabs, but your CV feels short on tips? Dive into this Waitress Cashier CV example, whipped up with Wozber free CV builder. See how smoothly you can blend your service charm with financial finesse, ensuring your career serves up both customer satisfaction and a robust bottom line!

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Waitress Cashier CV Example
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How to write a Waitress Cashier CV?

Hello there, soon-to-be standout Waitress Cashier! If you're eager to pour your professional skills and personal charm into a career that blends the art of hospitality with financial savvy, you're in the right place. Crafting a CV that resonates with hiring managers starts here, with a sprinkle of dedication and a dash of know-how. Leveraging the power of the Wozber free CV builder, this guide is your personal recipe for an ATS-compliant CV that's tailored to the job you're thirsting for.

Ready to mix up a career-defining CV? Let's whisk through!

Personal Details

First impressions last, especially on your CV. Here's how we'll ensure your personal details don't just introduce you; they'll make hiring managers want to know more. Personalizing this section for the Waitress Cashier position is a juggle of accuracy and relevance, perfectly mixed to suit the role.

Bo Hodkiewicz
Waitress Cashier
(555) 123-4567
Los Angeles, California

1. Name as Your Banner

Think of your name as the marquee sign of your CV; it should be the first and brightest thing they see. Use a font that's professional yet catches the eye, setting the stage for the rest of the show.

2. Accurate Job Title

Putting the job title "Waitress Cashier" front and center not only shows you've scanned the job description but also positions you firmly within the realm the hiring manager is seeking. It's like wearing the team jersey at the tryouts.

3. Contact Info, Pristine and Professional

A crucial part of the handshake, your contact details must be accurate and professional. Imagine the heartbreak of a missed call or email because of a typo. A phone number and a professional email address that follows the firstname.lastname@email.com format should never lead to such tragedy.

4. Location, Location, Location

Being in Los Angeles gives you a home-field advantage for this role. Mentioning it not only ticks a box for logistical preferences but whispers to the employer, "I'm already part of the landscape."

5. The Digital You

If applicable, including a link to your LinkedIn profile can add dimension to your CV. Ensure it's polished and mirrors your CV, showcasing a well-rounded professional ready to serve and cash in.


Your personal details section is the appetizer of your CV, meant to whet the appetite of hiring managers. Done right, it not only presents you as a prime candidate but also sets the stage for a memorable interaction. Keep it clear, compelling, and in complete harmony with the job you're applying for.

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In the bustling world of the food service industry, your experience can be as diverse as the menu. Here's how to cook up an experience section for your Waitress Cashier CV that's as satisfying as the main course, making sure every bullet point is a bite of your best.

Waitress Cashier
03/2021 - Present
ABC Bistro
  • Proficiently greeted and seated an average of 100 daily customers, providing tailored menu recommendations, and swiftly taking their orders.
  • Handled over $10,000 in daily cash and credit card transactions, ensuring 100% accuracy in payment and meticulous maintenance of cash registers.
  • Collaborated closely with our kitchen team, expediting the delivery of over 1500 food orders monthly, and addressing any special requirements or customer concerns efficiently.
  • Maintained the highest standards of cleanliness, resulting in a consistent 98% customer satisfaction rate based on dining area feedback.
  • Reported over 200 incidents and received 100% positive customer feedback in addressing their needs and promptly providing supply requests to the restaurant manager.
01/2020 - 02/2021
XYZ Grillhouse
  • Welcomed and seated an average of 70 guests daily, ensuring smooth seating rotations and managing waiting times effectively.
  • Addressed over 150 special dietary requirements and preferences weekly, accurately communicating them to the kitchen staff.
  • Arranged and managed 10+ private dining events, ensuring smooth operations and high guest satisfaction.
  • Participated in monthly hospitality training sessions, which resulted in improved guest interactions and a 15% increase in customer return rate.
  • Reconciled cash register discrepancies within a 0.5% margin, ensuring financial accuracy.

1. Break It Down

Start with a good look at the "experience" ingredients listed in the job description. This position calls for someone who's not just served customers but has juggled cash and card transactions, and collaborated with kitchen staff with grace under fire.

2. Structure with Flavor

List your roles starting with the most recent, setting the stage for a narrative of growth. For each role, include your title, the name of the establishment, and your tenure there. Think of it as the breadcrumb trail leading them right to you.

3. Dish Out Achievements

Quantify your impact in previous roles with tasty tidbits like "Handled over $10,000 in daily transactions" or "Collaborated closely with our kitchen team, expediting over 1,500 orders monthly." These numbers add weight and show your efficiency in a high-paced environment.

4. Relevant Seasoning

Every role has its stories, but for this CV, keep the plot focused on your Waitress Cashier capabilities. Managing a high volume of customers, ensuring transaction accuracy, and maintaining cleanliness should all be key plots in your experience narrative.

5. Freshness Counts

Ensure your experience is up to date. Roles that date back over a decade might not bring the fresh perspective today's fast-paced eateries need. Focus on the recent and the relevant, showcasing your evolution in the food service environment.


Your experience section is the heartiest part of your CV meal, meant to satisfy the hunger of hiring managers for a capable candidate. Structure it well, pack it with relevance, and deliver it fresh. You're not just listing jobs; you're showcasing your journey in the industry.


While the education section of your CV might seem like the side dish compared to the main entries of experience and skills, it's still vital to the overall experience. Here's how to serve it up in a way that complements the whole meal.

Associate of Science, Hospitality Management
Culinary Institute of America

1. Identify the Essentials

Start by zeroing in on the educational requirements mentioned in the job description. Though not specified here, showcasing any food service or hospitality education like an "Associate of Science in Hospitality Management" from the Culinary Institute of America speaks volumes.

2. Present It Palatably

Keep this course simple and digestible. List your highest relevant degree, the institution where you earned it, and your graduation year. Sprinkle in any honors or distinctions that make your academic achievements stand out.

3. Add Flavor with Relevant Courses

Especially beneficial for those at the start of their careers, detailing relevant coursework can show a focused pursuit of knowledge in your field. Courses in customer service, financial transactions, or food safety are particularly appetizing here.

4. Season with Extra Ingredients

Certificates like the Food Safety Handling Certification show a commitment to continuous learning and industry standards. Think of them as the garnish that makes the dish shine, proving that you're not just qualified but dedicated.

5. Taste Test

Give your education section a final taste test before serving. Is it relevant, succinct, and reflective of your dedication to the food service arena? If yes, then it's ready to be part of the feast that is your CV.


Your educational background should complement your experience and skills, creating a well-rounded profile that's appetizing to potential employers. Well-presented, it shows you're not just made for the job, but primed to excel in it.

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In the culinary performance that is your CV, certifications are the special sauce, the extra touch that can elevate your application from great to Michelin-starred. Tailoring this section to the job description highlights your readiness and commitment.

Food Safety Handling Certification
National Restaurant Association (NRA)
2019 - Present

1. Select the Right Ingredients

Examine the job description for desired or preferred certifications. The Food Safety Handling Certification mentioned in our CV example is a perfect match. It directly aligns with the preference for candidates versed in food safety, making you a safe bet for the employer.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Your CV isn't a buffet; it's a curated tasting menu. Include certifications that add depth to your candidacy, showing that you're not just meeting the basic requirements but exceeding expectations and staying ahead of industry standards.

3. Freshness Indicator

Make sure the certifications listed are current, or note the validity period if applicable. This shows prospective employers that your knowledge and skills are up-to-date, making you a reliable choice for their team.

4. Keep the Pantry Stocked

The world of food service is ever-evolving, and staying informed through ongoing certification is key. Regular updates to your certifications section demonstrate your investment in your career and continuous improvement.


Your certifications are the emblem of your dedication to not just maintaining standards but elevating them. Well-chosen and up-to-date certifications assure hiring managers of your commitment to excellence and readiness for the role. Let them be the cherry on top of your professional presentation.


The skills section of your CV is your chance to shine, to show off the professional toolkit you've sharpened over the years. Here's how to make sure this part of your CV sparkles with relevance and readiness for the Waitress Cashier role.

Cash Register Operation
Order Taking
Problem Solving
Time Management
Interpersonal Communication
Customer Engagement
Food Service
POS System Usage

1. Mix and Match

Start by laying out the skills mentioned in the job description. For a Waitress Cashier, these might include cash handling, order taking, and multitasking in a fast-paced environment. These are your main ingredients, so make sure they're front and center.

2. Serve Up the Best

Select the skills from your repertoire that align perfectly with the job's needs. Placing "Expert in Cash Register Operation" and "Advanced Customer Engagement Skills" at the top of your list makes it clear that you're not just a contender; you're a champion.

3. Keep It Tidy

While you may have a broad skill set, a cluttered menu can overwhelm. Stick to skills that speak directly to the role's needs. Make your list as streamlined and impactful as a well-managed service, ensuring the hiring manager sees your fit right away.


Your skills section isn't just a list; it's a testament to your preparedness and ability to excel in the Waitress Cashier role. Curated right, it can stir interest and convince hiring managers that you're the right ingredient missing from their team recipe.


In the melting pot that is the food service industry, the ability to communicate in multiple languages is like the secret spice that can elevate an experience from good to unforgettable. Here's how to flavor your CV with your linguistic capabilities.


1. Main Course

Begin with the essential language, as specified in the job description. The command of the English language is a must for our Waitress Cashier. Listing it as "Native" or "Fluent" places you in a confident starting position.

2. Add a Dash of Diversity

If you speak additional languages, like Spanish mentioned in the CV example, include them as well. It demonstrates your ability to engage with a broader range of customers, making you a valuable asset in any food service environment.

3. Levels of Flavor

Be clear and honest about your proficiency levels. Whether you're "Fluent" in Spanish or "Intermediate" in Mandarin, a perfectly seasoned language section shows not just your skills but your honesty and self-awareness.

4. Cater to the Audience

Understand the demographics of the place you're applying to. If the restaurant has a significant customer base speaking a language you're fluent in, mentioning this language can significantly boost your appeal to the hiring manager.

5. Taste Testing

Give your languages section a final review. Is it clear, concise, and structured in a way that enhances your candidacy? Your linguistic skills are an integral part of the presentation, so make sure they're served to perfection.


In today's global dining scene, your ability to communicate in multiple languages is a distinct advantage, enriching customer interactions and making you a standout candidate. Showcase this skill tastefully, and you'll surely catch the eye of your potential employer.


Your summary is the cocktail that sets the tone for the banquet that is your CV. It's your chance to intrigue and entice the hiring manager with a taste of who you are. Let's craft a summary for your Waitress Cashier CV that leaves them wanting more.

Waitress Cashier with over 2 years of experience in the fast-paced food service industry, adept at providing seamless customer service, managing financial transactions, and ensuring timely food delivery. Proven record of maintaining cleanliness and addressing customer needs. Fluent in English and Spanish.

1. Blend In the Essentials

Start by absorbing what the job entails. A Waitress Cashier must exhibit prowess in customer engagement, financial transactions, and fast-paced multitasking. These are the flavors you want in your opening shot.

2. Stir in Your Professional Essence

Begin with a clear statement of your profession and experience. "Waitress Cashier with over 2 years of experience" instantly clarifies your role and gives a sense of your journey in the industry.

3. Mix in Your Achievements

Follow up with a few key skills and accomplishments. Clarity and brevity are your friends here. Mention tangible achievements like handling large transactions or maintaining high cleanliness standards that align with the job's demands.

4. Garnish and Serve

Keep it to 3-5 sentences, engaging yet concise. Think of it as your sip of introduction – just enough to refresh and intrigue, setting the stage for the feast of details to follow in your CV.


A well-crafted summary is like the perfect first pour – smooth, inviting, and leaving a lasting impression. It's your elevator pitch, encapsulating your professional identity and teasing the depth of your experiences and skills. Serve it right, and you'll have hiring managers eager to dive into the rest of your story.

Ready, Set, Serve!

Congratulations, you've just stirred together a Waitress Cashier CV that's sure to catch the eye of hiring managers. Each section, thoughtfully tailored and presented, demonstrates your suitability and readiness for the role. But don't put down the utensils just yet; the world of job applications is dynamic, and your CV should be too.

Fine-tune it with the Wozber free CV builder, standing tall with an ATS-compliant CV and ATS-friendly CV template. Your next big opportunity awaits – go forth and serve your career aspirations with confidence!

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Waitress Cashier CV Example
Waitress Cashier @ Your Dream Company
  • Minimum of 1 year experience in a customer-facing role, preferably in the food service industry.
  • Proficiency in using cash registers and calculating change accurately.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to engage with customers and address their needs.
  • Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment, ensuring prompt service and accurate order taking.
  • Certification in Food and Safety Handling is preferred.
  • Command of the English language is essential.
  • Must be located in Los Angeles, California.
  • Greet and seat customers, providing menu recommendations and taking orders.
  • Handle cash and credit card transactions, ensuring accurate payments and maintaining cash registers.
  • Collaborate with the kitchen to ensure timely delivery of food and address any customer concerns or special requirements.
  • Maintain cleanliness of the dining area, ensuring tables and chairs are sanitized and presentable.
  • Report any incidents, customer feedback, or supply needs to the restaurant manager.
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