Sales Development Rep CV Example

Igniting leads, but feeling the pitch on your CV falls flat? Dial into this Sales Development Rep CV example, crafted with Wozber free CV builder. It demonstrates how you can fuse your prospecting prowess with the job criteria, as you carve out a sales career that continuously closes deals and rings in success!

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Sales Development Rep CV Example
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How to write a Sales Development Rep CV?

Hey there, future Sales Development Rep! Let's face it, stepping into the sales world is like entering a high-stakes game where the only currency is your ability to persuade and sell - not just products, but yourself. Crafting a CV that not only speaks volumes about your sales prowess but also sails smoothly through the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is your golden ticket. With the Wozber free CV builder at your disposal, fear not; we're here to transform that daunting task into a breezy journey.

Ready to gear up and draft a Sales Development Rep CV that sets you apart from the crowd? Let's roll up our sleeves and dive in!

Personal Details

Your Personal Details section is much like the opening line of a sales pitch; it needs to grab attention and do it fast. Here's how to fine-tune this section to make sure your CV lands in the 'yes' pile.

Gary Lang
Sales Development Rep
(555) 123-4567
Austin, TX

1. Brand Yourself with Your Name

Think of your name as the logo that goes on every product you sell. Make it stand out with a clean, professional font. This isn't the place for fancy scripts – clarity is your ally.

2. The Title: Mirror the Job Offer

"Sales Development Rep" - seeing this title right below your name instantly tells a hiring manager that you're exactly what they're looking for. It's like wearing a badge that says, 'I'm the solution to your problem.'

3. Contact Info: Make It Foolproof

Your phone and email are your direct lines. No typos allowed. Opt for an email that's as simple and professional as your handshake. Leading with a professional email format (first.last@example.com) speaks volumes about your attention to detail.

4. Location: The Convenience Factor

By mentioning "Austin, TX," you're ticking a box that says 'no relocation necessary.' It tells the hiring manager you're immediately available and thus, a more convenient choice.

5. The Digital Handshake: Your LinkedIn

Including a LinkedIn profile is inviting the hiring manager into your digital sales floor. But, ensure it's a mirror reflection of your CV and vice versa. Consistency is key to building trust.


Setting the tone right with your Personal Details is crucial. It's your chance to ensure that from the get-go, the hiring manager sees you as a professional fit. Keep it clear, accurate, and aligned with the job you're eyeing. Nail this, and you've paved the way for a fantastic first impression.

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Experience is where the rubber meets the road. It's your battleground where you've honed your skills, and it's time to make these victories known. Aligning them with the job's needs using the Wozber ATS CV scanner makes your CV not just ATS-compliant but compelling.

Sales Development Rep
01/2021 - Present
ABC Inc.
  • Consistently achieved and exceeded quarterly and annual sales development targets by 20%.
  • Qualified over 500 leads from marketing campaigns, resulting in a 30% increase in sales opportunities.
  • Initiated outbound sales activities, achieving a 25% conversion rate.
  • Collaborated closely with sales and marketing teams, ensuring a seamless handover of 200+ leads per month.
  • Maintained accurate records using the company's CRM system, achieving a 99% data accuracy rate.
Junior Sales Assistant
06/2019 - 12/2020
XYZ Corp
  • Assisted senior sales representatives in achieving monthly sales targets.
  • Contributed to an 18% increase in recurring sales through effective client follow‑ups.
  • Organized 20+ sales meetings per month, leading to an average of 7 new client acquisitions.
  • Used CRM software to update and track customer interactions, improving team efficiency by 15%.
  • Participated in team training sessions, enhancing product knowledge and sales techniques.

1. Decode the Job Desc

Start by dissecting the job description. "Exceed monthly, quarterly, and annual sales targets"? Check. This tells the hiring manager you're not just a participant; you're a consistent performer.

2. Present Your Roles Strategically

Your latest role takes the spotlight. Lead with the position that mirrors the job title you're aiming for - 'Sales Development Rep at ABC Inc.' This alignment isn't coincidence; it's strategy.

3. Accomplishments with Numbers

"Qualified over 500 leads, resulting in a 30% increase in sales opportunities." Numbers don't just quantify your success; they narrate your capacity to elevate the game. Such metrics are music to a hiring manager's ears.

4. Use the Keyword Symphony

Infuse your accomplishments with keywords from the job description. "Initiated outbound sales activities achieving a 25% conversion rate" uses their language, making your CV sing in harmony with ATS and human ears alike.

5. Relevance is Your Filter

Every bullet point should be a testament to your fit for this specific sales development role. If it doesn't contribute to the narrative of 'Why you for this job?', consider it excess baggage.


The Experience section is your narrative of triumphs, told with precision and relevance. Make every word earn its place, showcasing you not just as a suitable candidate, but as the candidate. Remember, in the increasingly automated world of recruiting, mastering ATS optimisation with tools like Wozber's ATS CV scanner is as crucial as tailoring your story.


While your experience does the hard sell, your education is the proof of your solid foundation. It's subtly persuasive, indicating you've got the bedrock knowledge to build your sales career on. Let's sculpt this section to underscore its relevance.

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
Harvard University

1. Pin the Degree to the Job

"Bachelor's degree in Business, Marketing, or a related field" is not just a requirement; it's an expectation you meet. Showcasing this alignment front and center validates your candidacy from an academic standpoint.

2. Layout: Clean and Clear

A straightforward structure allows for a quick scan. Degree, field, institution, and graduation year should lay out clearly, like a product feature list that's easy to digest.

3. The Degree Match

Your "Bachelor of Science in Business Administration" isn't just a degree; it's a keyword match made in heaven. It tells the story of a purpose-driven educational journey, one that's led you right to this role.

4. Relevant Extras

This is where you get to sprinkle in some extra flavor. Relevant courses, honors, or clubs that align with sales can add depth to your educational background, making it more relatable to your targeted role.

5. Other Educational Nuggets

Don't shy away from mentioning additional credentials that bolster your fit for the job. Maybe you led a significant project or were part of a business club – these are the cherries on top, proving you're not just a good fit, but a great one.


Your education section is more than a list of degrees; it's a testament to your preparedness for the sales world. Crafted right, it reassures the hiring manager that you've got the academic chops to back up your professional prowess. Embellished wisely, it can significantly bolster your appeal.

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In the ever-evolving field of sales, staying updated is not just an option; it's a necessity. Your certificates are emblems of your commitment to growth. Highlighting them effectively can give you an edge.

Certified Sales Development Representative (CSDR)
Sales Management Association (SMA)
2020 - Present

1. Strategic Selection

Your "Certified Sales Development Representative (CSDR)" credential is not just a certificate; it's a beacon. It demonstrates you're not just participating in the field; you're mastering it. Keep your list focused and impactful.

2. The Primacy of Pertinence

Quantity has its place, but in the battle for attention, relevance reigns supreme. Highlight certifications that scream 'sales prowess' and align directly with the role you're after.

3. Date It

Dates aren't just timelines; they illustrate your trajectory. A recent certification spells out that you're up-to-date, telling the hiring manager you're always on the move, upgrading your arsenal.

4. The Cycle of Renewal

The world doesn't stand still, and neither should you. Continuous learning is the hallmark of a top-tier Sales Development Rep. Keep updating your CV with fresh certifications, using tools like Wozber to ensure they're ATS-friendly.


Certificates are your CV's power-ups, enhancing its appeal with tangible evidence of your commitment to excellence and growth. Each one you list is a step forward in your career. Position them strategically, and let them highlight your dedication to staying ahead in the game.


Your Skills section is a showcase of your sales toolkit. This is where you highlight not just what you're good at, but what makes you the perfect fit for this specific role. Let's curate a list that makes hiring managers take notice.

Active Listening
Presentation Skills
Cold Calling
Customer Relationship Management
Time Management
CRM Software
Lead Qualification
Sales Tools

1. Tailor to the T

Distill the job description into its essence. "Exceptional communication, active listening, and presentation skills" aren't just requirements; they're the keywords your CV needs to resonate with the role.

2. The Cream of the Crop

Handpick skills that align seamlessly with the job posting. 'Communication' and 'CRM Software' aren't just skills; they're bread and butter for a Sales Development Rep. Prioritize these in your CV to show you're not just familiar with the playbook; you wrote it.

3. Less is More

You might be tempted to list every skill under the sun, but restraint is the name of the game. A curated list that directly addresses the job's needs will have a far bigger impact, proving you understand what the role entails and you're ready to deliver.


Crafting a skill set that mirrors the job's requirements is like designing a custom suit; it just fits. It tells a hiring manager at a glance that you're not just equipped; you're tailor-made for the role. Approach your Skills section as strategically as a cold call, and watch your success rate soar.


In the global arena of sales, being multilingual is not just an asset; it's a superpower. Even if the job doesn't explicitly require it, showcasing your linguistic versatility can set you apart.


1. Highlight the Must-Haves

For a Sales Development Rep, English fluency is non-negotiable. Make this clear up top. It's the foundation upon which your global sales strategies can be built.

2. The More, the Merrier

Follow up with other languages you're fluent in. Each one is a door to a new market, a new set of opportunities. Even if not directly related to the job's current scope, they underscore your potential for growth and adaptation.

3. Clarity in Proficiency

Be transparent about your level of fluency. Whether you're 'Native' or 'Fluent,' make it clear. Overpromising and underdelivering can tarnish your credibility down the line.

4. Assess the Role's Reach

Consider how the role interacts on a global scale. If there's even a hint of international communication, your multilingual skills could be the ace up your sleeve. Use this section to highlight how you're not just a Sales Development Rep, but a global communicator.

5. Embrace Your Inner Polyglot

Even basic proficiency in a language can be a conversation starter and a testament to your willingness to learn and adapt. Don't shy away from listing languages where your proficiency is growing. Every bit counts.


Your languages section is more than a list; it's a statement of your capacity to connect across cultures. It's a powerful reminder that you're not just selling a product; you're building relationships. Position your linguistic skills as a bridge, not just between markets, but between people.


The Summary is where you condense your essence, channeling your unique sales force into a few compelling lines. It's your chance to leave a lasting impression, to say, 'I'm not just right for this job; I was born for it.' Let's craft a summary that captivates.

Sales Development Rep with over 3 years of experience in achieving and exceeding sales targets by leveraging CRM software, effective lead qualification, and outbound sales activities. Proven track record of collaborating with cross-functional teams and maintaining high data accuracy levels. Recognized for consistently contributing to significant increases in sales opportunities and company revenue.

1. Grasp the Job's Spirit

Reflect on the nature of the role. Being a Sales Development Rep means being on the frontline, turning leads into prospects and prospects into victories. Your summary should echo this relentless drive and passion.

2. Lead with Your Strengths

Begin with a nod to your experience: 'With over 3 years of exceeding sales targets…' This not only establishes tenure but frames you as a performer from the start.

3. Master the Keywords

Inject your summary with key skills and achievements that align with the job's demands. Mention your prowess in 'leveraging CRM software' and 'effective lead qualification.' This tells the story of a match made in sales heaven.

4. Brevity is Brilliance

Your summary is a teaser, not the feature film. Keep it concise, potent, and to the point. Aim for a blend of professionalism, enthusiasm, and readiness that beckons the reader to dive deeper into your CV.


A well-crafted summary can differentiate you in a sea of candidates. It's your sales pitch to the hiring manager, showcasing not just your fit for the job but your zeal to excel in it. Marry your experience and skills with the essence of the role, and you'll not just capture attention; you'll hold it.

Launching Your Sales Development Rep Journey

Congrats on powering through this guide! Armed with these insights and the Wozber free CV builder, you're poised to craft an ATS-compliant CV that not only ticks all the boxes but makes hiring managers sit up and take notice. Remember, your CV is more than a document; it's a narrative of your professional journey, fashioned to propel you toward your next big break.

Now's the time to let your sales savvy shine on paper as brightly as it does in person. The world is your marketplace; go forth and conquer.

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Sales Development Rep CV Example
Sales Development Rep @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Marketing, or a related field.
  • 2+ years of experience in sales development or a similar role.
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve or exceed quota.
  • Proficiency in using CRM software and other sales tools.
  • Exceptional communication, active listening, and presentation skills.
  • English fluency is a critical requirement.
  • Must be located in Austin, TX.
  • Consistently meet or exceed monthly, quarterly, and annual sales development targets.
  • Qualify leads from marketing campaigns as sales opportunities.
  • Initiate outbound sales activities, such as cold calling and emailing, to potential customers.
  • Collaborate closely with sales and marketing teams to ensure a seamless handover of leads.
  • Regularly update and maintain accurate records using the company's CRM system.
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