Commercial Project Manager CV Example

Navigating complex projects, but your CV feels like a maze? Delve into this Commercial Project Manager CV example, forged with Wozber free CV builder. Discover how to map your managerial prowess to sync with job milestones, driving your career as strategically and profitably as the projects you oversee!

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Commercial Project Manager CV Example
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How to write a Commercial Project Manager CV?

Hello, aspiring Commercial Project Manager! In the bustling domain of commercial construction, where each project unfolds like a grand symphony, your CV needs to hit all the right notes. It's your spotlight moment to dazzle hiring managers with a symphony of your achievements, orchestrated with precision. By harnessing the power of Wozber's free CV builder, creating an ATS-compliant CV that sings in harmony with the job description is simpler than you think.

Ready to conduct your career masterpiece? Let's fine-tune your CV into a performance that lands you the Commercial Project Manager role you're aiming for!

Personal Details

First impressions count, and your CV's Personal Details section is the opening act. Think of it as your professional marquee, shining bright. Crafting this section with attention ensures you start on a high note. Focused on the Commercial Project Manager role, let's orchestrate it to perfection.

Hector Mertz
Commercial Project Manager
(555) 123-4567
Los Angeles, California

1. Your Name in Lights

Your name is your headline. Make it bold and clear, allowing it to command the stage. This isn't the place to be shy; ensure it's the first thing that catches the eye of the hiring maestro.

2. The Role Title Encore

Mirror the job title directly below your name, as seen in the job description, "Commercial Project Manager." This not only shows you're in tune but also helps with ATS optimisation.

3. Essential Contact Info: The VIP Access

  • Phone Number: This is your backstage pass. Ensure accuracy so that interested parties know exactly how to reach you for the callback.
  • Professional Email Address: Keep it sophisticated and straightforward. A simple combination of your first and last name at a reputable email provider sings professionalism.

4. Geographic Harmony

In Commercial Project Management, location matters. Mentioning "Los Angeles, California" ticks a crucial box in the job requirements, providing a sweet note of convenience to potential employers.

5. The Digital Stage Presence

If you have a LinkedIn profile or a professional portfolio website, include it. Ensure they echo the professionalism of your CV, providing a deeper dive into your career accomplishments.


Crafting your Personal Details with careful attention sets the tone for the rest of your CV. This is your opening act; make it resonate with professionalism and direct relevance to the Commercial Project Manager role. With Wozber's free CV builder, laying down this foundation is effortless and polished.

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Your experience section is where the spotlight intensifies. It's a showcase of your career journey, where each role is a significant act in your story. Let's make it a compelling narrative that demonstrates you're the star performer for a Commercial Project Manager position.

Commercial Project Manager
01/2020 - Present
ABC Builders
  • Collaborated with a multidisciplinary team to plan, schedule, and track project timelines, ensuring 100% on‑time completions.
  • Successfully managed and resolved risks, issues, and conflicts, leading to a 20% decrease in project delays.
  • Coordinated both internal and external resources for the execution of projects, resulting in a 15% increase in efficiency.
  • Managed project budgets over $10 million, forecasting costs accurately with a 98% accuracy and timely financial reporting.
  • Conducted quarterly project review meetings, achieving a 95% adherence to project objectives and identifying opportunities for process optimisation.
Assistant Commercial Project Manager
04/2016 - 12/2019
XYZ Construction
  • Supported senior managers in the planning and execution of commercial projects, boosting project success rate by 10%.
  • Managed daily communication with subcontractors, ensuring timely delivery of materials and services.
  • Utilized project management software tools to streamline workflow, leading to a 25% increase in productivity for the team.
  • Prepared and presented comprehensive project reports to stakeholders, increasing client satisfaction ratings by 15%.
  • Played a critical role in the bid management process, resulting in a 12% higher win rate for projects.

1. Dissecting the Script

Analyze the job description with a keen eye, noting keywords and phrases like "plan, schedule, and track project timelines" or "manage project budget." These are your cues for what to highlight in your performance.

2. Setting the Scenes

List your roles in reverse-chronological order. Begin with your most recent performance, ensuring each act contributes to the story you're telling. This clear structure is both ATS and reader-friendly.

3. Scripting Your Achievements

For each role, script your accomplishments to reflect the responsibilities mentioned in the job description. Use action verbs and include quantifiable results when possible, such as managing project budgets over $10 million or leading to a 20% decrease in project delays.

4. Quantifiable Success

Whenever possible, include numbers to make your contributions concrete. Whether it's a monetary figure, a percentage improvement, or a scale of operation, these details add weight to your performance.

5. Relevant Acts Only

Keep the focus on experiences that harmonize with the Commercial Project Manager role. Side roles or unrelated performances, while interesting, may detract from the narrative you're building.


Your experience section is the showstopper of your CV. It's where you prove your worth as the leading candidate for the Commercial Project Manager role. With each accomplishment clearly aligned with the job's demands, you demonstrate your readiness to take the stage once more. Utilize Wozber's ATS-friendly CV template to present your professional journey in the best light.


The education section, while seemingly straightforward, underscores the foundation of your expertise. For a Commercial Project Manager, it illustrates your grounding in the principles that govern your field. Let's ensure it reflects your readiness for the role.

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
University of Southern California

1. The Prerequisite Highlight

Pinpoint the education requirement from the job description. For this role, a "Bachelor's degree in Business, Engineering, or a related field" is specified. Make sure your education aligns with this necessity.

2. The Layout

Present your educational background in a clear, digestible format, starting with the most recent. This clarity helps the CV reader and the ATS system to easily interpret your qualifications.

3. Degree Details

If your degree is directly mentioned in the job description, such as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, make it prominent. This direct match is music to the ears of hiring managers and ATS systems alike.

4. Relevant Courses

In some cases, listing specific courses can amplify your qualifications, especially if they are closely related to key responsibilities in the job description. This step may not always be necessary but consider it if your degree is a broader match.

5. Additional Academic Achievements

If you've accomplished anything in your academic career that you believe sets you apart, such as relevant projects or honors, mention them. Just ensure they resonate with the professionalism required for a Commercial Project Manager.


Your educational background should serve as a solid underpinning for your expertise. When tailored correctly, it not only confirms you meet the base requirements but also showcases your dedication to your profession. Wozber's ATS optimisation ensures this section is both appealing and compliant.

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Certificates in your CV can be like special features in a film – they enrich the main story, providing additional depth to your character. For a Commercial Project Manager, the right certifications catch the eye by showing commitment to your craft.

Project Management Professional (PMP)
Project Management Institute (PMI)
2017 - Present

1. Understanding the Script

Revisit the job description to identify any preferred certifications. For instance, "Certification in Project Management Professional (PMP) or equivalent is preferred" underscores the value of specific professional development.

2. Highlight Relevant Certifications

Only list certificates that enhance your candidacy for the role of Commercial Project Manager. This ensures that your CV remains focused and impactful.

3. Date Matters

Include the date of certification to show currency and relevance, especially for certificates that are considered industry standards, like the PMP.

4. Continuous Learning

Project management methods evolve, so indicating ongoing learning or recertification efforts can demonstrate your dedication to staying at the forefront of your field.


Strategically listed certificates can significantly enhance your CV by showcasing your commitment to professional excellence. Whether it's a PMP certification or another relevant accolade, this section should reinforce your suitability for the Commercial Project Manager role. Lean on Wozber's free CV builder to ensure these certifications complement the narrative of your professional journey.


The Skills section of your CV is a concise inventory of your professional capabilities. For a Commercial Project Manager, it is essential to strike a balance between hard and soft skills, reflecting a well-rounded candidate.

Project Management
Communication Skills
Risk Management
Team Leadership
Cost Forecasting
Budget Management
Process Optimisation
Stakeholder Engagement

1. Mining the Blueprint

Extract both explicit and implied skills from the job description, such as 'Project Management,' 'Risk Management,' and 'Communication Skills.' These are the tools of your trade.

2. Harmonious Listing

Your skills should directly reflect the job requirements. List your expert areas first, scaling down to those you're proficient in. This stratification shows well-rounded expertise.

3. Clean and Ordered

Resist listing every skill under the sun. Prioritize relevance and clarity, presenting a focused array that speaks to the needs of a Commercial Project Manager and passes the ATS scan.


Your Skills section should sing with relevance, each one resonating with the job's requirements. This isn't just a list; it's a proof of match, of potential. With the dedicated tools of Wozber's free CV builder, including the ATS CV scanner, ensuring your skills are attuned has never been easier.


In today's interconnected world, the ability to communicate across cultural boundaries is a distinct advantage. While this section may seem more auxiliary, for some roles, it can be a critical part of your qualifications.


1. Reviewing the Script

Verify if the job description specifies language requirements. "Must have a solid grasp of English" directly indicates the necessity for proficiency in English.

2. Prioritizing the Essential

List English at the top, noting your proficiency level as 'Native' to align with the job's specifications.

3. The Multilingual Advantage

Mention any additional languages and your proficiency level. Even if not required, this could set you apart in a global or multicultural context.

4. Honesty in Proficiency

Be clear about your level of proficiency for each language listed, using straightforward terms like 'Fluent,' 'Intermediate,' and 'Basic.'

5. Aligning with the Role's Reach

Consider the broader implications of the role. If it involves oversight across different regions, highlighting additional language skills can be a significant advantage.


Your language skills can broaden your CV's appeal significantly, especially in roles that touch upon diverse teams or geographies. While English is a must-have for this role, additional languages show readiness for global interaction. Showcasing this on your ATS-compliant CV crafted with Wozber demonstrates your preparedness for the expansive scope of Commercial Project Management.


The Summary section is your chance to captivate the audience from the beginning, offering a brief yet potent overview of your professional essence. For the Commercial Project Manager role, it's about striking a balance between brevity and impact.

Commercial Project Manager with over 6 years of proven expertise in planning, executing, and managing commercial projects. Demonstrated prowess in collaborating with diverse teams, managing budgets over $10 million, and achieving project objectives. Excels in risk management, stakeholder engagement, and process optimisation.

1. The Role's Essence

Take a moment to truly understand what the Commercial Project Manager role entails and how your experience ties in. This is the foundation of your summary.

2. Setting the Stage

Begin with a statement that firmly places you in the professional realm of Commercial Project Management, emphasizing your years of experience and key areas of expertise.

3. Unfolding the Highlights

Distill your career into a few standout achievements that reflect the job's requirements. This could range from managing multi-million dollar budgets to driving significant process optimisations.

4. Keeping it Crisp

Aim for a concise, punchy summary that piques interest without overloading on detail. This is the hook, not the whole show.


Your summary should be a tightrope walk between conciseness and informativeness, leaving the hiring manager eager to dive into the details of your CV. The ATS-friendly CV format provided by Wozber ensures this section is primed for impact, setting the stage for the detailed performance that follows. Let your summary be a flawless opening act, inviting the audience to want more.

Launching Your Commercial Project Manager Journey

With these ensemble pieces in harmony, your CV is now a symphony of professional prowess waiting to be showcased. At Wozber, we believe in making each note count, each skill shine, and each achievement resonate with potential employers. Remember, your CV is not just a document; it's your narrative, your ticket to the next big opportunity in your career. Let the tools provided by Wozber, including the free CV builder, ATS-friendly CV templates, and ATS CV scanner, guide you in composing a CV that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Your curtain call as a Commercial Project Manager is just a submission away. Go on, make your mark!

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Commercial Project Manager CV Example
Commercial Project Manager @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Engineering, or a related field.
  • Minimum of 5 years of project management experience, preferably in the commercial construction industry.
  • Demonstrated proficiency with project management software tools.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.
  • Certification in Project Management Professional (PMP) or equivalent is preferred.
  • Must have a solid grasp of English.
  • Must be located in Los Angeles, California.
  • Plan, schedule and track project timelines, milestones, and deliverables using appropriate tools.
  • Coordinate internal and external resources for the execution of projects.
  • Manage project budget, forecast costs, and ensure timely financial reporting.
  • Conduct project review meetings to ensure project objectives are achieved.
  • Manage and resolve risks, issues, and conflicts to ensure project success.
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