Podcaster CV Example

Sharing stories, but feeling like your CV is on mute? Unmute it with this Podcaster CV example, tuned up using Wozber free CV builder. It illustrates how to broadcast your audio adventures to resonate with job requirements, so your career narrative never fades into the background noise!

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Podcaster CV Example
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How to write a Podcaster CV?

Hello, future Podcaster extraordinaire! In the vibrant world of podcasting, where your voice and content craft the narrative of tomorrow, standing out is not merely an option—it's your ticket to the spotlight. Your CV? It's more than a piece of paper; it's a broadcast of your professional saga, designed to captivate from the first word.

Leveraging Wozber's free CV builder, this guide is your roadmap to composing a CV that resonates with the unique rhythms of the Podcaster role. Ready to tune your CV to the frequency of success? Let the journey begin!

Personal Details

Like the opening of your favorite podcast, the Personal Details section sets the stage for what's to come. Consider this your episode intro—concise, relevant, and intriguing. Here's how to perfect this section for the Podcaster role, making every word count.

Candace O'Kon
(555) 678-9101
Los Angeles, California

1. Tune In with Your Name

Your name is, essentially, your headline. Make it memorable. Use a clear, bold font that says ‘I'm a professional you'll want to remember.'

2. Mic Check with the Job Title

Echo the job title "Podcaster" below your name. This immediate resonance with the job description tells the hiring manager, ‘You're tuning into exactly what you're looking for.'

3. Dial In Your Contact Information

  • Phone Number: Ensure it's accurate. A minor typo can mean missing your callback for an interview.
  • Professional Email Address: Your email should be simple and professional. A format like firstname.lastname@email.com works perfectly.

4. Amplify the Required Location

Mentioning "Los Angeles, California" not only matches the job description but reassures the employer of your readiness and availability.

5. Engage with a Professional Profile

Including a LinkedIn profile or personal website dedicated to your work can act like show notes for your CV, offering a deeper dive into your professional universe.


Craft this section like the compelling introduction to your podcast episode. Concise, commanding attention, and setting the tone for what's to follow. Your CV's Personal Details section is the prelude to your professional story.

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Your experience section is the main content of your episode. It's where you showcase the depth of your narrative, the episodes you've produced, and the impact you've had. Let's dive into scripting this section to echo the unique demands of the Podcaster role and turn the hiring manager into a loyal subscriber.

01/2019 - Present
ABC Podcasts
  • Planned, researched, and developed 100+ podcast episodes with engaging and relevant content, boosting monthly listeners by 40%.
  • Scripted, recorded, and edited 200+ hours of high‑quality audio content, resulting in a 99% positive user rating on all major podcast platforms.
  • Strengthened collaboration with a network of over 50 industry experts and influencers, leading to a 30% increase in podcast guest bookings.
  • Promoted podcasts on social media, growing followers by 50K within the first year.
  • Utilized audience feedback to make strategic adjustments, enhancing content relevance and driving a consistent 15% month‑over‑month growth in downloads.
Audio Producer
06/2016 - 12/2018
XYZ Media Corp
  • Oversaw the production of 2 popular audio shows, each receiving over 100K weekly downloads.
  • Implemented new audio editing techniques, resulting in a 20% reduction in post‑production time.
  • Introduced a rigorous quality control process, ensuring each episode met or exceeded industry standards.
  • Optimised audio workflow, improving efficiency by 25%.
  • Collaborated with creative teams to generate innovative show ideas, leading to the launch of 3 successful podcast series.

1. Break Down the Key Beats

Identify the essential experiences from the job description, such as content creation, audio editing, and audience growth. This will be your episode outline.

2. Set the Stage with Roles and Venues

List your professional engagements in order of recency, akin to episode releases. For each, include your job title, company name, and the date range, setting the scene for your achievements.

3. Script Your Achievements

Frame your responsibilities and accomplishments in a way that mirrors the requirements of the Podcaster role. Phrases like ‘Developed 100+ podcast episodes,' and ‘Grew monthly listeners by 40%' speak volumes of your capability.

4. Spotlight Your Ratings

Quantify your successes with stats that prove your worth, such as download figures, listener growth rates, or social media engagement numbers. This demonstrates the tangible impact of your work.

5. Edit for Your Audience

Streamline your content to engage your target—the hiring manager. Keep the job description in mind and cut any ‘filler' that doesn't contribute to the narrative they're interested in.


Your experience section is your showreel. It's where you demonstrate your worth, not just through the roles you've held, but through the stories they tell and the achievements they highlight. Make each bullet point a proof point of your excellence.


Think of the Education section as your origin story—it's where your journey into podcasting began. For a role as nuanced as a Podcaster, your educational background sets the stage for your technical skills and content savvy. Here's how to tell that origin story in a way that resonates.

Bachelor of Arts, Communications
University of California, Los Angeles

1. Highlight the Prologue

Identify the educational requirement from the job description. For this role, a "Bachelor's degree in Communications, Journalism, or related field" is your starting point.

2. Plot Your Academic Journey

Present your education clearly, with your degree, field of study, and institution. If it directly aligns with podcasting, bonus points—you're telling the hiring manager your story started with this passion.

3. Match Your Credentials with the Job Notes

Ensure your degree and the field are listed exactly as they are in the job description, like our "Bachelor of Arts in Communications." This is like using the right tags to ensure your podcast is easily found.

4. Feature Relevant Episodes

If certain courses or projects align closely with the Podcaster role, spotlight them. This adds depth to your story, showing not just where you've been, but where you're eager to go.

5. Tune into Additional Accolades

Include relevant honors, clubs, or projects if they add to your narrative. But remember, your audience—if this is an episode they've heard before, it may be one to skip.


Your educational background is not just a list of schools and degrees; it's the backstory of your journey into podcasting. In your CV, make it count as an integral part of your narrative, one that aligns seamlessly with the role you're pursuing.

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In the podcasting world, staying updated and continuously honing your craft is vital. Certificates are like subscription updates for your skills—proof that you're not just keeping pace, but setting the tempo. Let's curate your list to underscore your perpetual growth in the industry.

Podcasting Certification (PC)
International Podcast Association
2019 - Present
Certified Audio Producer (CAP)
Audio Producers Guild
2017 - Present

1. Review the Episode Notes

Begin by scanning the job description. While it may not detail specific certifications, aligning your listed credentials with the skills and experiences required can amplify your resonance with the role.

2. Choose Featured Guests

Prioritize certificates that play to the role's requirements. For instance, a "Podcasting Certification" screams relevance, showcasing both commitment and expertise.

3. Broadcast Dates of Significance

Especially if they are recent, dates can signal your current readiness and dedication to the craft. Think of it as showing you're in sync with the latest industry wave.

4. Stay on the Air

Commit to your development by embracing continuous learning, ensuring your skills stay sharp and your knowledge of industry trends is current. This paints you as a dynamic and evolving professional.


Certificates are more than accolades; they are testimony to your unceasing commitment to excellence. Selectively showcasing these on your CV tells potential employers that you're not just experienced, but vigorously relevant.


In the bustling world of podcasting, your skills set the tone, define your niche, and build your audience. The Skills section of your CV is like your podcast's tag cloud—highlighting the themes and capabilities that make your content uniquely appealing. Striking the right balance here is crucial.

Adobe Audition
Verbal and Written Communication
Content Strategy
Collaboration and Teamwork
Research and Interviewing
Audio storytelling
Content Optimisation
Industry Trend Tracking
Social Media Promotion

1. Curate Your Playlist

Start by aligning your skills with the ones mentioned in the job description. Demonstrating proficiency in "Adobe Audition" and "Content Strategy," for example, echoes the exact technical and strategic capabilities they're scouting for.

2. Mix the Best of Both Worlds

Incorporate both hard skills, like audio editing, and soft skills, such as collaboration or storytelling. This blend portrays you as a well-rounded candidate, capable of both creating compelling content and working harmoniously in a team.

3. Volume Control

While you might have a broad skillset, tailor this section to the role. Select skills that amplify your suitability for the position, avoiding any that muddle the tune you're trying to play.


Just as in podcasting, where the symphony of content, voice, and production crafts a memorable episode, your Skills section mixes individual capabilities to present a holistic view of your professional persona. Curate it to resonate with your intended audience—the hiring manager.


As a Podcaster, your ability to communicate effectively is paramount. Your command of languages can open up new audiences and markets, enhancing the reach and impact of your content. In the global 'marketplace' of talents, your linguistic skills can set you apart.


1. Sync with Job Frequencies

Start by aligning with the language requirements specified in the job description. For a Podcaster, having "Excellent verbal and written communication skills" in English is a must. Highlight your proficiency level clearly.

2. Showcase Your Linguistic Range

If you are multilingual, listing additional languages can underscore your capability to engage with diverse audiences or even expand the podcast's reach.

3. Volume Levels of Proficiency

Be clear and accurate about your level of proficiency in each language, using terms such as "native," "fluent," "intermediate," or "basic." Accuracy in representation ensures expectations are matched.

4. Consider the Show's Format

If the podcast aims to reach international listeners or feature guests from various backgrounds, your multilingual abilities become even more of an asset. Tailor this section to spotlight languages that suit the show's strategy.

5. Remastering and Learning

Just like in podcasting, where learning and adapting to new trends is key, show a willingness to enhance your language skills. This eagerness for growth can be an attractive trait to employers.


Your ability to communicate in different languages is more than a line on a CV; it's your ticket to connecting with a worldwide audience and furthering the reach of your podcasts. Celebrate your linguistic skills as part of your unique selling proposition.


Crafting a compelling Summary is like tailoring the perfect podcast intro—it hooks your audience, sets the tone, and gives a glimpse of the journey ahead. Your Summary is a teaser of your professional narrative, designed to captivate and compel. Here's how to craft one that resonates.

Podcaster with over 5 years of hands-on experience in planning, producing, and promoting high-traffic podcasts. Recognized for expertise in content strategy, scriptwriting, and audio production. Demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively with guests and production teams to deliver engaging, in-demand shows. Seasoned in leveraging industry trends and analytics to refine content strategy and maintain consistent growth.

1. Know Your Audience

Understand the essence of what the hiring manager is looking for. Break down the job description to highlight how your background meshes perfectly with their needs.

2. Script Your Intro

Begin with a powerful opening line that encapsulates your professional identity. Mention your experience and expertise in podcasting, setting the stage for your narrative.

3. Highlight Critical Episodes

Include a brief overview of your key skills and notable achievements, such as your ability to increase listenership or optimise content strategy. Make it clear why you're the standout choice for their next Podcaster.

4. Keep It Engaging

Your Summary should be concise yet evocative, leaving the hiring manager eager to learn more. Think of it as your show's tagline—memorable and enticing.


Your Summary is your opportunity to broadcast your unique value proposition. Craft it with care, making sure it resonates with the spirit of the Podcaster role. Let it be the hook that leaves hiring managers wanting to ‘subscribe' to your professional journey.

Launching Your Podcaster Journey

Congratulations on fine-tuning your CV to the dynamic rhythms of a Podcaster's role. Equipped with insights from this guide and the powerful tools from Wozber's free CV builder, including ATS-friendly CV templates and an ATS CV scanner for ultimate ATS optimisation, you're now ready to captivate hiring managers with your narrative. Let your CV be the launchpad for your next big adventure in podcasting. The stage is set, and the mic is yours—go forth and let the world hear your story.

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Podcaster CV Example
Podcaster @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Communications, Journalism, or related field.
  • Minimum of 3 years of professional podcasting or audio production experience.
  • Proficiency in audio editing software such as Adobe Audition or GarageBand.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong research and interviewing abilities.
  • Must be able to read and write in English effectively.
  • Must be located in Los Angeles, California.
  • Plan, research, and develop podcast episodes with engaging and relevant content.
  • Script, record, and edit high-quality audio content suitable for podcast distribution.
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends, analytics, and audience feedback to optimize content strategy.
  • Collaborate with guests, hosts, and production team to ensure cohesive storytelling and production value.
  • Promote podcasts on various platforms, including social media channels and podcast networks.
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