Digital Marketing Manager CV Example

Charting campaigns, but feeling lost in your CV strategy? Explore this Digital Marketing Manager CV example, assembled with Wozber free CV builder. Learn how effortlessly you can align your online insights and outreach skills to digitally dominate job descriptions, steering your career's success with targeted precision!

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Digital Marketing Manager CV Example
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How to write a Digital Marketing Manager CV?

Ah, the Digital Marketing Manager - a role where creativity meets analytics. Imagine crafting campaigns that captivate and convert, all while analyzing data that informs every strategic move. Your CV isn't just a document; it's your launchpad. Ready to rocket your application to the top of the pile? Dive into this guide, leveraging a free CV builder like Wozber to perfect your ATS-compliant CV. Let's turn your career aspirations into career achievements!

Personal Details

In the world of digital marketing, first impressions are everything. The same goes for your CV. Let's ensure your personal details section does more than just introduce you; it captivates.

May Mitchell
Digital Marketing Manager
(555) 123-4567
San Francisco, California

1. Brand Yourself

Start by presenting your name clearly - think of it as your personal logo. A bit larger font here acts like a spotlight, ensuring you're not just another candidate in the stack.

2. Speak Their Language

Mirroring the job title "Digital Marketing Manager" right beneath your name signals alignment. It's like using the right hashtag to get found.

3. Dial In

Make sure your contact information is typo-free. A professional email address, your phone number, and a LinkedIn profile (if you have it) are your digital handshake.

4. Geography Matters

Referencing San Francisco, California, acknowledges one of the job's specific requirements, ensuring you're not filtered out for logistics.

5. The Web of You

Including a professional website or portfolio showcases your digital prowess. It's like the bonus track to your greatest hits.


Curating your personal details with precision sets a professional and relevant tone right from the start. Each element is a thread in the fabric of your professional persona, woven together to present a picture of a candidate ready to thrive as a Digital Marketing Manager.

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In the dynamic field of digital marketing, your experience needs to shine brighter than the rest. Let's tailor this section to showcase your strategic and tactical prowess.

Digital Marketing Manager
07/2019 - Present
ABC Tech
  • Developed and implemented innovative digital marketing strategies, driving a 25% increase in online traffic and 30% growth in revenue.
  • Tracked, analyzed, and reported on website traffic, resulting in key adjustments that improved conversion rates by 20%.
  • Successfully managed and optimised multi‑platform digital advertising campaigns, achieving a 15% higher click‑through rate compared to industry benchmarks.
  • Collaborated with a team of content creators, producing high‑quality content that increased engagement by 40% on digital channels.
  • Remained ahead of industry changes, implementing the latest digital marketing tools which kept the organisation 2 steps ahead of competitors.
Assistant Digital Marketing Manager
03/2016 - 06/2019
XYZ Solutions
  • Assisted in the creation and execution of annual digital marketing plans, leading to a 20% boost in brand recognition.
  • Played a key role in leveraging SEO and email campaigns, achieving a 35% growth in organic website traffic.
  • Managed valuable partnerships with external agencies, otimizing advertising spend by 25%.
  • Utilized advanced analytical skills to provide actionable insights, resulting in a 22% increase in campaign ROI.
  • Introduced A/B testing methodology, improving campaign performance and otimizing user experience.

1. Decipher The Code

Break down each part of the job requirements, identifying which of your experiences best match. Think of it as identifying your target audience before launching a campaign.

2. The Perfect Campaign

Lay out your roles and companies like you would a marketing plan, starting with the most recent. This chronological structure showcases your career trajectory like a campaign timeline.

3. Your Success Stories

Detail achievements that reflect the job requirements, like increasing online traffic or enhancing click-through rates. It's like showcasing your best-performing campaigns.

4. The Power of Numbers

Quantify your successes whenever possible. Did you boost revenue by 30%? That's a metric that turns heads, much like a well-optimised ad campaign.

5. Relevance Reigns

Focus on digital marketing specifics. While being a multi-tasker is great, this is where your SEO, SEM, and content marketing expertise needs to outshine the rest.


The experience section is your portfolio within the CV. It's where you provide proof of your digital marketing expertise. Tailoring each point to the job at hand proves that not only can you walk the walk, but you've been doing it impressively for years.


Even in the hands-on world of digital marketing, your educational background sets the stage. Let's ensure it supports your role as a leading Digital Marketing Manager.

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

1. Match The Spec

Highlight your Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business, or a related field, directly meeting one of the core requirements of the job. This is like selecting the right keywords for an SEO strategy.

2. The Blueprint

Keep the structure of this section clean and straightforward. List your degree, field, university, and graduation year. Think of it as the metadata of your educational history.

3. Degree Details

For instance, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration not only matches the requirement but shows a broad understanding of the business, crucial for a Digital Marketing Manager.

4. Course Highlights

Though not always necessary, listing relevant courses can add depth, much like a content marketing strategy adds depth to your brand's online presence.

5. Extra Credits

If you have pertinent honorary mentions or extracurricular achievements, add them sparingly. They're like the engagement metrics that add another layer of credibility to your campaign results.


The Education section of your CV underpins your practical skills with a sound theoretical foundation. It reassures the employer of your well-rounded qualifications and your capability to strategize and execute at a high level as a Digital Marketing Manager.

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In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, certifications keep you at the cutting edge. Let's accentuate how these can be your ace in the role.

Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)
Digital Marketing Institute (DMI)
2020 - Present

1. Identify With Precision

Review job requirements to discern if specific certificates are mentioned. In our case, there wasn't a direct mention, which gives us the freedom to strategically choose what to highlight.

2. Choose Wisely

Include certifications like the Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) to show engagement with ongoing self-improvement and relevance to the digital marketing field. It's like selecting the right tools for your marketing stack.

3. Time Matters

Adding the date showcases the currentness of your knowledge, similar to keeping your marketing strategies up-to-date with the latest trends.

4. Stay Agile

The digital landscape constantly shifts. By regularly updating your certifications, you show a commitment to staying ahead, much like you would by staying on top of the latest digital marketing trends.


Certificates are the badges of honor in your digital marketing arsenal. They showcase your dedication to the craft and a never-ending quest for knowledge. Highlight them as proof that you're not just keeping pace but setting the pace in digital marketing.


The skills section is the arsenal of your CV, brimming with the tools of your trade. Here's how to assemble it with the precision of a well-targeted campaign.

Content Marketing
Analytical Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Social Media Management
Google Analytics
Email Campaigns
Strategy Development
Data Interpretation

1. Decoding the Brief

First, sift through the job description for both stated and implied skills required. Think of it as identifying the keywords for your PPC campaign.

2. Key Skills Selection

Match your skills with the job description, prioritizing those like SEO, SEM, and content marketing. List them in a way that reflects your mastery, positioning you as the expert you are.

3. Clean, Precise Layout

Opt for a neat and organized presentation. Focus on what truly counts – think quality over quantity to make every skill a heavyweight contender.


Your skills section should act like the click-worthy headline of an ad. Make it impossible for the hiring manager to scroll past without taking a closer look. Display your digital marketing toolkit with pride, ensuring it's fully charged with results-driven, strategic, and analytical skills. This is your moment to shine.


In an increasingly global market, linguistic prowess can be a game-changer. Let's craft your languages section to reflect your global mindset.


1. Meeting the Brief

The job requires "English language fluency." Ensure this is clearly stated, presenting you as the perfect match for the role's communication needs.

2. Showcase Your Linguistic Arsenal

Listing additional languages you're fluent in, like Spanish, can be a bonus, demonstrating your capability to engage in diverse markets.

3. Honesty in Proficiency

Clarity about your language skills prevents any misunderstandings. Whether you're 'Native' or 'Fluent,' let the hiring manager know exactly what to expect.

4. Assessing the Landscape

Consider the job's scope. If it involves international markets or diverse teams, additional languages can significantly bolster your application.

5. Expansion Through Language

Every language you learn opens a door to a new audience. Even basic proficiency shows willingness to bridge cultural divides, a valuable asset in marketing.


Highlighting your linguistic skills is akin to otimizing your content for various markets. It amplifies your reach and showcases your ability to connect with a broader audience. Let your language skills be the keywords that ensure your CV is universally appealing.


A compelling summary can set the tone for your entire CV. Make it a mirror that reflects your suitability for a Digital Marketing Manager role.

Digital Marketing Manager with over 6 years of progressive experience in digital marketing. Recognized for driving online traffic, elevating brand recognition, and achieving significant revenue growth. Highly skilled in formulating digital marketing strategies, tracking website performance, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to produce engaging content.

1. The Core Insight

Analyze the job description like you would a market research report. Identify what the employer truly needs.

2. The Hook

Begin with a powerful introduction that encapsulates your career essence. Imagine it's the opening line of your most engaging campaign.

3. Address the Brief

Mention your expertise in driving online traffic, enhancing brand recognition, and significant revenue growth through digital marketing strategies.

4. Conciseness is Key

Your summary should be sharp and to the point, delivering maximum impact in a few lines. Think of it as the meta description for the most compelling page on the web - yours.


Craft your summary with the precision of a strategic marketer. Make it clear, impactful, and impossible to ignore. This is your chance to encapsulate your professional journey, your skills, and your readiness to take on the Digital Marketing Manager role. It's time to let your career story shine.

Launching Your Digital Marketing Manager Journey

Congratulations! You've just strategized your way through creating an ATS-compliant CV that's as compelling as a breakout marketing campaign. Armed with these tailored insights, you're ready to conquer the digital marketing world, one application at a time. Remember, your CV is the bridge between you and your next big opportunity. With Wozber's free CV builder, including the ATS-friendly CV format and ATS CV scanner, you're equipped to create a document that not only meets the criteria but surpasses expectations.

The digital marketing landscape is vast and full of potential. It's your time to make a mark. Dive into Wozber, create, and launch your success story. The world is waiting to see what you can achieve.

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Digital Marketing Manager CV Example
Digital Marketing Manager @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business, or related field.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in digital marketing or related roles.
  • Proven expertise in SEO, SEM, social media, content marketing, and email campaigns.
  • Strong analytical skills with proficiency in web analytics tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • English language fluency is a key requirement.
  • Must be located in San Francisco, CA.
  • Develop and implement digital marketing strategies to drive online traffic and revenue growth.
  • Track and analyze website traffic and provide regular performance reports to key stakeholders.
  • Manage and optimize digital advertising campaigns across various platforms.
  • Collaborate with the content team to produce high-quality, engaging content for digital channels.
  • Stay updated with the latest digital marketing trends, tools, and industry changes to ensure the organization remains competitive.
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