Backing Vocalist CV Example

Lending pitch-perfect harmonies, but your CV isn't hitting the right notes? Harmonize your credentials with this Backing Vocalist CV example, sung to perfection with Wozber free CV builder. Learn how to blend your musical talents with job demands, crafting a career that's always on key!

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Backing Vocalist CV Example
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How to write a Backing Vocalist CV?

Greetings, future Backing Vocalist sensation! Ready to amplify your career in a melody of success and harmonize your CV with the role you're dreaming of? Dive into this symphony of CV crafting, wielding the tools provided by Wozber's free CV builder. This masterclass is your ticket to fine-tuning a CV that hits every note perfectly for the Backing Vocalist role. With ATS-compliant formatting and tailored content, let's embark on creating a CV that serenades your way right into the spotlight.

Personal Details

First impressions in music and CVs are critical. Let's compose a Personal Details section that sets the stage for your grand entrance.

Sharon Lind
Backing Vocalist
(555) 987-6543
Los Angeles, California

1. Name that Brand

Think of your name as the title of your debut album; it needs to catch attention. Make sure it's in a clear, readable font – your headline act.

2. Role Title Harmony

Echo the exact job title from the description right below your name. ‘Backing Vocalist' positioned here immediately tunes the hiring manager into your aspirations.

3. Your Contact Symphony

Ensure your phone and professional email (yes, firstname.lastname@email.com sings best) are pitch-perfect with no typos. These are your contact tracks – make them hit.

4. Location, Location, Location

Since being in Los Angeles is a must for this gig, include your city and state up front. This instantly aligns you with one of the core requirements.

5. Skip the Unnecessary Solos

Personal details like age or marital status? That's backstage info. Keep the spotlight on your professional persona.


Your Personal Details set the initial tone. This introduction is your chance to make the hiring manager look forward to your performance. Keep it crisp, relevant, and in perfect harmony with the role you're eyeing. With the stage set, be ready to dive into your career ensemble.

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Your experience is your discography, a collection of hits that showcase your vocal prowess. Let's ensure each track tells a story of success, tailored to the Backing Vocalist role.

Backing Vocalist
01/2020 - Present
ABC Artists
  • Provided backing vocals for a variety of live performances, enhancing musical dynamics and harmonizing flawlessly with lead vocalists.
  • Memorized and performed vocal arrangements and lyrics for a repertoire of over 100 songs.
  • Collaborated closely with lead vocalists, yielding a cohesive musical experience that resonated with audiences.
  • Attended over 200 rehearsals, ensuring optimal vocal qualities and synchronization with other performers.
  • Maintained a professional on/off‑stage image, representing the artist group effectively at over 150 shows.
Backup Singer
05/2018 - 12/2019
XYZ Productions
  • Contributed to studio sessions, elevating the recordings with my backing vocals for 50+ tracks.
  • Adapted to various genres and musical styles, showcasing versatility in 75+ performances.
  • Assisted in training and mentoring new vocalists, ensuring high‑quality performances throughout the group.
  • Collaborated with the sound engineering team, enhancing the audio output during live shows.
  • Participated in 5 major music festivals, gaining exposure to diverse audiences and receiving positive feedback.

1. Break Down the Setlist

Scrutinize the job description like a new song. Highlight the experiences and accomplishments that match, ensuring your career hits are in tune with what they're looking for.

2. Venue, Date, Track

List your roles chronologically, spotlighting your most recent performances. For each, include your title (‘Backing Vocalist'), the 'venue' (company), and dates like world tour stops.

3. Harmonize Your Achievements

Craft accomplishment statements that resonate with the role. Showcase how you've supported lead vocals, adapted to genres – sing your praises quantified by numbers when possible.

4. Make Your Achievements Sing

Quantify your solos. How many tracks have you supported? Audience sizes? Your performance numbers give a sense of scale and impact of your vocal support.

5. Encore Only the Hits

Include experiences that resonate with a Backing Vocalist's role. Your stint as lead guitarist is cool, but save it for the interviews when storytelling matters.


The Experience section is your main performance, a chance to prove you're the star they need. This is no open mic - be precise, confident, and demonstrate your value through well-curated career highlights. With a spotlight on relevant achievements, your CV is bound to encore.


While natural talent shines, the foundation of your educational background harmonizes with your skills. Here's how to ensure your education section sings in tune to the Backing Vocalist role.

Bachelor of Arts, Music
University of California, Los Angeles

1. Identify the Educational Score

Even without specific educational demands for our example, highlight your relevant degree, like ‘Bachelor of Arts in Music', that attunes to the role's requirements.

2. Structure of a Song

Keep the composition of this section simple yet impactful. List your degree, field of study, and alma mater, followed by your graduation year as if they're verses leading to the chorus.

3. Degree in Spotlight

If your degree directly tunes into the Backing Vocalist demands, give it center stage. This shows you're theoretically equipped to hit the right notes.

4. Relevant Courses as Harmony

Include courses that perfected your pitch or harmonizing abilities. It's like sharing the playlist that influenced your musical journey.

5. Awards and Achievements

Did you lead a vocal ensemble or win music competitions? Such accolades serve as testimonials to your dedication and skill, making your educational journey more distinguished.


Your Education section is a bridge to your professionalism, showcasing the foundational melodies that support your expertise. Let it resonate with the role you aspire, and ensure it demonstrates your preparedness to perform on the professional stage. You're not just a performer; you're a lifelong student of music.

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In a world where continuous improvement hits the high notes, certifications can be your backstage pass to proving ongoing learning and specialization. Let's amplify your certifications to fit the Backing Vocalist role.

Certified Studio Vocalist (CSV)
International Voice Association (IVA)
2019 - Present

1. Tune into Required Certifications

Start by echoing any specific certifications mentioned in the job description. In our case, there weren't explicit requirements, so we harmonized with a ‘Certified Studio Vocalist' credential.

2. Cherry-Pick the Greatest Hits

Select certifications that are music to the ears of hiring managers seeking a Backing Vocalist. Emphasize those that amplify your ability to adapt to various genres and showcase stage presence.

3. Showcase the Release Dates

Including the date of your certification can show your most current hits, ensuring the recruiter knows you keep your skills chart-topping.

4. Seek Out New Genres

The music scene evolves, and so should you. Pursue certifications that expand your range and bring fresh sounds into your performance repertoire.


Think of certifications as the B-sides to your main hits; they enrich your profile and show depth. Cultivate a collection that not only attests to your skill but also demonstrates your commitment to mastering your craft. Keep your certifications in tune with industry trends, making your CV a platinum record.


Every Backing Vocalist brings a unique set of instruments – skills that make their performance unforgettable. Let's orchestrate your skills section to make sure it resonates with the essence of the role.

Vocal Range Adaptation
Stage Presence
Team Collaboration
Performance Memorization
Musical Dynamics
Live Showmanship
Song Repertoire Building
Recording Techniques

1. Compose from the Job Score

Start with breaking down the skills mentioned in the job description – from "proficiency in harmonizing" to "exceptional stage presence." These are your keywords, your lyric sheet to which your skills must harmonize.

2. Ensemble of Abilities

Like a well-composed song, your skills section should be a blend of hard and soft skills that sing to the role of a Backing Vocalist. Balance your musical talents with interpersonal skills like 'Team Collaboration'.

3. Keep the Chords Clear

Resist packing this section with every skill in your repertoire. Strum only the chords that resonate most with the position – your 'Greatest Hits', so to speak.


Consider the Skills section as your acoustic set – stripped back but deeply impactful. Highlight the abilities that echo the job's requirements, ensuring every note proves why you're the perfect choice for the Backing Vocalist role. Keep refining your skills, and let this section sing your professional harmony.


In the ensemble of your professional capabilities, language skills can be your key to global stages. Here's how to orchestrate your language proficiency in harmony with the demands of a Backing Vocalist.


1. Setlist of Language Preferences

The job description emphasizes 'English speaking proficiency.' Start your language section with this headliner, ensuring it's your opening act.

2. Feature Your Supporting Acts

Additional languages you're fluent in, like 'Spanish', act as your supporting acts, showcasing your ability to engage with a wider audience and collaborate internationally.

3. Vocalize Your Proficiency Levels

Be clear about your proficiency, using terms such as 'Native' or 'Fluent'. This lets the hiring manager know how seamlessly you can transition between languages, both on and off the stage.

4. Global Soundcheck

For roles with a potential global tour or international collaborations, additional languages amplify your adaptability and global appeal.

5. Continuous Learning Set

Just as you work on expanding your vocal range, consider adding new languages to your setlist. It's another facet of your artistry that can set you apart.


Language skills are much like genres in music; they expand your reach and enrich your performance. Flaunt your linguistic abilities confidently, and view them as integral components of your global appeal. Your ability to communicate across cultures is a ticket to worldwide stages. Keep embracing new languages and ensure your voice is heard far and wide.


The summary is your stage introduction, a hook that entices the audience to listen closely. Let's ensure your summary sets the tone for an unforgettable performance, tailoring it precisely to your Backing Vocalist aspirations.

Backing Vocalist with over 4 years of experience in live performances, studio sessions, and collaborating with renowned artists. Known for harmonizing efforts, maintaining musical dynamics, and adapting to various genres. Adept at representing artist groups with a professional on/off-stage image.

1. Tune into the Role

Absorb the essence of the job description, internalizing the melody of the requirements. Your summary must reflect this understanding, showing you're in perfect key with the role.

2. Open with a Strong Note

Begin with a powerful line about your professional identity, akin to a memorable riff that captures the essence of your career thus far.

3. Harmonize with Achievements

Highlight a few key skills and your most encore-worthy achievements. Let them know from the get-go how you've dazzled audiences and supported star performances.

4. Keep the Tempo Tight

Aim for a summary that's a crisp, 3-5 line verse, giving just enough to leave them wanting more, eager to dive into the 'tracks' that follow.


Your summary is your spotlight moment, the first verse to the symphony of your CV. Tailoring it to resonate with the essence of the job lets the hiring manager know you're ready to take the stage. With every element of your CV now in perfect harmony, it's time to step into the limelight. Your next gig as a Backing Vocalist is waiting. Hit the high note with Wozber, utilizing our free CV builder, ATS-friendly CV templates, and ATS CV scanner to make your application a chart-topping hit!

Encore: Your Standing Ovation Awaits

Congratulations on composing your backstage pass to success! Equipped with insights to harmonize your CV with the Backing Vocalist role, you're set to captivate hiring managers. As a creative soul in a competitive industry, your CV is your billboard - make it shine with Wozber's free CV builder. Remember, it's not just about hitting the right notes but how you make music with what you've got.

So, amplify your achievements, fine-tune your skills, and let your career soar on a melody of success. The stage is set, the audience awaits – it's showtime!

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Backing Vocalist CV Example
Backing Vocalist @ Your Dream Company
  • Minimum of 2 years of professional experience as a backing vocalist or in a vocal ensemble.
  • Proficiency in harmonizing with lead vocals and maintaining musical dynamics.
  • Strong vocal range and the ability to adapt to various genres and musical styles.
  • Exceptional stage presence and experience performing for live audiences.
  • Working knowledge of recording techniques and studio sessions.
  • English speaking proficiency required.
  • Must be located in Los Angeles, California.
  • Provide backing vocals and harmonies during live performances or recording sessions.
  • Learn and memorize vocal arrangements and lyrics for a repertoire of songs.
  • Collaborate closely with lead vocalists and other musicians to create a cohesive musical experience.
  • Attend rehearsals to refine vocal qualities and ensure synchronization with other performers.
  • Maintain a professional image, both on and off stage, to represent the artist or group effectively.
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