Wellness Manager CV Example

Promoting healthy vibes, but your CV feels under the weather? Perk up with this Wellness Manager CV example, customized with Wozber free CV builder. Discover how effortlessly you can infuse your wellness leadership with job specifics, helping your career journey stay in tip-top shape!

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Wellness Manager CV Example
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How to write a Wellness Manager CV?

Hello, aspiring Wellness Manager! The journey to securing your dream job begins with crafting a CV that not only stands out but also intricately aligns with the job you're eyeing. In the wellness world, demonstrating your ability to significantly impact employee well-being and engagement is paramount. Leveraging the power of Wozber, a free CV builder with an ATS-friendly CV template and ATS CV scanner, this guide is your companion in navigating through the nuances of building a CV specifically tailored for a Wellness Manager position.

Ready to transform your passion for wellness into a captivating career narrative? Let's dive in!

Personal Details

Personal details are more than just formalities; they are your first handshake with the hiring manager. Let's ensure that you resonate with the essence of a Wellness Manager from the very beginning of your CV.

Brianne Bernier
Wellness Manager
(555) 987-6543
Los Angeles, California

1. Brand Yourself with Your Name

Your name is your personal brand. Make it memorable by using a clear, bold font at the top of your CV. This allows the hiring manager to recall your application more easily.

2. Mirror the Position

Just below your name, align your current title with the job you're applying for by stating "Wellness Manager." This immediate alignment shows that you're not just applying to any position but that your career trajectory has led you here.

3. Necessary Contact Information

A phone number and a professional email are essential. Ensure that your email address reflects professionalism; something as straightforward as firstname.lastname@email.com works perfectly.

4. Confirm Your Location

"Must be located in Los Angeles, California." This specific requirement means showcasing your Los Angeles address or indicating your readiness to relocate (if applicable) can position you as a more viable candidate.

5. Link to Your Professional World

If applicable, adding a link to a professional portfolio or LinkedIn profile can provide a deeper insight into your accomplishments and network. Ensure any linked content is polished and mirrors the professionalism of your CV.


Personal details are more than breadcrumbs leading to you; they're a professional sketch of who you are. Sharpen them to reflect the Wellness Manager miched in the heart of Los Angeles that you're aspiring to be. Let these details echo your readiness and professionalism.

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The experience section is not just a timeline; it's a narrative of your growth, achievements, and how you've come to be the ideal candidate for a Wellness Manager position.

Wellness Manager
01/2021 - Present
ABC Health Solutions
  • Developed, implemented, and evaluated comprehensive wellness programs that improved employee well‑being by 45%.
  • Partnered with HR and Senior Management to set groundbreaking strategic wellness objectives, resulting in a 30% increase in employee engagement.
  • Created and maintained robust relationships with over 15 wellness vendors, guaranteeing the highest quality services for a staff of 500.
  • Facilitated and led over 50 health promotion activities, workshops, and educational sessions, bolstering employee understanding of wellness practices by 60%.
  • Analyzed bimonthly wellness program data to measure effectiveness and made data‑driven recommendations for continuous enhancements, leading to a 25% increase in program efficacy.
Wellness Specialist
06/2018 - 12/2020
XYZ Wellbeing Inc.
  • Supported the development of wellness programs targeting specific employee groups, resulting in a 20% increase in program participation.
  • Collaborated with a team of 5 to organize quarterly wellness events, boosting team morale by 40%.
  • Designed and delivered specialized training sessions for department heads, enhancing their understanding of wellness initiatives.
  • Played a key role in the annual wellness program audit, ensuring regulatory compliance and yielding a 15% improvement in program standards.
  • Introduced a monthly employee well‑being survey, providing valuable insights for future program enhancements.

1. Dissect the Job Requirements

Start with a granular look at the job description. "Minimum of 5 years of experience," "proven proficiency in designing and implementing wellness programs," and "experience in health promotion, wellness program management" are not just phrases but key points you'll directly address.

2. Detail Your Role

List positions chronologically, starting with the most recent. Include not just the job title and company but also a brief description that echoes the language of the job listing. This resonance showcases your direct experience and prepares you for ATS optimisation.

3. Achievements with Impact

"Developed, implemented, and evaluated comprehensive wellness programs" – such bullet points are golden. Use action verbs and quantifiable results to showcase your contributions. Remember, numbers speak volumes; a '45% improvement' is much more compelling than simply stating 'improved employee well-being.'

4. Quantify and Qualify

Numbers offer a tangible measure of your accomplishments. Whenever possible, quantify your achievements to give hiring managers a clear picture of your impact and scope of capabilities.

5. Relevance is Key

Only include experiences that align with the Wellness Manager role. If a past job or project doesn't directly contribute to the narrative of being a phenomenal Wellness Manager, it's better left out.


This is where you shine. Each sentence should reiterate your suitability for the Wellness Manager position. Tailor it meticulously, quantify your success, and make sure every word justifies why you're the ultimate candidate.


Your educational qualifications for the Wellness Manager role do more than fulfill requirements; they're proof of your foundation in the theory and practice of wellness.

Master of Science, Health Sciences
Harvard University
Bachelor of Science, Nutrition
Yale University

1. Highlight Required Degrees

A "Bachelor's degree in Nutrition, Health Sciences, or related field" is specified. If your degree aligns perfectly, make sure it's prominently displayed. Also, if you pursued a Master's as a cherry on top, it's a testament to your dedication and advanced understanding.

2. Simple Yet Informative Structure

List your degrees in a simple layout: Degree, Field, Institution, Graduation Date. This clarity makes it easy for hiring managers (and an ATS) to verify your educational background quickly.

3. Match the Job's Educational Requirements

Place emphasis on the educational background most relevant to the Wellness Manager position. The specificity in choosing "Master of Science in Health Sciences" or "Bachelor of Science in Nutrition" directly correlates with what the job seeks.

4. Relevant Courses, If Applicable

While a broader degree title might cover the requirements, detailing specific courses related to wellness programming, employee engagement, or leadership can add depth to your educational background.

5. Achievement Highlights

If there are any standout achievements in your academic career that directly translate to your capabilities as a Wellness Manager, don't hesitate to include them. This could be anything from leadership roles in relevant organisations to awards and honors.


While experience is key, never underestimate the power of a solid educational foundation. Aligning your academic achievements with the job's requirements demonstrates not only that you're qualified but that you have a deep-rooted understanding of the wellness domain.

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Well-chosen certifications can elevate your CV, offering concrete evidence of your expertise and commitment to your profession.

Certification in Wellness Program Management (CWPM)
National Wellness Institute (NWI)
2019 - Present

1. Identify Relevant Certifications

Start by identifying certifications mentioned in the job listing, like "Certification in Wellness Program Management (CWPM)." This directly addresses the employer's preference and positions you as a candidate committed to professional growth.

2. Curate Your List

Listing every certification you've ever earned can overwhelm rather than impress. Focus on those most relevant to the Wellness Manager position, ensuring they strengthen your profile.

3. Include Pertinent Dates

Especially in the field of wellness, where best practices evolve, indicating the validity or acquisition date of your certifications shows your information is current and relevant.

4. Commit to Continuous Learning

The world of wellness is dynamic. Make a pledge to continue seeking out new certifications and learning experiences, particularly those that align with wellness program management. This eagerness to learn is a trait hiring managers hold in high regard.


Select certifications that shine a light on your skills relevant to the Wellness Manager role. Let them be a testament to your dedication to both personal and professional development in the wellness arena.


The skills section is your chance to succinctly showcase why you're the right fit for the Wellness Manager role. This is where your professional toolkit comes to life.

Interpersonal Communication
Program Designing
Strategic Planning
Employee Engagement
Decision Making
Conflict Resolution
Presentation Skills
Vendor Relationship Management
Project Management
Data Analysis

1. Decode the Job Listing

Begin by thoroughly analyzing the job posting for both stated and implied skills. "Strong interpersonal, leadership, and presentation skills" are not just preferred qualifications but essentials for success as a Wellness Manager.

2. Showcase Matching Skills

Align your skills with those sought in the job description. This not just satisfies ATS requirements but also shows the hiring manager at a glance that you possess the key competencies needed for the job.

3. Prioritize for Impact

While you may have a wide array of skills, prioritize those most relevant to the Wellness Manager position. This keeps your CV focused and amplifies its impact, ensuring that your core competencies shine through.


Think of the skills section as a compact narrative of your professional strengths. Tailor it to paint a picture of you as a Wellness Manager who not only meets but exceeds expectations with your well-honed toolkit.


In a role that demands effective communication, demonstrating your linguistic proficiency can be a significant advantage.


1. Job Requirements Review

"Competence in English communication is crucial." This requirement is a starting point. Listing English first and as 'Native' proficiency immediately meets a crucial requirement.

2. Prioritize Language Requirements

Start with the languages most critical for the role. In this case, English takes center stage followed by any additional languages you know that may bolster your application.

3. List Additional Languages

Beyond the essentials, additional languages highlight your ability to communicate in diverse environments, an asset in any wellness program that values inclusivity and global reach.

4. Be Honest About Proficiency

Accuracy in representing your language skills is key. Be clear about your level of proficiency using terms like 'native,' 'fluent,' 'intermediate,' and 'basic' to provide a realistic picture of your abilities.

5. Role Scope Understanding

For a Wellness Manager, especially in culturally diverse settings or companies with global operations, showcasing multilingual capabilities can be a distinct advantage.


Your language skills are not just personal assets but professional tools that can enhance communication, empathy, and understanding in a wellness-focused environment. Let them reflect your readiness to engage and inspire in a global context.


The summary is where you distill your experience, skills, and ambition into a few powerful sentences, making it clear why you're the outstanding choice for the Wellness Manager role.

Wellness Manager with over 7 years of experience in transforming workplace wellness. Expertise in designing and implementing comprehensive wellness programs, fostering solid employee engagement, and collaborating with senior management. Proven track record of achieving positive employee participation outcomes and ensuring top-notch services from wellness vendors. Aiming to leverage skills and experience to continue driving impactful wellness initiatives at ABC Health Solutions.

1. Essence of the Job

Start by reflecting on the core aspects of the Wellness Manager role. This isn't just about meeting requirements; it's about embodying the spirit of wellness leadership.

2. Introduce with Impact

Your opening sentence should immediately grab attention. Mention your years of experience and key areas of expertise, positioning yourself as a seasoned professional in the wellness sphere.

3. Highlight Your Unique Contributions

Mention a few standout achievements or skills that directly address the job's requirements. This is your chance to shine by illustrating how you've made a tangible impact in your previous roles.

4. Conciseness Counts

Keep your summary succinct, targeting 3-5 compelling lines. This ensures your message is strong, memorable, and leaves the hiring manager wanting to know more about you.


Consider the summary as your personal elevator pitch to the hiring manager. It's your opportunity to articulate your professional identity and how it aligns with the Wellness Manager role. Make every word count and steer your CV to the top of the pile.

Embarking on Your Wellness Manager Voyage

Congratulations on taking this detailed journey through crafting an ATS-optimised CV tailored for a Wellness Manager position. Your CV is more than a document; it's a narrative of your professional journey, a bridge to your next opportunity. Remember, each section of your CV is a chapter of your story. Tailoring it with Wozber's free CV builder, including its ATS-friendly CV format and ATS CV scanner, ensures your story not only gets seen but also resonates.

Now, armed with these insights, set forth and turn your passion for wellness into a successful career. The path is clear; the time to shine is now.

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Wellness Manager CV Example
Wellness Manager @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Nutrition, Health Sciences, or related field.
  • Master's degree in a relevant field is preferred.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in health promotion, wellness program management, or related field.
  • Proven proficiency in designing and implementing wellness programs, measured by positive employee participation outcomes.
  • Strong interpersonal, leadership, and presentation skills to engage with employees and senior management.
  • Certification in Wellness Program Management (CWPM) or equivalent is preferred.
  • Competence in English communication is crucial.
  • Must be located in Los Angeles, California.
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate comprehensive wellness programs that incorporate physical, mental, and social well-being for all employees.
  • Partner with HR and Senior Management to set strategic wellness objectives and develop annual budgets.
  • Create and maintain relationships with wellness vendors, ensuring the highest quality of services for employees.
  • Facilitate and lead health promotion activities, workshops, and educational sessions to enhance employee understanding of wellness practices.
  • Analyze wellness program data to measure effectiveness, gather insights, and make data-driven recommendations for enhancements.
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