Optimise your CV for Applicant Tracking Systems

Wozber ATS Optimisation is an AI-driven service dedicated to boost your interview chances with a CV tailored to specific job requirements and optimised for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

ATS Optimisation is available in the following languages:
  • English (high accuracy)
  • German (medium accuracy)
  • Lithuanian (medium accuracy)
Modern resume example for Digital Marketing Project Manager 3 position
75% of companies use ATS
of mid-to-large companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to streamline the recruiting process and keep up with the overwhelming number of applications received weekly.
70% of CVs get rejected
of the CVs don't pass an ATS scan and are not seen by the recruiters or employers. Those CVs don't include the key information that matches the job description and usually has a generic, not tailored content.
Only 2% of CVs make it
of all CVs make it past the first candidate selection round. To be invited for an interview, you need to have a well-written, tailored CV that matches the job requirements using the exact keywords found in the job posting.

Going through the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

What is ATS?

An Applicant Tracking System is software companies use to filter applicant CVs by their relevance. It's the first barrier you need to pass through before your CV lands on a recruiter's hands.

Why is ATS used?

Too many people often apply for the same position, many without the required skills or experience. Others may have the skills and experience, but their CVs do not reflect the fact. Due to the overwhelming number of job applications recruiters receive, companies have started using ATS to make a hiring process easier.

How does ATS work?

An ATS compares the skills and keywords indicated by the employer in the job description to the skills and phrases found in the CV. Then it ranks each candidate based on the calculated relevance. The problem for a job seeker is that most irrelevant CVs are rejected without even a glance from an actual human being. A recruiter examines only those CVs to which the ATS assigns the highest scores.

To get past an ATS and land an interview, you need a tailored CV that matches the job requirements with the exact keywords found in the job ad.

Wozber ATS Optimisation makes it super easy.

Find a job ad online

Look for a position that you would like to apply for.

Use the ATS Optimisation tool

Copy and paste the job requirements from a job ad and click "Analyze".

Write a matching CV

Instantly see the key information extracted from a job ad that is necessary to tailor your CV.

ATS Report

Just copy the job ad text you found online, and the ATS Report will show what precisely you need to include in your CV to tailor it for that position. You will also always know how well your CV matches the job requirements simultaneously while you're editing your CV. It's just like an ATS for your personal use.

Wozber ATS Optimisation - ATS Report

ATS Score

Your relevance calculated in real-time to show you how well your CV matches the job requirements.

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The key information extracted from the job description together with the usage stats.

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Job Requirements

All the job requirements separated into different categories to help you focus on what's most important.

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ATS Score

Know your chances in advance

Hi! I'm Wozber Guide, your virtual assistant.
Besides giving you overall tips, I will also automatically calculate how well your CV matches the job requirements.
I will do that by finding which keywords in the job description are the most relevant, where they appear, and how many times they appear in your CV and cover letter.
Modern resume example for Digital Marketing Project Manager 4 position

Real-Time Updates

When you use the highlighted keywords from the job description in your CV, your ATS Score will automatically recalculate.

Progress and tips

With your progress split into five different stages, reach the recommended relevance step by step.

Simulated ATS scoring

Be confident of your CV with the ATS keyword matching reproduced as closely as possible.

Keywords and stats

Job match criteria from ATS point of view

All the different keywords and their usage statistics are in one place to help you see the big picture.
Crunch the requirements and your CV the same way as ATS will do.
Job Title
Hard Skills
Soft Skills

Main keywords

Every requirement is split into keywords such as the Job Title, Hard and Soft skills, Languages, and Certificates.

Real-time usage stats

Together with the overall category count, every keyword in your CV makes an impact on the match rate based on how many times it's been used.

Wozber Guide suggestions

Wozber Guide will suggest to use relevant keywords based on which CV section you're writing.

Job Requirements

Leverage the keywords and their context

In some cases, using the highlighted keywords without knowing their context can be misleading.
To safeguard you from mistakes, I will show the keywords together with the requirements they belong to.
So, when you write experience, education, or any other section, I will suggest matching the related job requirements, piece by piece.

Requirement type detection

All job requirements are distinguished into three main categories: Experience, Education, and Common.

Wozber Guide suggestions

You will see suggestions to match the experience requirements when you are writing the Experience section, Education requirements when filling in Education, and so on.

ATS-friendly CV templates

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Asher Harris
Marketing Manager
"As someone who spent a long time unemployed in the past, I absolutely love this. Well done guys! I really hope this gets wildly popular, it will be valuable to so many people."
Matt Klein
Founder of PRSNL Branding
"There are a lot of résumé builders out there, but nothing I've found as powerful as Wozber. When advising my clients on how to craft their creative and professional stories, Wozber has become my go-to tool. I can't recommend Wozber enough for anyone who wants to up their game and chances of securing that dream opportunity."
Christophe Petignat
Head of Marketing
"I created my resume with Wozber, and everything went perfectly. It was easy to use and helped me get the job I wanted. Few of my friends used Wozber as well and loved it as much as I did."

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