Business Unit Manager CV Example

Steering P&Ls, but your CV seems in red? Navigate this Business Unit Manager CV example, drafted using Wozber free CV builder. Learn how to streamline your strategic leadership with the job's compass, keeping your career chart flourishing in the black!

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Business Unit Manager CV Example
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How to write a Business Unit Manager CV?

Hello, aspiring Business Unit Manager! In the fast-paced, competitive arena of business management, your CV is not merely a document, but a testament to your strategic acumen, leadership prowess, and operational efficiency. Crafting a CV that resonates with these qualities requires more than just listing your experiences; it demands a strategic approach to ensure ATS compliance and captivate hiring managers.

Welcome to the ultimate guide on leveraging the power of the free CV builder, Wozber, to create an ATS-friendly CV that positions you as the ideal candidate for your dream role as a Business Unit Manager. Let's navigate through the art of CV crafting, making each section an impactful statement of your professional journey.

Personal Details

First impressions are lasting. The Personal Details section of your CV is your introduction to potential employers, setting the stage for the professional narrative you're about to unfold. For the Business Unit Manager role, paying attention to detail while ensuring ATS optimisation is key. Here's how to artfully tackle this section:

Shari Gulgowski
Business Unit Manager
(555) 789-0123
San Francisco, California

1. Name is Your Brand

Begin with your name, ensuring it's prominently displayed in a larger, readable font. This is your brand, the banner under which your professional achievements will be showcased.

2. Align with the Job Title

Positioning yourself right from the get-go is crucial. Insert the job title you're applying for, in this case, 'Business Unit Manager,' right below your name to signal instant relevance to the ATS and the hiring manager.

3. Essential Contact Details

Include only the most pertinent contact information: a professional email address and a reliable phone number. This isn't just about being reachable; it's about presenting yourself as a professional. A strategic choice like firstname.lastname@email.com speaks volumes.

4. Location Matters

For a position that specifies a location, such as San Francisco, CA for this role, your address aligns you with the employer's logistics. It reassures them of your availability and ease of transition into the role with minimal relocation delays.

5. Skip the Personal

In keeping with professional standards and privacy considerations, omit personal details such as age, gender, or marital status. Your capabilities should be the focus, not personal particulars.


Your Personal Details section is the handshake before the conversation in a CV. It sets the professional tone and needs to radiate both precision and alignment with the job you're targeting. As your digital business card, it should lay out the essential details about you succinctly, offering a keen sense of professionalism and a noteworthy first impression.

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The Experience section is where you shine the spotlight on your career trajectory, aligning your journey with the Business Unit Manager role you aspire to. It's about painting a compelling picture of your professional evolution, demonstrating your readiness and fit for the job at hand. Let's shape your experience to mirror the demands of a Business Unit Manager:

Business Unit Manager
01/2018 - Present
ABC Enterprises
  • Developed and implemented innovative business strategies, yielding a sustainable growth rate of 20% annually.
  • Oversaw and optimised day‑to‑day operations, achieving a 15% increase in overall efficiency and productivity.
  • Established and maintained relationships with 50+ key clients and vendors, fostering a 25% business growth in the first year.
  • Hired, trained, and mentored a high‑performing team that outperformed industry standards by 30%.
  • Analyzed and reviewed quarterly unit performance, which led to a 10% increase in profit margins through targeted improvements.
Assistant Business Unit Manager
06/2015 - 12/2017
XYZ Corp
  • Played a pivotal role in formulating and executing annual business plans, contributing to a 12% increase in revenue.
  • Collaborated with cross‑functional teams to ensure the alignment of company objectives, resulting in a 20% increase in interdepartmental synergies.
  • Leveraged industry‑specific tools to enhance operational workflows, achieving a 30% reduction in process time.
  • Managed a portfolio of 20 major clients, maintaining a 95% client retention rate over two years.
  • Initiated and drove five key improvement projects, each contributing positively to the company's bottom line.

1. Break Down the Job Requirements

First, dissect the job posting. For the Business Unit Manager position, you'd focus on leadership roles, strategic planning, and operational efficiency. These keywords should echo throughout your experiences.

2. Roles and Companies Matter

List your positions in reverse chronological order, highlighting roles that reflect leadership and strategic oversight. For each role, detail the company and the time frame, ensuring clarity and ATS friendliness.

3. Showcase Your Impact

Curate your accomplishments, making them resonate with the role of Business Unit Manager. Utilize strong action verbs and quantify achievements where possible, such as ‘Led a team to achieve a 20% annual growth.'

4. Quantify Success

Numbers speak louder than words. Whenever possible, anchor your achievements in tangible metrics. Demonstrating your impact through quantifiable outcomes bridges the gap between theoretical competence and proven expertise.

5. Relevance is Key

While diversifying your experience is valuable, for the Business Unit Manager role, focus on pertinent experiences that showcase your ability to lead, strategize, and operate within the realm of business management.


Think of the Experience section as your career canvas, where each role you've undertaken, every project you've led, and all the outcomes you've driven paint the portrait of your potential as a Business Unit Manager. It's not just about listing your past roles but about storytelling—illustrating your evolution in a way that captivates and convinces. Highlight your journey, tailor your achievements, and let your career speak volumes of your readiness for the next step.


In the realm of Business Unit Management, your educational background isn't just a token of knowledge; it's the foundation upon which your insightful leadership and strategic acumen stand. Otimizing the Education section means more than listing degrees; it's about showcasing your preparedness for the complex challenges of management.

Master of Business Administration, Business
Harvard University
Bachelor of Science, Business Management
Stanford University

1. Pinpoint Key Requirements

The job description calls for a Bachelor's degree in Business, Management, or a related field. Begin by listing your highest qualification first, ensuring it aligns with the specified requirements.

2. Structure and Clarity

Maintain a clear and concise format: Degree title, field of study, institution, and graduation year. This structure not only adheres to ATS-friendly CV formats but also makes the information easily digestible for the hiring manager.

3. Match the Role's Needs

For the advanced qualification like an MBA, which is considered a plus for this role, ensure it's prominently listed. This highlights not just your educational attainment but your dedication to exceeding baseline expectations.

4. Relevant Courses, If Applicable

If you're navigating the early stages of your career or if your degree directly aligns with the intricacies of a Business Unit Manager, listing pertinent courses can underscore your specialized knowledge.

5. Other Educational Honors

Any accolades, honors, or relevant extracurricular activities tied to your educational journey can supplement your narrative, especially for recent graduates. For seasoned professionals, this may be less pertinent but can add depth if space allows.


Your education section is the backbone of your CV, supporting your expertise with academic proof. In portraying your educational journey, ensure that every detail resonates with the qualifications sought for a Business Unit Manager. This isn't merely about fulfilling a checklist but about demonstrating the depth of your knowledge and your proactive approach to learning and leadership.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of business, certifications can be a solid testimony to your commitment to growth, adaptation, and specialization. For a Business Unit Manager, certain certifications can set you apart, demonstrating your proactive approach to acquiring cutting-edge skills and remaining at the forefront of industry standards.

Certified Business Manager (CBM)
Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM)
2019 - Present

1. Review Job Requisites

Identify if the job description mentions any preferred certifications. While the Business Unit Manager role may not specify certificates, aligning industry-relevant certifications can showcase your dedication and expertise.

2. Choose Pertinent Certifications

Select and list certifications that underscore your proficiency in areas crucial to the role—leadership, strategic planning, financial management, etc. This demonstrates not just competency but a commitment to excellence in your field.

3. Dates Matter

For certifications with expiry dates or those recently acquired, including the dates signals your credentials are current and you're up-to-date with industry trends and standards. It's a subtle but effective way to underline your readiness.

4. Continuous Learning

Emphasize your commitment to professional growth by regularly updating your certifications and seeking new learning opportunities. This drive for continuous improvement is a quality highly regarded in Business Unit Managers.


Certificates are more than footnotes on your CV; they are badges of honor, evidence of your relentless quest for knowledge and proficiency. In a role as dynamic as a Business Unit Manager, they not only enhance your qualification but also reassure employers of your capability and foresight. Let your certifications narrate your journey of continual learning and dedication.


The Skills section is your professional arsenal, where you showcase the tools and competencies you bring to the table as a Business Unit Manager. This is where you align your expertise with the job's demands in a concise and compelling manner, making it clear why you're the ideal candidate for the role.

Strategic Planning
Communication Skills
Effective Team Collaboration
Financial Management
Stakeholder Management
Industry-specific Software
Project Management
Resource Allocation

1. Analyze Job Requirements

Begin by distilling the specific skills and competencies mentioned in the job description. For a Business Unit Manager, this would include strategic planning, leadership, financial management, and stakeholder management among others.

2. Prioritize Relevant Skills

Focus on listing skills that are directly aligned with the job description. This approach not only speaks to your suitability for the role but also enhances ATS optimisation by matching keywords directly from the job posting.

3. Structure and Simplify

Maintain a neat and organized layout for this section, resisting the urge to overload it with every skill you possess. Instead, curate a list that speaks directly to the needs of the Business Unit Manager role, making it easy for hiring managers to recognize your fit.


Your Skills section is a concise showcase of your professional capabilities, a direct reflection of why you are the perfect match for the Business Unit Manager position. Tailor this section with precision, letting each listed skill resonate with the role's requirements and your own professional journey. Present your skills with confidence, as each one is a testament to your readiness to excel.


In the global business landscape, linguistic abilities can set you apart, offering a gateway to diverse markets and cultures. The Languages section is your chance to highlight your multilingual prowess, underscoring your capability to navigate the complexities of international business relations as a Business Unit Manager.


1. Benchmark Job Needs

Review the job description for any specific language requirements. For our Business Unit Manager role, proficiency in English was mandatory. Demonstrating fluency in required languages is non-negotiable and should be prominently displayed.

2. Prioritize Essential Languages

List the languages vital for the role, starting with those explicitly mentioned in the job posting. Your proficiency level in each should be clearly stated, giving a clear picture of your communication capabilities.

3. Include Additional Languages

Beyond the requirements, additional languages you speak can be a significant asset, particularly in roles with a global or multicultural focus. They reflect versatility and an ability to connect across cultures.

4. Honesty in Proficiency

Be accurate in assessing your language proficiency. Misrepresenting your skills can have immediate negative implications and tarnish your professional integrity. Use standardized terms like ‘native,' ‘fluent,' or ‘basic' to describe your level.

5. Role Relevance

Understand the scope of the position to gauge the importance of listing multiple languages. For positions with regional focus or international stakeholders, your multilingual skills can be a powerful asset, illustrating your readiness for the challenges of a global Business Unit Manager role.


Your linguistic skills are a testament to your ability to thrive in international settings, bridging gaps and forging connections. In the role of a Business Unit Manager, where understanding and adaptability are paramount, your languages are not just a skill, but a strategic asset. Flaunt your linguistic prowess with pride, and view each language as a key that unlocks new realms of opportunity and understanding.


A compelling Summary is the essence of your professional narrative, distilled into a powerful snippet at the top of your CV. For a Business Unit Manager, it's about highlighting your strategic vision, operational efficiency, and leadership capability in a few impactful sentences. Let's carve out a summary that defines your expertise and magnetizes your CV.

Business Unit Manager with over 8 years of progressive experience in strategic planning, stakeholder management, and financial proficiency. Renowned for creating and implementing innovative business strategies, driving sustainable growth, and fostering efficient teams. Skilled in otimizing operational workflows and maintaining strong client relationships.

1. Capture the Essence

Absorb the job description's core demands and reflect on how your career journey aligns with these requirements. The essence of a Business Unit Manager lies in strategic foresight, leadership, and operational excellence.

2. Commence with Strength

Start with a powerful introduction that encapsulates your professional identity. 'Business Unit Manager with over 8 years of progressive experience in strategic planning, stakeholder management, and financial proficiency' instantly frames your competence and readiness.

3. Highlight Key Attributes

Pinpoint a few pivotal skills and achievements that mirror the job's requirements, crafting a narrative that underscores your unique impact in the field. This tailored approach speaks directly to your fit for the role, offering a sneak peek into your professional pedigree.

4. Keep it Crisp

While it's tempting to detail every accomplishment, the summary is your elevator pitch – succinct, engaging, and memorable. Aim for 3-5 lines that invite the hiring manager to delve deeper into your journey, sparking curiosity and interest.


Your Summary is more than an introduction; it's an elevator pitch, a chance to make a mark within seconds. It sets the tone for your CV, beckoning the hiring manager into your professional narrative with the promise of excellence and alignment with the Business Unit Manager role. Leverage this section to assert your candidacy and pique interest, paving the way for the detailed showcase that follows. Let your Summary be the compelling prelude to the story of your career.

Launching Your Business Unit Manager Journey

Congratulations on completing this comprehensive guide! Armed with these insights, you're a step closer to drafting a Business Unit Manager CV that doesn't just pass the ATS check but also captivates the hiring manager. No longer a task but an opportunity, your CV is a reflection of your professional journey, fine-tuned for your destination. Channel your experiences, amplify your achievements, and with a dash of strategic tailoring, let your CV open doors.

The world of business unit management awaits your expertise. With Wozber's free CV builder, ATS-friendly CV templates, and ATS CV scanner, your career's next chapter is poised for success. Rise, shine, and step forward; your story is just beginning.

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Business Unit Manager CV Example
Business Unit Manager @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Management, or a related field.
  • MBA is a plus.
  • Minimum of 7 years of experience in a leadership role within a business or operational unit.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in financial management, strategic planning, and resource allocation.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills for effective team collaboration and stakeholder management.
  • In-depth knowledge of industry-specific software and technologies.
  • English language skills are mandatory for this position.
  • Must be located in San Francisco, CA.
  • Develop and implement business strategies to achieve sustainable growth and profitability.
  • Oversee day-to-day operations of the unit, ensuring all activities align with the company's goals and objectives.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with key clients, partners, and vendors.
  • Hire, train, and mentor team members, fostering a high-performance culture within the unit.
  • Regularly analyze unit performance, conduct business reviews, and propose necessary improvements.
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