Grounds Maintenance Worker CV Example

Tending to turf, but your CV isn't in full bloom? Dig into this Grounds Maintenance Worker CV example, pruned with Wozber free CV builder. See how you can cultivate your green thumb to align with job expectations, setting your career path as well-manicured as the lawns you care for!

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Grounds Maintenance Worker CV Example
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How to write a Grounds Maintenance Worker CV?

Hello there, aspiring Grounds Maintenance Worker! In the quest to secure your next role, your CV isn't just a document—it's your ticket to the lush lawns of your career dreams. As your guide, we'll dive deep into tailoring your CV to become a beacon of your expertise and abilities, specifically for the Grounds Maintenance Worker role. With the right tools and insights, you'll learn to speak directly to what hiring managers are looking for.

Ready to prune and shape your CV into its best version? Let's get our hands dirty!

Personal Details

First impressions count, and in the world of job applications, your Personal Details section is the handshake that starts it all. However, it's more than just listing your contact information; it's about presenting it in a way that aligns perfectly with the Grounds Maintenance Worker position you're aiming for. Here's how to capture attention from the get-go.

Rodney VonRueden
Grounds Maintenance Worker
(555) 123-4567
Seattle, WA

1. Name as Your Headline

Think of your name as the headline of your professional identity. Make sure it stands out by using a clear, bold font that sets the tone for the rest of your CV. Remember, this is the first thing a hiring manager sees, so make it count.

2. Job Title Precision

Directly beneath your name, include your current job title or the title you're targeting—"Grounds Maintenance Worker". This customization ensures the hiring manager knows exactly what position you're interested in and that your CV isn't a one-size-fits-all document.

3. Essential Contact Details

Include only your most accessible contact number and a professional email address. A simple, readable format like firstname.lastname@email.com makes it easy for hiring managers to reach out to you.

4. Geographic Relevance

Since the job location is a key factor, make sure to list "Seattle, WA" if that's where you're based or willing to relocate. This detail immediately checks off a critical requirement from the employer's list.

5. A Link to Your Professional World

If you have a LinkedIn profile or a personal website showcasing your landscaping projects or certifications, include the URL. Make sure your profile is polished and mirrors the professionalism of your CV.


Crafting an impactful Personal Details section sets the groundwork for the rest of your CV. By aligning this section with the Grounds Maintenance Worker position, you're not just listing contact information; you're strategically positioning yourself as the ideal candidate right from the start. Think of these details as seeds that will grow into a fruitful first impression.

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The Experience section is where your CV starts to bloom, showcasing your journey through the landscaping world. This is your chance to illustrate not just where you've been, but how your path has perfectly prepared you for the role of a Grounds Maintenance Worker. Let's guide those roots in the right direction.

Grounds Maintenance Worker
06/2020 - Present
ABC Landscaping
  • Maintained, mowed, edged, and effortlessly trimmed lawns using advanced power mowers, and edgers, resulting in a 20% increase in efficiency compared to team average.
  • Demonstrated unmatched skills in pruning, trimming, and shaping trees, shrubs, and hedges, which retained 99% of their health and maintained optimal aesthetics throughout the year.
  • Expertly applied fertilizers and pesticides, ensuring the desired results while complying with 100% of the state regulations.
  • Installed state‑of‑the‑art landscape irrigation systems, leading to a 30% reduction in water usage without compromising the health of plants.
  • Kept the outdoor grounds immaculately clean by efficiently disposing of all debris and litter, enhancing the overall appearance of the landscape.
Landscape Technician
03/2018 - 05/2020
XYZ Outdoor Solutions
  • Collaborated effectively with a team of four to complete all assigned projects ahead of schedule, boosting client satisfaction by 25%.
  • Introduced a novel pruning technique for certain plant species, resulting in 15% faster plant growth and better overall aesthetics.
  • Mentored three junior technicians, improving overall team performance and reducing rework by 10%.
  • Diagnosed and resolved complex irrigation system issues, reducing the need for external repairs and saving the company $10,000 annually.
  • Executed a comprehensive horticultural training program for new hires, ensuring a consistent skill set across the team.

1. Highlighting Relevant Roles

Start by breaking down each role you've held that aligns with grounds maintenance. Prioritize your most recent employment, and work backward. For each position, list your job title, the company's name, and your tenure there—ensuring a chronological narrative of your professional growth.

2. Detailing Your Contributions

For each role, focus on accomplishments and responsibilities that match the job description. For instance, if you "Maintained, mowed, and edged lawns using advanced power mowers," like in our example, it speaks directly to the employer's needs, showcasing your relevant skills and dedication to efficiency.

3. Numbers Speak Louder

Quantifying your achievements makes your experience tangible. Did you increase efficiency by 20%? Or save water by 30% through innovative irrigation solutions? These numbers prove your impact and set you apart from the competition.

4. Relevance is Key

Keep your experiences relevant to the Grounds Maintenance Worker role. While it might be tempting to list every accomplishment, stick to the ones that align with the job requirements—this tailored approach captures the hiring manager's interest more effectively.

5. Mention Team Collaboration

A Grounds Maintenance Worker often works as part of a team. Highlight your ability to collaborate effectively, like managing projects ahead of schedule or mentoring new team members, to show that you're not just skilled at grounds maintenance but also at working with others towards common goals.


Your experience section is the fertile soil for your CV, nurturing the growth of your candidacy through detailed, quantified achievements. By carefully tailoring this section to the responsibilities and accomplishments relevant to a Grounds Maintenance Worker, you cultivate a compelling case for why you're the best fit for the role. Remember, each bullet point is a bloom in the garden of your professional story.


While the tools of the trade are often learnt on the job, a solid educational background provides the theoretical foundation and technical understanding essential for a Grounds Maintenance Worker. Let's ensure your education section plants the right seeds for your career advancement.

Associate's Degree, Horticulture
University of Washington

1. Focus on What Matters

Start with the highest degree relevant to horticulture or a related field, as seen in our example with an "Associate's Degree in Horticulture." Although not always required, relevant educational credentials can significantly strengthen your CV.

2. Simple and Straight

Maintain clarity and brevity in this section: list your degree, the field of study, the institution's name, and your year of graduation. This straightforward approach keeps the focus on your qualifications.

3. Align with Job Requirements

If the job calls for specific educational qualifications, make sure they're clearly listed. However, if the role mainly requires experience, focus on how your education provided foundational knowledge that has since been built upon through practical, hands-on work.

4. Coursework and Projects

Especially for those newer to the field, mentioning relevant coursework, projects, or even extracurricular involvements can provide a fuller picture of your qualifications and interests, showing a proactive engagement with the field beyond formal education.

5. Honors and Extracurriculars

If you graduated with honors or were involved in relevant clubs or societies, briefly mention these. While they might be less crucial for seasoned professionals, they can be particularly impactful for those at the start of their careers, showcasing dedication and early recognition of your skills.


Your education section might not be the largest part of your CV, but it's an integral one, providing context and background to your practical skills. Tailor it to reflect not just your qualifications but how they've laid the groundwork for your hands-on experience in grounds maintenance. It's about showing the depth of your knowledge as well as your readiness to grow.

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In the world of grounds maintenance, certain certifications can significantly bolster your expertise, making you stand out as a highly qualified candidate. Let's nurture this section to reflect your commitment to professional development.

State Pesticide Applicator License
Washington State Department of Agriculture
2019 - Present

1. Pick Out What Matters Most

From the job requirements, it's clear that holding a "State Pesticide Applicator License" is a significant plus. If you have it, or any other relevant certifications, make sure they're front and center. This tells hiring managers at a glance that you meet essential qualifications.

2. Quality Over Quantity

If you have multiple certifications, prioritize the ones most relevant to a Grounds Maintenance Worker. This selectivity ensures the hiring manager sees your most pertinent qualifications first, without getting lost in a sea of less relevant information.

3. Dates Matter

Include acquisition or expiration dates for your certifications to show their current validity. This is especially crucial for certifications, like the pesticide license, that require renewal. It shows employers you're up-to-date in your field.

4. Continuing Education

Indicate any ongoing or recent certification courses you're pursuing that align with grounds maintenance. This demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest practices in the field—qualities that are highly valued in this profession.


Well-chosen certifications underscore your specialized skills and dedication to your profession. By emphasizing certifications relevant to the Grounds Maintenance Worker role, you highlight your commitment to excellence and ongoing professional development. These are the badges of honor that distinguish you in a competitive field.


Your skills section is your chance to showcase the toolkit you've cultivated over the years. For a Grounds Maintenance Worker, this isn't just about listing your capabilities; it's about highlighting the specific skills that make you stand out in a sea of green.

Landscaping Tools and Equipment
Team Collaboration
Irrigation Maintenance
Lawn Maintenance
Horticultural Practices
Pesticide Application
Tree and Shrub Trimming
Communication Skills
Debris Disposal

1. Identify the Essentials

Start by distilling both the explicit and implicit skills from the job description. Skills like "Landscaping Tools and Equipment" and "Irrigation Maintenance" should be front and center, as they're directly tied to the daily responsibilities of the role.

2. Match and Showcase

Compare your skills with those listed in the job description, ensuring a clear match. This alignment doesn't just satisfy ATS optimisation; it conveys to hiring managers that you possess the exact skills they're searching for.

3. Structure for Impact

Rather than a long, unsorted list, organize your skills by relevance and mastery. Leading with your expert-level skills makes a strong immediate impact, positioning you as highly competent within the specific realm of grounds maintenance.


In the landscape of your CV, think of the Skills section as your toolbox. Each skill listed is a tool, specifically chosen for its usefulness for a Grounds Maintenance Worker. This section isn't just about listing what you can do; it's about highlighting the tools you wield with precision and expertise. An ATS-optimised, skill-centric CV not only passes the digital gatekeeper but also engages the human on the other side.


In the world of grounds maintenance, communication is key, especially in diverse settings. The ability to speak multiple languages can not only enhance your ability to work effectively with teams and clients but also distinguish you as a versatile candidate. Here's how to till this section to its full potential.


1. Language Proficiency

Start with the languages specifically mentioned in the job description, emphasizing your proficiency level. For the Grounds Maintenance Worker role, a "strong ability to communicate in English" is necessary, so if English is your native or fluent language, highlight that upfront.

2. Additional Language Skills

After listing the required language, mention any additional languages you're proficient in. This can be a significant advantage, particularly in areas with a diverse population, showcasing your ability to communicate with a broader range of people.

3. Honest Proficiency Levels

Be accurate in assessing your language skills. Misrepresenting your proficiency can lead to challenges on the job. Use clear terms like "native," "fluent," "intermediate," and "basic" to describe your levels of competence.

4. Tailor to the Role

Consider the specific requirements of the Grounds Maintenance Worker role and how your language skills could be an asset. If the job involves working in multilingual communities, your ability to speak more than one language could be particularly appealing to employers.

5. A World of Opportunities

Remember, every language you speak opens up a new world of possibilities. For a Grounds Maintenance Worker, being able to communicate effectively with clients, teams, and vendors in their preferred language is a huge plus. It reflects your adaptability and willingness to bridge cultural gaps.


Your linguistic capabilities are not just a testament to your communication skills; they're a reflection of your adaptability and cultural awareness—qualities that are incredibly valuable in today's globalized work environment. By showcasing your language skills, you're highlighting an ability to connect, understand, and work effectively with a diverse array of people. This isn't just about speaking different languages; it's about speaking the language of inclusivity and flexibility.


The summary section of your CV is like the welcoming landscape to your professional garden. It provides a snapshot view of who you are and what you're bringing to the Grounds Maintenance Worker role. Crafting a compelling summary involves more than just listing qualifications; it's about weaving together your experiences, skills, and personality into a coherent narrative.

Grounds Maintenance Worker with over 6 years of indoor and outdoor landscaping experience. Recognized for maintaining lawns, pruning, shaping, and applying horticultural techniques to promote healthy plant growth. Proven ability to collaborate effectively with teams to deliver exceptional results. Committed to maintaining the highest standards of groundskeeping and delivering outstanding client service.

1. Lay the Groundwork

Begin by reflecting on the job requirements and how your background matches up. This insight forms the foundation of your summary, helping you construct a narrative that resonates with what hiring managers are looking for in a Grounds Maintenance Worker.

2. Introduce Your Expertise

Your summary should open with a clear statement of your profession and specific area of expertise. Mention your years of experience and any particular areas where you excel, such as "expertise in applying fertilizers and pesticides in compliance with state regulations."

3. Highlight Key Achievements

Include a concise list of your most relevant skills and achievements. This isn't about rehashing your entire CV but rather cherry-picking highlights that directly align with the Grounds Maintenance Worker role, such as "led irrigation system installations that reduced water usage by 30%".

4. Aim for Brevity

Keep your summary limited to 3-5 lines to ensure it remains punchy and to the point. This section is your elevator pitch; it's about making a memorable impact that encourages hiring managers to dig deeper into your CV.


Your summary section is the gateway to your professional narrative, offering a glimpse into the lush garden of your skills, experiences, and achievements. By carefully crafting this introduction, you invite hiring managers to explore further, anticipating the rich landscape of your expertise as a Grounds Maintenance Worker. Let this section be the invitation that entices them to discover more about your unique contributions to the field.

Launching Your Grounds Maintenance Worker Journey

Congratulations on taking this important step towards crafting a CV that not only passes the ATS but also captures the attention of hiring managers. As a Grounds Maintenance Worker, your CV is a testament to your dedication to nurturing and maintaining beautiful landscapes. Use this guide as your blueprint to align your CV with your career goals. Embark on this journey with confidence, knowing you're equipped to present a CV as well-manicured as the lawns you care for.

The path to your next great opportunity is just a CV away. Happy gardening!

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Grounds Maintenance Worker CV Example
Grounds Maintenance Worker @ Your Dream Company
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in grounds maintenance or a related field.
  • Strong knowledge of landscaping tools and equipment, with the ability to operate and maintain them safely.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in various horticultural practices, such as planting, pruning, and pesticide application.
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively with a team.
  • Possession of a valid State Pesticide Applicator License, where applicable.
  • Strong ability to communicate in English necessary.
  • Must be located in or willing to relocate to Seattle, WA.
  • Maintain, mow, edge, and trim lawns using power mowers, edgers, or other landscaping tools.
  • Prune, trim, and shape trees, shrubs, and hedges, ensuring they remain healthy and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Apply fertilizers and pesticides to lawns, trees, shrubs, or gardens, as per schedule and in adherence to state regulations.
  • Install and maintain landscape irrigation systems, ensuring optimal watering practices.
  • Clean outdoor grounds, picking up and disposing of any debris or litter in a timely manner.
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