Dance Teacher Resume Example

Stepping to the rhythm, but your resume feels offbeat? Dip into this Dance Teacher resume example, choreographed with Wozber free resume builder. Discover how to sync your teaching skills and artistic flair with job demands, ensuring your career journey is as graceful as your grand jeté!

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Dance Teacher Resume Example
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How to write a Dance Teacher Resume?

Embarking on the journey to land your dream role as a Dance Teacher? Then, you're aware that your first performance starts with your resume. It's your spotlight moment before even stepping into the dance studio.

With the Wozber free resume builder, you're about to learn how to craft a resume that pirouettes right through the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and lands gracefully in the hands of hiring managers. Dive in, let the rhythm guide you, and let's create a resume that echoes your passion for dance!

Personal Details

Your personal details on your resume are like your entry on stage. They should immediately captivate. Here, we'll guide you through making your personal details not only accurate but resonate with the expectations for a Dance Teacher.

Shelia Hahn
Dance Teacher
(555) 789-1234
Los Angeles, California

1. Make Your Name Command Attention

Think of your name as the title of your performance. It should capture attention instantly. Ensure it's in a clear, legible font, setting the stage for your professional introduction.

2. Spotlight the Role

Dance Teacher" as your title, you affirm to the hiring manager that you're not just a dancer, but a teacher, ready to lead and inspire.

3. Ensure Your Contact Details Hit the Right Note

The elegance lies in simplicity. Ensure your phone number is correct and your email address is professional (stick to the firstname.lastname@email.com format), and if applicable, include a website showcasing your dance portfolio.

4. Confirm Your Stage Presence

"Los Angeles, California" isn't just your location; it's where your story as a Dance Teacher unfolds. Mentioning your city and state confirms to the employer there are no relocation considerations.

5. Eliminate Any Off-beat Information

Keep to the essentials. Age, gender, or marital status can clutter your introduction and divert attention. Present yourself in the best professional light right from the start.


Think of your Personal Details section as setting the stage. Every piece of information should be carefully selected to resonate with the role of a Dance Teacher. Be direct, professional, and ensure everything you include builds up anticipation for what comes next.

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Your experience is the main performance of your resume. It's where you get to showcase the routines you've mastered, the students you've inspired, and the growth you've nurtured. Let's make it as compelling as a standing ovation.

Dance Teacher
01/2020 - Present
ABC Academy
  • Instructed and choreographed contemporary and ballet routines for over 200 students annually in both group and individual settings, enhancing their technique and skills.
  • Assessed and tracked student progress, providing valuable feedback that resulted in a 20% improvement in overall performance.
  • Organized bi‑annual performances and dance showcases, boosting student engagement and attracting over 500 attendees each year.
  • Established open communication channels with parents, conducting monthly meetings and addressing concerns, resulting in a 98% parent satisfaction rate.
  • Stayed abreast of the latest dance trends, incorporating three newly emerging styles into the curriculum, positively impacting class enrollments.
Assistant Dance Teacher
02/2017 - 12/2019
XYZ Dance Studio
  • Assisted senior dance instructors in lessons and routines, contributing to a 15% growth in student enrollment.
  • Managed daily administrative tasks, including schedule coordination and maintaining student records.
  • Collaborated with senior instructors to develop innovative warm‑up routines, which reduced student injuries by 10%.
  • Initiated an after‑school dance club, which grew to attract 50 students within the first year.
  • Participated in monthly professional development workshops, continually enhancing teaching techniques and repertoire.

1. Spotlight Your Most Relevant Roles

Similar to crafting a set list for a show, your job history should start with your most recent role as a Dance Teacher. For instance, highlight how you "Instructed and choreographed contemporary and ballet routines, enhancing technique and skills." It's your headline act, showing you're already in the groove.

2. Ensure Each Role Tells a Story

Every position should recount a chapter of your career. Describe your responsibilities and achievements, sharing how you contributed to the growth and success of your students and the institution.

3. Quantify Your Wins

Numbers help illuminate the impact of your work. Whether it's the number of students in your classes, the percentage of improvement in their performance, or the attendance at recitals you organized, concrete figures make your accomplishments dance off the page.

4. Keep It Focused

While it might be tempting to list every single class you've taught, narrowing your focus to experiences that align with the job requirements ensures every word on your resume is working hard for you.

5. Use the Language of a Dance Teacher

Craft your experience with terms that resonate in the dance world. Words like "choreographed," "instructed," and "curriculum" resonate with the role and show you speak the language fluently.


Just like the final bow, your Experience section should leave a lasting impression. Through carefully chosen examples and powerful storytelling, you demonstrate you're not just applying for a job – you're bringing invaluable chapters of experience that resonate with the dance community.


The Education section is like the technical rehearsal for your performance. It underpins your practical experience with theoretical knowledge, showing you have a solid foundation in dance. Let's ensure it aligns perfectly with the role.

Bachelor of Arts, Dance
University of California, Irvine

1. Highlight the Required Moves

If the spotlight is on a "Bachelor's degree in Dance", ensure it's front and center. This isn't just about meeting the baseline; it's about demonstrating you have the formal training that shapes your understanding and expression of dance.

2. Structure It Clearly

A simple, elegant structure is key. Start with your highest degree, followed by the institution that witnessed your growth, and the year your dance journey was formally recognized. Keep it concise and clear.

3. Tailor Your Degree to the Role

Not all degrees are choreographed equally. If your degree directly matches the job's dance style preference, such as "Bachelor of Arts in Dance", make sure it's clearly stated. It's about aligning your technical training with the school's curriculum needs.

4. Add a Twist with Relevant Extras

In some cases, your education journey includes special workshops, significant performances, or a minor in a related field. If these extras enhance your fit for the role, let them take a bow on your resume.

5. Consider the Choreography of Your Career

For those with expansive careers, education might take a backseat to experience. But in the dance field, your foundational training always plays a crucial role. Even if it's been years, your education verifies the depth of your commitment and passion for dance.


Your Education section is more than just a list; it's proof of your dedication to the art of dance. It shows you've invested time and effort into honing your craft, preparing you for the many stages your teaching career will take you to.

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In the world of dance, continuous learning is akin to staying on your toes, always ready for the next move. Certificates are your solos that spotlight your dedication to development and mastery in specific areas.

Teaching Certification in Dance Techniques
National Dance Education Organization (NDEO)
2018 - Present
Dance Therapy Certification (DTC)
American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA)
2019 - Present

1. Scan the Performance Notes

Before deciding which certificates to showcase, consider the ones that align most closely with the job's needs. Maybe it's a specific teaching certification or a workshop series on innovative choreography techniques. Highlight these prominently.

2. Choose Your Best Moves

Like choosing your most impressive routines for a recital, select the certifications that will catch the eye of the hiring manager. Think quality, not quantity. A well-chosen certificate in Dance Therapy or Advanced Choreography speaks volumes.

3. Time Your Applause

If a certificate has an expiration or was recently achieved, note this. It shows your commitment to staying current and mastering new steps within the dance education field.

4. Never Stop Dancing

The world of dance is constantly evolving, and so should your expertise. Make a commitment to lifelong learning. Regularly update your resume with new certificates that reflect the latest dance education methodologies, ensuring you always have your best foot forward.


Your certificates do more than just fill space; they illustrate your ambition, expertise, and continual growth in the dance field. They're proof that you're not just keeping pace; you're setting the tempo.


Your skills section is where you get to showcase the array of techniques and qualities you bring to the dance floor. Here's how to make sure this part of your resume is as sharp and impactful as a perfectly executed pirouette.

Communication Skills
Contemporary Dance
Team Collaboration
Student Assessment
Class Organization
Creative Choreography
Parent Engagement
Latest Dance Trends

1. Tune into the Role's Rhythm

Start by deciphering both the explicit and implied skills within the job description. This can range from the technical, like proficiency in ballet, to the interpersonal, such as engaging with parents and students.

2. Choreograph Your Skills List

Organize your skills so the most relevant ones take center stage. For a Dance Teacher, this may include "Ballet", "Contemporary Dance", and "Creative Choreography", as well as softer skills like "Communication Skills" and "Team Collaboration".

3. Maintain a Clear Formation

Resist the urge to list every skill you have. Instead, keep your list concise and focused on those that will most impress a hiring manager looking for a Dance Teacher. This refinement ensures your abilities are seen at a glance.


Your Skills section is a concentrated burst of your professional essence. By carefully selecting and presenting your abilities, you reassure the hiring manager that you're not just equipped for the role—you're exceptional. Keep honing your craft; the stage awaits.


In a dance class, communication extends beyond words. It's about connection, expression, and understanding. Showcasing your linguistic skills, especially in a diverse city like Los Angeles, can enhance your resume's choreography significantly.


1. Align with the Job's Tempo

Review the job description for any specified linguistic requirements. In this case, being "able to operate effectively in English" is mandatory, so highlight your proficiency in English as a native or fluent speaker.

2. Spotlight Your Linguistic Range

Even if not explicitly required, mentioning additional languages can add depth to your resume. For a Dance Teacher, speaking Spanish in Los Angeles could open up more opportunities to connect with a broader range of students and parents.

3. Mark Your Proficiency Levels Clearly

Be honest and clear about your level of fluency in each language. Employ terms like "Native," "Fluent," "Intermediate," and "Basic" to give a transparent understanding of your ability to communicate and instruct in those languages.

4. Consider the Larger Classroom

Los Angeles is a melting pot of cultures. Having the ability to communicate in more than one language can significantly enhance your teaching experience and create a more inclusive dance studio environment.

5. Keep Striving for Encore Performances

Never stop improving your language skills. Whether it's taking a new course or practicing with a language exchange partner, each effort brings you closer to a wider audience and richer interactions.


Your language skills are your passport in the global community of dance. They not only enhance your ability to communicate but also to inspire across cultural boundaries. Whether you're teaching a plié or a salsa step, your ability to express these in more than one language can open hearts and minds in the dance studio.


Imagine your resume's summary as the opening number of a grand ballet: it sets the stage, captures attention, and encapsulates the essence of the spectacle to follow. It's your chance to make the hiring manager eager to see more.

Dance Teacher with over 5 years of expertise in guiding students in various dance styles, with a special focus on ballet and contemporary. Renowned for creating innovative routines, boosting student engagement, and leveraging open communication with parents. Passionate about staying at the forefront of the dance world and promoting a love for dance in all students.

1. Capture the Essence of the Performance

Absorb the core requirements and desires listed in the job post. This is your script. For a Dance Teacher role, it's about blending your expertise in dance with your ability to educate and inspire students.

2. Start with a Strong Pose

Begin your summary with a powerful, concise statement that reflects your professional identity. "Dance Teacher with over 5 years of experience" not only states your role but also emphasizes your journey and dedication.

3. Perform Your Signature Moves

Highlight your unique strengths and achievements. Maybe it's your innovative choreography, your talent for boosting student engagement, or your commitment to professional development. These are your standout moves that catch the eye.

4. Keep It Concise Yet Impactful

Your summary should be a snapshot, not an entire album. Aim for three to five lines that invite the reader to explore the rest of your resume. Think of it as the teaser that leaves them wanting more.


Your summary is the invitation to your personal performance as a Dance Teacher. It's where you hint at your depth, your passion, and your readiness to step into this role. Tailor it to sing in harmony with the job description, leaving no doubt you're the star they've been searching for.

Taking a Bow: Your Dance Teacher Journey Begins

You've meticulously prepared each section of your resume, ensuring it reflects not just your qualifications, but your passion for dance and education. With Wozber's free resume builder, ATS-friendly resume template, and ATS optimization tools, you're set to leap into the spotlight. Your resume isn't just a document; it's a performance that has the power to open doors. Let it dance off the page and into the right hands. The stage is yours. Make every step count!

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Dance Teacher Resume Example
Dance Teacher @ Your Dream Company
  • Bachelor's degree in Dance or equivalent professional experience.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience teaching dance to students of various age groups.
  • Proficient in multiple dance styles, with a strong emphasis on ballet and/or contemporary.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to work effectively with both students and parents.
  • Valid state-specific teaching certification and/or membership with a recognized dance education association.
  • Must be able to operate effectively in English.
  • Must be located in Los Angeles, California.
  • Instruct and choreograph dance routines for students in both group and individual settings.
  • Assess and track student progress, offering feedback and necessary modifications to enhance technique and skill development.
  • Organize and plan performances, recitals, and other dance showcases throughout the academic year.
  • Communicate regularly with parents to discuss student progress, upcoming events, and address any concerns.
  • Stay updated with the latest dance trends and methodologies, consistently seeking professional development opportunities for self and students.
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