Head Server Resume Example

Leading front of house, but your resume's out of sight? Uncover this Head Server resume example, crafted with Wozber free resume builder. It presents how you can thread your service excellence and leadership savvy to suit job specifications, so your career progression stays as impressive as your tableside presentations!

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Head Server Resume Example
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How to write a Head Server resume?

Stepping into the role of Head Server requires not just a passion for the hospitality industry but also a profound understanding of team leadership and service excellence. In a role that's as dynamic as Head Server, your resume must be a finely curated blend of your experience, skills, and the unique flavors you bring to the table. With the Wozber free resume builder at your side, let's whisk through the process of creating an ATS-compliant resume tailored specifically for a Head Server role, leveraging the best practices to craft a resume that's as memorable as your best service.

Personal Details

In the bustling world of hospitality, making a strong first impression is key. Your personal details section is the amuse-bouche of your resume, offering a taste of who you are. Let's make sure it's irresistible.

Ginger Carter
Head Server
(555) 123-4567
New York City, New York

1. Your Name is Your Marquee

Think of your name as the shining marquee sign of a prestigious restaurant. It should be bold, clear, and immediately grab attention. Using an ATS-friendly resume template from Wozber will ensure your name is not lost in a poorly formatted design.

2. Positioning Yourself

Directly beneath your name, align your aspirations with reality by stating "Head Server" as your desired position. This not only shows you're clear about your goals but also aligns perfectly with the job description, making it easier for ATS to recognize a good match.

3. Essential Contact Info

Provide your phone number and a professional email address. A misspelt number or a casual email handle can be the difference between an interview invitation and being passed over. Remember, in the hospitality industry, attention to detail is everything.

4. Location, Location, Location

Mention "New York City, New York" prominently. This instantly tells employers you're in the right place at the right time, ready to serve without the added complications of relocation.

5. The Professional Touch

Adding a LinkedIn profile or a personal website that showcases your professional journey can be the cherry on top. Just ensure it's as meticulously maintained as the dining areas you're used to overseeing.


Like the perfect setting of a table, your personal details section lays the foundation for what's to come. It must be crisp, clean, and meticulously aligned with the Head Server position you're targeting. Let these details speak of your professionalism and readiness to step into the role.

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In the world of fine dining, your experience is your pedigree. It speaks volumes about your ability to navigate the fast-paced environment, lead a team, and ensure impeccable service. Let's plate your experience in a way that it immediately appetizes the hiring manager's interest.

Head Server
01/2021 - Present
ABC Bistro
  • Oversaw and coordinated the daily activities of a 10‑person front‑of‑house team, achieving consistent exceptional service and 95% customer satisfaction.
  • Trained, mentored, and evaluated a team of 15 servers, resulting in increased team efficiency by 30% within 6 months.
  • Assisted in creating and executing seasonal food and beverage menus, boosting sales by 20% during featured promotions.
  • Handled and resolved over 100 customer complaints annually, ensuring a 95% customer retention rate.
  • Collaborated with management to set new service standards, reducing wait times by 15% and optimizing daily operations.
Senior Server
04/2017 - 12/2020
XYZ Fine Dining
  • Managed a section of 20 tables, consistently achieving a 95% or higher seating turnover rate.
  • Promoted wine pairings and seasonal specials, leading to a 25% increase in upselling revenue.
  • Trained 10 new servers on restaurant protocols, ensuring smooth onboarding and integration into the team.
  • Initiated a feedback system among the server team, leading to improved service and 10% higher customer ratings.
  • Assisted in managing inventory and restocking supplies, resulting in a 10% reduction in wastage.

1. Dissecting the Job Requirements

With a keen eye, parse through the job description to identify key phrases and requirements. Matching these to your own experience ensures your resume passes through ATS filters with flying colors.

2. A Menu of Roles and Places

List your experiences in reverse chronological order, emphasizing roles that share a direct lineage with the Head Server position. Each role should be a key ingredient, contributing to the overall flavor of your expertise.

3. Savoring Achievements

Your accomplishments are the main course of your experience section. Serve them hot by detailing how you've led teams, improved service standards, and handled customer concerns, directly correlating with the job responsibilities stated in the provided job description.

4. The Quantifiable Garnish

Quantifying your achievements adds the necessary zest to catch a hiring manager's eye. Whether it's by stating you've increased team efficiency by 30% or that you've boosted sales by 20%, these numbers are tangible proof of your impact.

5. Curated for Relevance

Keep your experience section tightly themed around your hospitality endeavors. Non-relevant experiences, while perhaps interesting, can detract from the narrative you're building towards becoming the next Head Server.


Think of curating your experience section as crafting a fine dining experience. Each role you've held is a course, selected for its relevance and ability to impress. The goal? To leave the hiring manager eager for more, convinced you're the perfect addition to their team.


While the bustling floors and busy kitchens might be where you shine, your education lays the groundwork for your expertise. Let's ensure your educational background complements your aspirations and demonstrates your readiness for the Head Server role.

Bachelor of Science, Hospitality Management
Cornell University

1. Identifying Educational Essentials

Your first step is to understand the educational landscape of the hospitality industry. While the job description may not always specify a degree, showcasing relevant education, like a Bachelor's in Hospitality Management, can set you apart.

2. Presenting Your Credentials

Keep this section lean and impactful. Include your degree, the institution, and your graduation year. Using an ATS-friendly resume format ensures this information is easily digestible by both human and digital readers.

3. Tailoring Degree Details

If your degree directly aligns with the hospitality industry, make sure it's front and center. It acts as a beacon, signaling your foundational knowledge and commitment to the field.

4. Course Highlights

Though not always necessary, mentioning key courses related to leadership, service management, or wine knowledge can add depth to your resume, painting you as a well-rounded candidate.

5. Additional Achievements

If you've garnered accolades or participated in hospitality-focused clubs or societies, list them here. They're like the seasoning that enhances the flavor, showing your proactive engagement with the industry beyond the classroom.


Your education section should reflect a strong foundation, ready to support the ambitions of a Head Server. It's not just about the qualifications you've earned but also about the journey of learning and growth that you're eager to continue in your professional life.

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In a profession that greatly values continuous learning and adherence to standards, certifications can significantly boost your resume. Let's highlight the ones that make you a compelling candidate for the Head Server role.

Responsible Alcohol Service (TIPS)
The National Restaurant Association
2018 - Present

1. Matching Job Needs

The job description mentions a preference for "Certification in Responsible Alcohol Service." If you're certified, this is a golden ticket. It directly aligns with the employer's preferences and sets you apart as a responsible and knowledgeable candidate.

2. Choosing Relevant Certifications

Prioritize certifications that are directly relevant to the Head Server role. This ensures that your resume is tightly focused and relevant, showcasing your dedication to the profession.

3. Dates Matter

Include the date of certification, especially if it's recent. This demonstrates your commitment to staying updated and compliant with industry standards.

4. Staying Current

The hospitality industry is ever-evolving. Show your intent to grow and adapt by pursuing ongoing learning opportunities, whether through renewing certifications or acquiring new ones relevant to your career path.


Just as a well-curated wine list can elevate a dining experience, the right certifications can embellish your resume. They are a testament to your dedication and a sign that you're not just ready but eager to excel in the role of Head Server.


Your skills section is where you get to show off the unique blend of talents you bring to the table. From impeccable service to a deep understanding of the culinary world, let's ensure your skills section is as tastefully compiled as a Michelin-star menu.

Food and Beverage Knowledge
Interpersonal Skills
Menu Creation
Customer Service
Conflict Resolution
Team Management
Training and Mentoring
Restaurant POS Systems
Inventory Management

1. Extracting from the Job Description

Begin by identifying key skills mentioned in the job description, such as "effective communication and interpersonal skills" or "knowledge of food and beverage industry standards." These are the skills you want to highlight, proving you're speaking the same language as your potential employer.

2. Balancing the Blend

Alongside the hard skills, don't forget to mix in soft skills like leadership, team management, and conflict resolution. The best Head Servers excel not just in technical knowledge but in creating a harmonious team environment.

3. Keeping It Organized

Your skills section should be as easy to navigate as a well-organized cutlery drawer. List skills in a clear, logical order, focusing on those most relevant and impressive to a hiring manager in the hospitality industry.


Approach your skills section like crafting the perfect recipe—each skill adds a distinct flavor, contributing to the overall impression. Well-chosen and clearly presented, they make your resume irresistible to hiring managers looking for a Head Server who can truly deliver.


In the cosmopolitan setting of New York City's dining scene, linguistic diversity can be a strong asset. Let's navigate how to eloquently present your linguistic skills, making you an invaluable communicator in any dining establishment.


1. Requirement Recap

Since "English language fluency is a key requirement," your proficiency in English should be prominently featured. This aligns perfectly with the job's demands, showcasing you as a candidate who ticks all the right boxes.

2. Highlighting Your Linguistic Menu

List other languages you're fluent in, positioning you as a versatile communicator able to engage with a diverse clientele. Your ability to converse in multiple languages sets the stage for exceptional guest experiences.

3. Honesty in Proficiency

Be truthful about your level of proficiency in each language. Employers value honesty, and understanding your exact skill level helps them anticipate how you'll interact with guests from various backgrounds.

4. Understanding the Dining Scene

In an industry where making guests feel welcome and understood is paramount, your language skills can significantly enhance customer satisfaction—making it a desirable trait for any Head Server in a metropolitan melting pot like New York City.

5. The Global Server

Think of each language you speak as a doorway to new cultures and experiences. Showcasing your linguistic abilities not only enhances your resume but also signals your capability to create memorable dining experiences for an international clientele.


Your multilingual talents are more than just lines on a resume; they're a testament to your ability to connect with guests from around the world. Flaunting your language skills sets you apart, making you a prized candidate for any Head Server position in the vibrant NYC dining scene.


Your summary is the toast to start off this meal, setting the stage for the rich, full experience of your resume. Let's distill your professional essence into a few choice lines that will intrigue and impress.

Head Server with over 4 years of experience in leading front-of-house teams, managing operations, and ensuring exceptional guest experiences. Adept at collaborating with management and training staff to achieve consistent service standards. Proven track record in enhancing menus and handling customer concerns, resulting in consistent revenue growth and high customer retention.

1. Savoring the Job Essence

Digest the job description thoroughly, extracting key themes and requirements. Your summary should reflect these elements, positioning you as the ideal candidate for the role of Head Server.

2. A Tantalizing Introduction

Begin with a strong, engaging line about your professional identity. "Head Server with over 4 years of experience..." not only grabs attention but also succinctly states your claim to the title.

3. Highlighting the Feast of Your Achievements

Briefly mention your standout skills and accomplishments, such as enhancing menus and managing operations, drawing from the experience and skills sections. This whets the appetite for the detailed courses of your resume to come.

4. Keeping It Rich but Digestible

While tempting to pour all you have into this section, restraint is key. Aim for 3-5 impactful lines that capture the essence of your professional journey and promise value to potential employers.


Your summary is the first taste hiring managers will have of your potential. Make it irresistible, reflective of your skills and experiences, and indicative of the unique flavor you bring to the Head Server role. Let it beckon them, eager to dive into the rest of your resume.

Launching Your Head Server Journey

Congratulations, you're now armed with the insights to craft a resume that doesn't just showcase your qualifications but truly speaks to the essence of the Head Server role. Embrace this journey with confidence, knowing each section of your resume, crafted with Wozber's free resume builder and optimized with the ATS resume scanner, is a stepping stone towards your next big opportunity. Dive in, fine-tune each detail, and let your passion for hospitality lead the way. The next chapter of your career starts here!

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Head Server Resume Example
Head Server @ Your Dream Company
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience as a server or in a similar front-of-house role.
  • Demonstrated leadership and team management skills.
  • Knowledge of food and beverage industry standards and best practices.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Certification in Responsible Alcohol Service (e.g., TIPS, ServeSafe) is preferred.
  • English language fluency is a key requirement.
  • Must be located in New York City, New York.
  • Oversee and coordinate the daily activities of the front-of-house team, ensuring exceptional service and customer satisfaction.
  • Train, mentor, and evaluate servers, providing feedback and support as needed.
  • Assist with the creation and execution of food and beverage menus, including recommending wine pairings and seasonal specials.
  • Handle customer complaints or concerns, aiming for prompt resolution and customer retention.
  • Collaborate with the management team to set service standards, optimize operations, and achieve financial objectives.
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