Server Resume Example

Balancing plates, but your resume seems out of sync? Steal a peek at this Server resume example, choreographed using Wozber free resume builder. Discover how to stack your service finesse to meet job requirements, making your career journey as seamless as a well-timed tray flip!

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Server Resume Example
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How to write a Server Resume?

Hello, aspiring Server superstar! As you navigate through the bustling world of food and hospitality, standing out with a compelling resume is not just a goal, it's your ticket to the front line of your dream job. In a sea of candidates, your resume is your personal showcase, offering a taste of your professionalism and readiness to serve up excellence.

Armed with Wozber's free resume builder, this guide is tailored to help you artfully marry your skills and experience with the appetizing opportunities of a Server position. Embark on this flavorful journey to plate a resume that reservations are made for!

Personal Details

Let's begin by laying the tablecloth for your professional introduction. The Personal Details section might appear as just the appetizer, but it's your first contact with potential employers. Here's how to make it irresistibly professional, combining accuracy with a dash of flair, tailored specifically for the Server position.

Leon Dach
(555) 123-4567
Los Angeles, California

1. Branding Your Name

Your name is the label of your professional brand. Ensure it's prominently displayed in a clear, easily readable font, perhaps in a size that says, 'I'm here to serve.'

2. Job Title as Your Specialty

Just as a menu item entices a guest, including the Server position under your name sets the table for what's to follow. It echoes the job description and lets the hiring manager know you're ready to fill that specific role.

3. Essential Contact Ingredients

  • Phone Number: Make sure this is your most reliable number. A typo here could mean a missed call for your dream job.
  • Professional Email Address: Simplicity is key. A format like firstname.lastname@email.com presents a clean, professional contact point.

4. Recipe for Location

Living in Los Angeles, California, as mentioned in our job description, and stating it upfront means you're perfectly situated for the role, signaling no relocation delay in your serving debut.

5. Online Presence as an Appetizer

If you have a LinkedIn profile or a personal website that showcases your professional journey, adding it is like giving a preview of your finest dishes. Ensure it's relevant and appetizing.


Dressing up your Personal Details is like setting the perfect table for a professional banquet. With clarity, alignment with the Server role specifications, and a touch of personal branding, you're well on your way to captivating your next employer's palate. Think of this section as the amuse-bouche of your professional journey, crafted to intrigue and invite deeper exploration.

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Moving onto the main course, let's delve into the Experience section - a showcase of your rich professional history tailored to the Server role. This is where you'll share those juicy stories of past engagements that make you a mouth-watering candidate.

01/2022 - Present
ABC Restaurant
  • Greeted and seated over 200 guests daily in a timely and friendly manner, elevating initial dining experiences.
  • Took and submitted an average of 100 food and beverage orders daily, ensuring prompt and accurate delivery to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Maintained a 99% rating on providing a high level of customer service, addressing concerns and special requests professionally.
  • Assisted in maintaining dining area cleanliness, resetting 30+ tables per shift, and consistently refilled table condiments based on guest preferences.
  • Collaborated seamlessly with the culinary team, resulting in a 20% improvement in overall dining experience for guests.
Restaurant Host
03/2020 - 12/2021
XYZ Diner
  • Welcomed and managed an average of 150 guests daily, reducing wait times by 15%.
  • Assisted in taking reservations, ensuring an average of 90% seating utilization during peak hours.
  • Planned and executed special events, increasing customer footfall by 10%.
  • Managed a team of 5 hostess staff, leading to a 30% improvement in seating efficiency.
  • Contributed to POS system upgrades, resulting in a 20% reduction in billing errors.

1. Menu of Job Requirements

Begin with a careful reading of the job description. Highlight key phrases like 'high-volume restaurant' or 'team collaboration.' These are ingredients you'll want to sprinkle throughout your experience descriptions.

2. Serving Up Roles and Companies

Present your experience like a well-organized menu, listing your most recent role at the top. For each role, include the job title, name of the establishment, and the period you graced their floors.

3. Delicious Achievement Descriptions

For each position you've held, detail your accomplishments and responsibilities that align with the Server description. For instance, 'Greeted and seated over 200 guests daily,' directly reflects the ability to handle high volume with grace.

4. Quantify Your Flavors

Numbers add richness to your stories. A '99% rating in customer service' or 'assisted in reducing billing errors by 20%' serves up a tangible testament to your impact and proficiency.

5. Keep the Course Relevant

Stick to experiences that pertain to being a Server. While your stint as a line cook may have sharpened your kitchen knowledge, focus on where your service shone the brightest.


Savor the process of crafting your experience section. Each point serves as a testament to your potential, flavoring your resume with evidence of how you'll enrich the dining experience at your next position. Keep your servings relevant, quantifiable, and reflective of the Server role's requirements. Your resume's Main Course is now plated with precision and ready to impress.


The education section of your resume, while seemingly straightforward, can be seasoned to further endorse your candidacy for the Server position. Even if garnishing dishes is more your forte than discussing diplomas, here's how to make your educational background complement your professional ambitions.

Associate's Degree, Hospitality Management
University of Florida

1. Spot the Dish's Base

Identify the educational qualifications requested. For this Server example, specific educational demands weren't listed, giving you the flexibility to present your educational background in a manner most flattering to your professional recipe.

2. Plate with Elegance

Keep this section minimal yet informative. Include the degree or certificate, the institution where you studied, and the date of graduation. This presents a clear snapshot of your educational background.

3. Add Seasonal Ingredients

If you have education relevant to the hospitality or restaurant industry, such as a Diploma in Hospitality Management, ensure it's highlighted. This adds a relevant flavor to your overall presentation.

4. Garnish with Relevant Courses

Listing courses like Food Safety or Customer Service adds depth to your educational section, especially if you're early in your career or the role has a particular emphasis on these skills.

5. Extra Toppings

Honors, relevant extracurricular activities, or special projects related to hospitality or service can give your resume a zest that sets it apart. However, judge the table according to its setting – for more senior roles, these details might be less pertinent.


While the education section might seem like a side dish, a little creativity and relevance can transform it into an integral part of the meal. Let it showcase the foundational knowledge and dedication that support your journey in the hospitality sector. Dress it up, keep it neat, and let it serve as another proof of your readiness to excel.

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Like a sommelier with a rare vintage, your certificates can significantly elevate your appeal to potential employers. These attestations of your commitment to growth and excellence in the food and hospitality world are jewels in your crown. Let's explore how to present them in a manner as enticing as the chef's special.

National Restaurant Association
2019 - Present
Food Handler's Permit
State Health Department
2020 - Present

1. Scan the Menu for Preferences

Revisit the job description. For our Server role, it mentioned, "Any relevant food service certifications such as ServSafe or Food Handler's Permit are a plus." These are the specials of the day, highlighting your dedication and knowledge.

2. Select the Finest Wines

Choose to list certifications that directly align with the job demands. A ServSafe certification or a Food Handler's Permit speaks volumes of your commitment and readiness for the role.

3. Detail with Dates

If the certificate has a validity period or is a recent achievement, stating the date demonstrates your initiative to stay current and up-to-date - particularly important in the fast-paced restaurant industry.

4. Keep the Cellar Stocked

The food and hospitality landscape is always evolving. Stay ahead by pursuing ongoing education and new certifications, especially those that align with your career path in the service industry.


Your certificates are proof of your ongoing journey to excel in the Server role. Highlight them like prized ingredients in your professional kitchen, emphasizing your commitment to quality and safety standards. With the right certifications on display, your resume becomes a menu of qualifications too tempting to pass up.


The Skills section of your resume is where you get to shine a spotlight on the unique blend of talents you bring to the table. Like a carefully curated wine list, this section should reflect the depth and variety of your professional capabilities. Let's uncork the strategy behind aligning your skills with the Server position's demands.

General Restaurant Operations
Communication Skills
Customer Service
Team Collaboration
POS Systems
Food Safety Procedures
Time Management

1. Decant the Job Description

Start by distilling the job posting into its most essential skills. Look for keywords and phrases such as 'POS Systems' and 'Team Collaboration'.

2. Present Your Best Varietals

Select skills from your repertoire that match those listed in the job description, and arrange them in a way that highlights your most refined capabilities. Don't just list them; frame them within the context of how they've enhanced the guest experience or improved efficiency.

3. Label with Care

Keep this section well-organized and easy to skim. A cluttered list might mask your most relevant skills, so focus on quality over quantity, ensuring each skill you list directly relates to the Server's role.


Like a master chef's secret ingredients, your skills make your professional profile stand out. Whether it's the adept management of a bustling dining room or your wizardry with a POS system, the Skills section is your chance to convince the hiring manager that you're not just a fit – you're the perfect blend for their establishment.


In the rich tapestry of the hospitality world, your language skills can be the vibrant threads that make the whole picture come to life. Especially in a diverse city like Los Angeles, the ability to communicate with guests in their preferred language can significantly enhance their dining experience. Let's unwrap how to showcase this essential skillset effectively.


1. Review the Menu's Language Needs

Start by identifying any specific language requirements or preferences in the job description. For our Server role, English proficiency was highlighted as a key skill.

2. Feature Your Linguistic Specials

If English is your first language or you're fluent in it, list that prominently. For additional languages, organize them in order of proficiency, keeping in mind the potential customer base of the restaurant.

3. A Bouquet of Languages

Even if other languages aren't explicitly requested, showcasing your multilingual abilities can set you apart as a candidate equipped to deliver exceptional guest experiences in a cosmopolitan setting like Los Angeles.

4. Honesty in Proficiency

Clearly define your level of comfort with each language, using terms like 'Native,' 'Fluent,' 'Intermediate,' and 'Basic'. This clarity can help manage expectations and highlight your honesty.

5. Tailoring to the Locale

Consider the local and tourist demographic of the restaurant's location. In a city as diverse as Los Angeles, fluency in additional languages like Spanish or Mandarin could open doors to richer guest interactions.


Each language you speak is like a key, unlocking opportunities for deeper connections and memorable dining experiences. By showcasing your linguistic skills aligned with the Server role's demands, you present yourself as a bridge between cultures - a valuable asset to any dynamic restaurant team. Let your languages be the toast of the town, illustrating your readiness to serve up smiles in every dialect.


Your summary is the amuse-bouche of your resume, offering a tantalizing glimpse into your professional persona. For the Server position, it's about layering flavors that speak to your service excellence, teamwork, and ability to thrive in high-paced environments. Here's how to concoct a summary that invites hiring managers to savor more.

Server with over three years of hands-on experience in high-volume restaurant and hospitality settings. Known for providing exceptional customer service, accurately taking and delivering food and beverage orders, and collaborating effectively with culinary teams. Recognized for maintaining a high level of cleanliness and ensuring guests have a seamless dining experience.

1. Savor the Job's Flavor

Begin by digesting the essence of the Server role, identifying key skills and attributes the employer is seeking. This will be the base of your summary.

2. A Sprinkle of Introduction

Whet the appetite with a brief introduction, stating your professional title and years of experience. 'Server with over three years of hands-on experience...'

3. Layer with Key Ingredients

Blend in your skill set and standout achievements that align with the job requirements. Highlight attributes like 'known for providing exceptional customer service' and specific successes such as 'collaborating effectively with culinary teams'.

4. Garnish with Precision

Keep it concise and powerful. Aim for a summary that captures the essence of your professional journey in a few, impactful lines, enticing the reader to explore the full menu of your capabilities.


Consider your summary the signature dish of your resume - a concentrated flavor of your professional essence, designed to make the hiring manager crave more. By tailoring it to reflect the Server position's specific demands, you present yourself as not just a candidate, but the candidate. Simmer your attributes, achievements, and skills down to a rich reduction that promises a feast of value.

Launching Your Server Journey

With the final garnishes in place, your Server resume is now a masterpiece ready to be served. Embarking on this journey with Wozber has equipped you with a resume that's not only a delight to the eye but also palatable to ATS systems and hiring managers alike. Your resume is the meal you've lovingly prepared to start your journey in the world of hospitality. Share it with confidence, knowing it's crafted with the finest ingredients for success.

Let Wozber's free resume builder be your sous-chef in this endeavor, ensuring your career takes off with the flair it deserves. Bon appétit!

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Server Resume Example
Server @ Your Dream Company
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a high-volume restaurant or hospitality setting.
  • Proficient in POS (Point of Sale) systems and general restaurant operations.
  • Strong multitasking and communication skills, with the ability to work well in a team environment.
  • Familiarity with food safety and sanitation guidelines, ensuring safe handling of food and beverages.
  • Any relevant food service certifications such as ServSafe or Food Handler's Permit are a plus.
  • English proficiency is a key skill for this position.
  • Must be located in Los Angeles, California.
  • Greet and seat guests in a timely and friendly manner, providing them with menus and answering any initial questions.
  • Take and submit food and beverage orders and ensure prompt and accurate delivery.
  • Provide a high level of customer service, addressing any concerns or special requests professionally.
  • Assist with dining area cleanliness, including resetting tables and refilling table condiments.
  • Collaborate with the culinary team and other front-of-house staff to ensure a seamless dining experience for guests.
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