Dancer Resume Example

Jazzing up stages, but your resume feels flat? Groove to this Dancer resume example, choreographed with Wozber free resume builder. Learn how to express your artistry and grace in sync with job criteria, pirouetting your career to the front and center!

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Dancer Resume Example
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How to write a Dancer Resume?

In the spotlight of your dance career, your resume serves as a ticket to your next big performance. Like perfect choreography, it tells the story of your professional journey with precision and grace. Here, we're spotlighting the art of tailoring your resume to a specific Dancer position, ensuring every step and turn aligns perfectly with job requirements and glides smoothly through ATS filters. Let Wozber's free resume builder guide you through creating a masterpiece that commands a standing ovation.

Personal Details

The curtain rises with your Personal Details, introducing you to the audience of hiring managers. Crafting this section with care establishes your professional presence and positions you perfectly for the role. Here's how to ensure your opening act is unforgettable.

Whitney Schiller
(555) 123-4567
New York City, New York

1. Spotlight Your Name

Ensure your name mirrors the boldness and elegance of a marquee - clear and compelling. A readable font size sets the stage for your personal brand, invoking the gravity of your artistic identity.

2. Embrace the Role

Positioning 'Dancer' right beneath your name not only aligns with the job title but also affirms your identity in the performance world. This immediate declaration cues the hiring managers into your role fitment.

3. Direct Contacts

Ensure your contact details form an open channel for callbacks. A professional email that utilizes your name evokes a sense of professionalism and dedication to detail - hallmarks of a seasoned performer.

4. Location, Location, Location

By specifying "New York City, New York," you're in perfect harmony with the job's geographic requirements, reassuring the hiring panel of your readiness and eliminating any concerns about relocation.

5. Encore! Add a Professional Profile

If you have a LinkedIn profile or a digital portfolio showcasing your performances, include it. This digital stage offers a broader platform for your talents, providing depth beyond the resume.


Just like the opening act of a performance, your Personal Details set the tone for the narrative that follows. It's your initial bow, a moment to shine and signal your readiness for the spotlight. Keep it precise, diligent, and perfectly aligned with the role's demands.

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Here's where the dance of your career unfolds - a ballet of roles, performances, and milestones. Your Experience section is a choreographed piece highlighting your journey through the performing arts industry. Let's ensure every step tells a story.

Lead Dancer
01/2021 - Present
ABC Dance Company
  • Performed with precision, emotion, and grace, receiving accolades from renowned choreographers.
  • Collaborated with top‑tier choreographers, refining and adapting routines to suit performances, resulting in a 10% increase in ticket sales.
  • Attended and excelled in 200+ regular rehearsals, aiding in enhancing the overall performance quality.
  • Successfully participated in 50+ shows, concerts, and events, ensuring adherence to schedule and requirements, resulting in a 95% audience retention rate.
  • Mentored and trained 20 aspiring dancers, contributing to the next generation's success in the industry.
Professional Dancer
06/2018 - 12/2020
XYZ Dance Ensemble
  • Led the team in several high‑profile performances, gaining recognition from the local press.
  • Took part in 150+ rehearsal sessions, perfecting dance routines and inspiring fellow dancers.
  • Participated in national tours, reaching diverse audiences in over 15 states.
  • Collaborated seamlessly with other dance professionals, enhancing the company's reputation for excellent teamwork.
  • Served as a brand ambassador for the company, participating in promotional campaigns and increasing social media engagement by 30%.

1. Setting the Rhythm

Begin with an analytical read through the job description, highlighting experiences that resonate with keywords like 'performance quality,' 'teamwork,' and specific styles.

2. Harmony in Roles

List your roles in reverse-chronological order, spotlighting recent performances. Include the role title, the company, and the duration to give a clear timeline of your professional crescendo.

3. Narrating Your Dance

For each role, articulate your achievements and breakthroughs, showcasing your growth and adaptability. Use action verbs and incorporate elements from the job description such as 'collaborated with choreographers' and 'participated in shows,' bringing your career narrative to life.

4. Quantify Your Standing Ovations

Whenever possible, quantify your achievements. Did your performance lead to increased ticket sales? How many shows have you been a part of? Numbers add weight to your moves, substantiating your success and impact.

5. Curtain Call for Relevance

Stay focused on experiences that sing your praises high for the Dancer role. Extraneous details can distract from your main performance, so keep the narrative tight and to the point.


Your Experience section is where you lead the audition, compelling the panel with your professional recital. By meticulously aligning each role to the job's choreography, you affirm your position in this dance, leaving the hiring managers eager for your next performance.


The Education section is the underlying score of your dance career, showcasing the rigorous training and foundational skills that have shaped your artistic journey. Let's ensure it reflects the finesse and discipline of your craft.

Bachelor of Arts, Dance Performance
Juilliard School of Dance, Drama, and Music

1. Spotlight on Academia

Identify and highlight the educational qualifications that align with the Dancer role. Whether it's a formal degree from a prestigious institution or specialized training workshops, make it resonate with your narrative.

2. Choreographing the Basics

Present your educational background in a clear, straightforward format. Start with your most recent accomplishment, listing the degree, the institution, and the year of graduation.

3. Duet with Your Degree

Tailor details of your degree to echo the job's requirements. For example, a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance directly cues your formal training and specialization.

4. Encore! Showcasing Relevant Courses

For roles demanding specific skills or genres, highlighting relevant coursework can add depth to your qualifications. It shows your dedication to mastering the nuances of your art.

5. Applause for Extra Milestones

Don't hesitate to include significant honors or achievements during your academic journey. This could be scholarships, awards, or leadership roles in performing arts groups, emphasizing your commitment and passion for dance.


Your Education section lays the groundwork of your professional performance, illustrating the disciplined training and passion that has shaped your dance career. Make every line leap off the page, embodying the dedication and mastery that you bring to the stage.

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Much like prestigious awards in the world of dance, certificates in your resume are badges of honor - marks of your continuous learning and mastery in specific styles or techniques. They are silent yet profound testimonials to your commitment to the craft.

American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum
American Ballet Theatre (ABT)
2017 - Present
Royal Academy of Dance Certification
Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)
2016 - Present

1. Refine Your Repertoire

Focus on certificates that directly align with the Dancer position, like 'American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum' or 'Royal Academy of Dance Certification,' to underscore your specialized training.

2. A Dazzling Display

While it's tempting to list every accolade, prioritize quality over quantity. Highlight certificates that showcase your proficiency and expertise in areas crucial to the role.

3. Timed Steps

For certificates with expiry dates or recent acquisitions, including the date signals your up-to-date knowledge and ongoing dedication to refining your art.

4. En Pointe with Current Trends

The dance world is ever-evolving, and so should your certifications. Staying abreast of new techniques, styles, and training programs is imperative, showing your flexibility and growth mindset.


Each certificate you include is a testament to your dedication and skill, a silent ovation for your commitment to the dance. Choose wisely to spotlight the aspects of your training that make you shine in the spotlight, defining your unique presence in the world of dance.


Your Skills section is a quick-step through your professional arsenal - a tightly choreographed sequence showcasing your versatility, technique, and collaborative ability in the dance sphere. Let's ensure it articulates the breadth and depth of your expertise.

Dance Technique
Communication Skills
Physical Fitness
Artistry in Motion
Contemporary Dance
Modern Dance
Jazz Dance

1. Deciphering the Score

Start by identifying both the hard skills (like 'Ballet,' 'Modern Dance,' and 'Choreography') and soft skills ('Teamwork,' 'Communication') from the job description, ensuring a comprehensive showcase of your abilities.

2. Harmony in Movement

Prioritize skills that resonate with the job's demands, displaying a balanced composition of your technical expertise and interpersonal attributes, crucial for collaborative performances.

3. A Refined Performance

Keep your list concise yet impactful, focusing on skills that differentiate you as a performer. Overloading the list can dilute the attention from your key strengths.


Craft your Skills section as if setting the stage for your grand finale. Each skill listed should highlight a facet of your talent, painting a compelling picture of your versatility, technique, and collaborative spirit. Let each skill be a note that harmonizes with the melody of your career aspirations.


In the global stage of dance, linguistic versatility can be akin to mastering multiple dance styles - it enhances your adaptability and broadens your audience. While not always spotlighted, language skills can add a unique flair to your resume, echoing your readiness for international roles.


1. Understanding the Script

Identify if the job posting has explicit language preferences or requirements. 'Strong English speaking and writing abilities required' connects directly with the role's needs.

2. Lingual Choreography

Lead with the languages that are essential for the role, showcasing your fluency and ability to perform internationally or across cultural divides.

3. The Ensemble

Beyond the must-haves, list other languages you're proficient in. This adds depth to your profile, showcasing versatility and a global mindset.

4. Stages of Fluency

Be transparent about your proficiency levels, using terms like 'Native,' 'Fluent,' 'Intermediate,' and 'Basic.' It's important the hiring team knows exactly how versatile your linguistic repertoire is.

5. The Dance of Cultures

Consider how your language skills could enhance your role within the company, especially for productions or tours that interact with diverse audiences. This could be your standout move.


Your language skills mirror your ability to connect and communicate across cultures, amplifying your appeal to international or culturally diverse companies. This section is your chance to show your versatility not just as a dancer, but as a global performer ready to take any stage.


The Summary is your spotlight moment - a solo performance that encapsulates your essence as a Dancer. It's your opportunity to distill your journey into a compelling narrative, capturing the attention of your audience from the very first note.

Dancer with over 7 years of experience, known for performing with precision, emotional depth, and grace. Recognized for collaborations with top-tier choreographers, refining routines, and mentoring fellow dancers. Proven ability to adapt to different dance styles while maintaining excellence, and adept at promotional endeavors, maintaining a strong social media presence.

1. Finding Your Rhythm

Immerse yourself in the job requirements, identifying key themes. This sets the stage for a summary that resonates with the unique demands of the Dancer role.

2. Take the Stage

Open with a powerful statement about your professional journey. 'Dancer with over 7 years of experience' sets a tone of expertise and commitment.

3. The Choreography of Your Career

Weave in your unique skills and accomplishments, selecting highlights that align with the job's requirements. Showcase your collaborations and accolades, emphasizing your ability to deliver captivating performances.

4. The Final Bow

Keep your summary succinct, yet potent. This teaser of your full resume should intrigue and invite the hiring manager to delve deeper into your professional story.


A well-crafted Summary is your invitation to the audition, a chance to intrigue and assure the hiring team they need to see more. Let your professional journey be a narrative that demands attention, ensuring your resume remains center stage in the selection process.

Taking Your Place in the Spotlight

With each step carefully choreographed, your resume is now a polished performance, ready to captivate and convince. Using Wozber's free resume builder, including free ATS-friendly resume templates and ATS optimization tools, your resume is not just ATS-compliant but a testament to your artistry and professionalism. Remember, your resume is your opening act, a prelude to the extraordinary performance you're ready to give.

Embrace your journey, refine your narrative, and let your career soar to new heights. The stage is set, and the audience awaits; it's your time to shine.

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Dancer Resume Example
Dancer @ Your Dream Company
  • Minimum of 5 years professional dance experience in a recognized dance company or equivalent.
  • Proficiency in a variety of dance styles, with strong technique in at least one specialized genre.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform choreography with precision, emotion, and grace.
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills, with the ability to collaborate with dancers, choreographers, and production teams.
  • Possession of relevant certifications such as the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum or the Royal Academy of Dance qualifications.
  • Strong English speaking and writing abilities required.
  • Must be located in New York City, New York.
  • Attend regular rehearsals and training sessions to learn and perfect dance routines.
  • Perform in live shows, concerts, events, and other productions according to the schedule and requirements.
  • Collaborate with choreographers to refine and adapt routines to best suit the performance.
  • Maintain physical fitness and health to ensure peak performance on stage.
  • Participate in promotional activities and media appearances as requested by the dance company or management.
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