Wozber Becomes the World's Most Full-Featured Free Resume Builder

Wozber Becomes the World's Most Full-Featured Free Resume Builder

There are many resume builders online which are trying to squeeze every penny from their customers for things that we believe should be accessible for everyone. The majority of resume builders are declaring they are "free" when in reality none of them offers any sufficient free feature set – if you wish to create a great resume and download it, you are forced to pay.

We do not want to be that kind of service.

What we want, is that everyone would have a chance to land a successful career. We seek to offer you the best possible way to build your resume and deliver it to you entirely for free. Even better, to enable you to build your job application without forcing to create an account or storing your data on the server – we respect your privacy.

So, from now on, all resume templates and unlimited length resumes are entirely free and available without user account!

It marks a major milestone for Wozber because now it becomes the most full-featured free resume builder in the world. This is what you get for free without any time limit:

  • Resume and cover letter tips
  • Unlimited resumes
  • Unlimited cover letters
  • Unlimited resume length
  • Unlimited PDF downloads
  • All resume templates
  • Multilingual resumes
  • Smart content formatting
  • ATS Optimization tryout

We're going to launch many other improvements, starting from more powerful template customization, and ensuring Wozber is undoubtedly the best resume builder in the industry.

We believe everyone deserves a chance for a better career

We're developing Wozber so could everyone be prepared in a highly competitive job market. And with the free services now as extensive as ours and the best practices built in, everyone has the tool to make their dream career come true.

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Tomas Slavinskas
Tomas Slavinskas
Founder and CEO of Wozber
From starting with zero landed job interviews to increasing my success rate up to 80%, I found the answers of what makes a job search successful. That experience ultimately led me to dedicate myself to guiding job seekers through their journeys, empowering them with the tools and knowledge required to reach more exciting job opportunities.

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