What Your Resume is all About?

Your resume as well as its greatest companion, a cover letter, briefly explains two key points only: your strengths and how they can benefit the company – your future employer.

It is important to understand that your resume is not about what you want or what you were "responsible for" in previous positions. Your resume is about the company's needs.

Companies are searching for a person to fulfill a gap in the business structure, a person who can solve daily business problems and challenges. They need a professional person who can deliver daily results by performing a specific job.

If your resume is not targeting to these key business needs and if you can't show any proofs of your previous relevant results - then you won't look like the best candidate and as a result, you won't get a job.

A content in your targeted resume is vital for your success. Experience and skills generate averagely 70% of the recruiter's attention time while education and other parts of a resume are scanned more carelessly.

Keep in mind, that your resume is a personal advertisement targeting to the specific company needs.

Focus on writing a targeted content. Target a particular job position and company's needs, and you will get much more attention that will finally lead you to an interview call.

A great job starts with a great resume. Get yours now!
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