Two Opinions About Including a Photo on a Resume

There are two camps: one that says you need a photo in your resume and the other that says you shouldn't include a photo.

  • If the employer later interviews you but doesn't hire you, it opens the possibility of a discrimination claim. Some companies will even flat out reject resumes with photos just to avoid that potential accusation. That's one reason that some ATS solutions remove pictures from resumes, leaving only the text.

  • The camp that is in favor of including a photo in the resume says that experts worry too much. Trying to get acquainted with a person without knowing what he/she looks like goes against nature. For example, LinkedIn profiles without photos are the ones that are viewed as unprofessional.

If you choose to include a photo in your resume, its style should comply with the company's values and culture.

We recommend that you have two separate photos – one formal photo and one informal photo. Use a formal photo if the company is a big corporation that has a more formal environment, and use an informal photo if your desired company has a more relaxed atmosphere. Your photo's background should be clean and uncluttered.

Whatever you choose, either to include a photo or not, don't spend too much time thinking about it - the content of your resume is its core.

General Guidelines

  • Include a photo, if you're seeking a job in European countries (except Ireland, UK, Netherlands, and Sweden), China, or Japan.

  • Do not include a photo in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.


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