Experience Statement Examples for Your Resume

Powerful experience statements have few main components.

First, and the most important, statements need to be targeted to the specific job position. One resume to one job position only. That means, customizing bullet points every time by using keywords and other related data.

Secondly, statements need to stress your achievements and results instead of duties or responsibilities.

Format your achievements into powerful sentences. Start your experience statements with action verbs, use numbers to prove results (numbers provide certainty), and finally enrich these statements with professional adjectives.

Here are some good examples of effective experience statements:

For Sales Position:

  • Worked independently and performed 80 - 100 daily cold calls, educating customers, building relationships, and telling stories and benefits of our professional services;

  • Sold high technology products with an average price point of $18000.00 using strategic tactics;

  • Together with amazing sales team planned and organized territory sales completing the monthly goal of 100 meetings.

For Customer Service Position:

  • Greeted and assisted up to 100 clients per day. Recognized for being client centric in goal driven environment;

  • Achieved great success with exceeding monthly sales and customer card goals averagely up to 20%;

  • Demonstrated strong organizational and sales skills and was punctual as scheduled all 15 months in a row.

For Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Position:

  • Installed, maintained and repaired high technology equipment for the semiconductor industry, Stepper NSR-SF155 and NSR-1505G2A;

  • Prepared BOQ and implemented SPC on various process steps to monitor 100% production quality;

  • Designed and implemented a working 2 channel encoder for FM modular within a 6-week deadline.

For Leadership & Management Position:

  • Managed, lead and coordinated various teams up to 70 people to perform marketing programs. This included collaboration both with internal and external teams;

  • Solved internal financial business challenge by reducing projects costs by 25% while employing young but talented external freelancers without losing overall quality and time;

  • Created, organized and implemented continues company's employees' training program by up-to-date educational book reading practice, which led to high-quality and professional team members' ideas and workflow.

For Finance & Accounting Position:

  • Saved shipping costs of 25% by generating accurate reports determining the cost, quality, and location of inventory and maximizing production efficiency;

  • Prepared monthly and quarterly investment forecasts of $4M stock exchange fund to evaluate precise margin call;

  • Performed external audits on +200 JEG listed companies, analyzing their financial statements, tax returns, expenditures, and revenues.

For Communication & Advertising Position:

  • Directly administrated 7 marketing and PR campaigns in my first year;

  • Created, produced and presented 6 brainstorm ideas/projects from concept to a solution for client's Brief;

  • Generated, produced and maintained 42 end-to-end marketing and PR projects of which 3 became Viral stunts. All projects were done by approved budget, timescale, and respected quality.

For Analytics & Research Position:

  • Analyzed and architected business intelligence models to measure ROI. Monitored and reviewed options, risks, and costs of all company's department's $5 million budget;

  • Developed successful business models resulting in revenue increase of 4.4% from 2012 to 2013;

  • Successfully connected internal sales, marketing and design teams and departments with external partners via Trello and Slack integrations leading to 20% more efficient workflow and effective projects' data tracking and sharing;

  • Worked with multiple data sets and applied qualitative and quantitative customer research techniques and business profitability analysis that lead to continuously exceeding monthly goals by 7%.

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