A Resume Format for Everyone Who Has a Lot of Work Experience

Companies search for people who can perform daily jobs fast and bring profitable results. Whether you have no working experience, 3 years or 10+ years of practice, recruiters still search for the most relevant candidate.

10+ years of experience shows solid knowledge set, besides a relevant career experience is a great proof that new employee will perform his new role professionally. However, if you write about all your 10+ years of career duties and responsibilities, your resume will extend over single page area to multiple pages, and in that way, you might lose recruiter's focus.

Avoid writing all your career works. Pick up the best career achievements that you can prove with numbers and forget early career tasks which have no relevancy to the current situation. Target your experience to the job position and, most of all, fit all your experience on one page.

If you can't fit all your 10+ years job accomplishments on one page, delete unrelated or repetitive information. If you had three positions at the same company – squeeze all your experience under the last, the highest held position.

An overlong resume is complicated, hard to read and unfocused. Show only your relevant experience and your targeted resume will make the highest impact.

A great job starts with a great resume. Get yours now!
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