Six Main Rules for Building a Resume

Targeting the content of your resume is a pivotal strategy to write a perfect resume. To remind you, targeting means customizing your resume's bullet points and skills for the job position and rearranging your resume's sections so that the most relevant experience appear at the top.

Here are the primary rules that will help you to write the best resume:

  1. Target your accomplishments at a job description. Adjust your results in every single resume for a particular job position. This is a key targeting rule.

  2. Put your strongest targeted accomplishments (remember: accomplishments, not duties) at the top.

  3. To target your best career achievements at different job positions, analyze and scan a particular job description and pick up the essential keywords (the most important keyword is placed in the headline of the job ad).

  4. In addition to using targeted keywords, use common keywords too. Words such as time, clients, and budget show that you are a professional who speaks business language.

  5. Start all your statements with an action word. This is a classical advertisement strategy which helps to stress key points.

  6. Use numbers to support your statements. In business, numbers often speak louder than words because they give assurance and validity.

That was a list of the most fundamental and proven rules to craft content for your resume. You will learn more about them later in the next Wozber Guidebook articles.


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