Writing a Resume With Brief and Broad Experience Statements

Your experience section is just a performance preview. Since a job description gives specific hints as to what a company expects from a candidate, you can know whether your accomplishments meet these expectations.

Depending on the number of statements you want to use in your resume, you have several options for showing how much of an impact you've made:

  • Use brief experience statements in a bulleted list if you can target three to six accomplishments. The structure of these sentences is straightforward – an action that leads to the results.

    Example: "Met 100% of goals while leading a new cross-functional team."

  • Use broad experience statements in the general list if you can only target two or three statements. The best way to form long sentences is to illustrate your achievements by using the same accomplishment and result structure, whether referring to the company's news or changes in its market.

    Example: "When we acquired Tony Capitals in 2015, I met 100% of our goals as leader of the new cross-functional team."

Remember, your experience section just previews your performance. To make results relevant, don't forget to target it to the new job position.


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