Which Resume Format Is the Best: Short or Long?

Recruiters get hundreds of requests for each open job position, and that is why they can't dedicate enough time to review long applications thoroughly. They search for the best candidates by quickly scanning resumes for keywords and key phrases associated with a particular job opening.

Recruiters tend to prefer a targeted resume, which is short and to the point, because it's easier and faster to see the bigger picture of the candidate.

A single page resume is a preferred format because it's more convenient.

Focus on writing short and targeted statements instead of an extended list of every job duty you have ever had. Put your essential and most relevant information on a single page with your best accomplishments and targeted skills strategically located in the first half of your resume.

Employers don't want to know all of your previous duties and responsibilities. They just search for a person who can solve specific business problems. That's why you should focus more on the quality of your content than the quantity.

TIP: List all your career accomplishments in a master resume (you can use a CV for that). Make it descriptive and comprehensive. This extended document will be the source of the content for your resume and will help you to write a single-page resume targeted at a particular job position.


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