Two Opinions About Putting a Photo on a Resume

There are two camps: one that says you need a photo on the resume and the other, which says you shouldn't use it:

  • If the employer later interviews you but doesn't hire you, it opens the possibility of a discrimination claim. Some companies will even flat-out reject resumes with photos, just to avoid that potential accusation. That's one reason some ATS solutions remove photos from resumes, leaving only the text.

  • The camp that stands for using the photo on the resume says that experts worry too much. Trying to get acquainted with a person without knowing what he/she looks like goes against nature. For example, LinkedIn profiles without photos are exactly the ones evaluated as unprofessional.

If you choose to put a photo on a resume, target it just as you do the rest of your resume. Your photo should comply with the company's values and culture.

We recommend you to have two separate photos – formal and informal. Use a formal photo if the company is a big corporation with a more official environment and use an informal photo if your desired company has a more relaxed environment. Your photo background should be clean and uncluttered.

Whatever you choose, either to put a photo or not, don't spend too much time thinking about it. A content on a resume is a core.

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