The Top Soft Skills for Your Resume: Integrity

In corporate culture, integrity is a highly valued characteristic. Loyalty to your job indicates that you see yourself in your respective field for at least several years. For an employer, hiring employees is a huge investment. In fact, it costs an average of $4,000 and takes around 52 days for every new hire.

Thus, to reduce both the time and the cost of hiring, it benefits the company to find a candidate with integrity and work experience highly relevant to the position.

From the perspective of CEOs, two integrity skills most employees lack are:

  1. Always doing what you say you will do (being reliable);
  2. Keeping track of yourself and your projects.

Being reliable means that you can manage yourself, be organized, and prioritize what is important.

Synonyms for integrity: honesty, disciplined, responsibility, strong work ethic, and self-awareness.


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