Top Hard Skills for Your Resume: Computer Skills

Think twice before typing such skills as Microsoft Office on your resume. While you may think that this term indicates your ability to type text in Word or create a presentation on Powerpoint, your potential employer might assume you have knowledge of programming complex formulas into Excel. Be specific about which Office solutions you know.

Another dubious skill is Social Media Management. Your potential employer likely won't be impressed with your ability to create a social media response to the "trending topic of the day." Only include this skill if you have true work experience using it – such as brand-building and managing multiple social media accounts, reading and analyzing corresponding data, or running paid marketing campaigns.

The term Digital Literacy, indicating basic computer qualifications, is an industry-wide standard that should certainly be listed on your targeted resume. Beyond this, consider what exactly you can do with a computer and list those specific skills only.

Synonyms of computer skills qualification: Computer literacy; Digital Literacy; Technical literacy; Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing; Social Media Proficiency; Photoshop Proficiency.

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