Targeted Cover Letter Body Paragraph Examples

  • I have worked in [digital marketing] and business advertising for over three years. I love this job because it's incredibly dynamic and challenges creativity every day. Together with a team from Prospect, I spearheaded modern and innovative solutions for more than 45 clients, managing projects with a budget exceeding $40,000 and delivering novel projects such as Small People and Missing Animals viral ads, both receiving over 50 million impressions. [Company Name] with its notable campaigns like those for Jacobs and Dove, would be the perfect place for me to utilize my work experience and qualifications.

  • For the past four years I've been working as an [Office Assistant] and developed high-level administrative skills while staying on tight schedule. My diligent role included such daily works as writing multiple reports and other forms for 20 office team members, while answering 100+ calls and mails, scheduling internal meetings and directors’ calendars. I believe that my professional skills combined with successful administrative experience would make me a strong addition to [Company Name] team.

  • While studying at university, I participated in a collaborative web-based marketing project for a global business ABC, in which we completed four complex web analyses, created digital AdWords and Facebook campaigns, and suggested recommendations that ABC happily implemented. We used a similar advertising model to your New Mood and Fenzy digital campaigns. As a member of business school student board, I also organized multiple events and created display advertisements for events' partners which were later implemented as a standard in all other university student boards. I believe that my creativity and proactive passion for marketing is what [Company Name] searches.

  • I am [Business Analyst] professional with strong analytical skills who have integrated modern digital tools that led to 20% more efficient workflow, data tracking and sharing. I am well-versed in SWOT methodologies, case, data and business process modeling and I continuously exceeding monthly goals by 7%. [Company Name] annual turnover growth is 3.2% but I am confident you can double it in 10 months since your market share is a strong 25%. I am willing to start working on it from the first day in the office.

  • I've worked with [sales] for the last 4 years and during that time I was able to increase unit sales goals by 260%, continuously complete monthly goal of 100 meetings and sell products with an average price point of $18000 every day. I also implemented retargeting sales program using Facebook Pixel and other data technologies, created 20+ form emails that were implemented as a company standard. I know how to ask right questions and listen at the right time, I am communicative, analytical and creative sales professional who will bring qualifications and energy to [Company Name] and exceed sales quota starting from the first workday.

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