Targeted Cover Letter Body Paragraph Examples

  • For the past four years, I've worked on various design projects including websites, outdoor and print advertisements, brand logos, and book illustrations. Using mostly Adobe Creative Suite together with a great team, we have implemented successful design solutions for more than 70 websites, including brands such as Max Tire, East-West Airlines, and Rockstar Mag. I have an end-to-end understanding of project development from concept to solution, and from pitch to discussed implementation. XYZ company boasts famous work such as Dove Milk Bird and ABC Color Balls, and they would be the perfect place for me to work.

  • I am a business analyst professional with strong analytical skills who have integrated modern digital tools that led to 20% more efficient workflow, data tracking, and sharing. I am well-versed in SWOT methodologies, case, data and business process modeling and I am capable of continuously exceeding monthly goals. The annual turnover growth of XYZ is 3.2%, but I am confident you can double it in 10 months. I am willing to start working on it from the first day in the office.

  • I have worked in digital marketing and business advertising for over three years. I love this job because it's incredibly dynamic and challenges my creativity every day. Together with the team from Prospect, I spearheaded modern and innovative solutions for more than 45 clients, managing projects with the budget exceeding $40,000 and delivering creative projects such as the Small People and Missing Animals viral ads, both receiving over 50 million impressions. XYZ with its famous campaigns like those for X and Y, would be the perfect place for me to utilize my work experience and qualifications.

  • For the past four years, I've been working as an office assistant and developed high-level administrative skills while sticking to a tight schedule. My diligent role included daily tasks such as writing multiple reports and various business forms for 20 office team members, while answering 100+ calls and emails, scheduling internal meetings and managing the directors' calendars. I believe that my professional skills combined with my successful administrative experience would make me a strong addition to the XYZ team.

  • I've worked with sales for the last three years, and during that time I was able to increase unit sales goals by 260%, continuously complete monthly goals of 100 meetings and sell products with an average price point of $18,000 every day. I also implemented retargeting sales campaigns using Facebook Pixel and other data tracking technologies, and created 20+ email templates that were applied as a company standard. I know how to ask the right questions and listen at the right time. I communicate well and am an analytical and creative sales professional who can bring the required qualifications and energy to XYZ. I am willing to exceed the sales quota starting from the first day.

  • While studying at university, I participated in a collaborative web-based marketing project for a global business, Hellet Inc., during which we completed four complex web analyses, created digital AdWords and Facebook campaigns, and suggested recommendations that the company happily implemented. We used a similar advertising model to the New Mood and Frenzy digital campaigns. As a member of the business school student board, I also organized various events and created display advertisements for the events' partners which were later implemented as a standard by all the other university student boards. I believe that my creativity and proactive passion for marketing are what XYZ is searching for.


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