Target Your Resume at a Specific Job Position

It is common practice to write one generic resume and send it to as many different companies as possible. However, this leads to no replies because your resume becomes inaccurate and irrelevant.

Instead of sending generic resumes to hundreds of companies, rather concentrate on the ones that appeal the most to you. Which industries do you like? Which companies attract your attention? Do you prefer small startups or big corporations? You should identify the companies that will satisfy your career goal.

Find five great companies per day and target your resume at each of your chosen job positions. The next day, find five more. This strategy will land you much better results!

Learn about companies and spend a significant portion of your time reading. In just half an hour, you can get so much valuable information and find out about the company's goals, market capital, competitors, innovations, and relevant news.

Don't start writing your resume (and cover letter) without analyzing a particular company and its interaction with the industry. Your resume needs to target a specific job position, because only then will you have the highest chances of landing a job interview.


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