How to Start Writing a Resume

Before writing a resume, you should identify your primary career goal. Then, target a specific job position by focusing your resume on relevant achievements.

Resume Format

The resume format describes the resume's content, structure and design. Recruiters tend to prefer targeted resumes which are short and to the point. Find out what a great resume format should look like.

How to Target a Resume

Targeting a resume means adapting it for a specific job position and making it very clear that you're a good fit for that position.

Resume Opening Section

The resume's opening section lists the minimum required details about you as a candidate. Learn how to write it.

Resume Experience Section

The resume experience section is the central part of the resume that recruiters scan to find a relevant candidate. It should show your top achievements targeted at the specific requirements of the job.

Resume Education Section

The resume education section lists your academic achievements. Use what you've learned to your advantage and target your gained education at a particular job position.

Resume Skills Section

The resume skills section is one of the main parts of the resume that recruiters scan to find relevant abilities. This section should be targeted at a specific job ad, showing both hard and soft skills.

Top Hard Skills

Hard skills are the technical abilities you need to be able to do a specific job. A great resume should list at least a few hard skills that are targeted at a particular job ad.

Top Soft Skills

A general way to describe soft skills is to call them "social skills". Social abilities are easily adaptable to different jobs and industries. A great resume should list at least a few of these soft skills.

Targeted Resume Samples

To succeed, you should target your resume at a specific job position. Check out the examples and learn how to make the most compelling resume.

Sending a Resume

Before sending your resume, you should spend some time to review it. Check the relevancy of your resume for a specific job ad and correct any grammar mistakes.

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