How to Write a Targeted Cover Letter for a Particular Job Position

A good cover letter should be short, but if you apply for many different job positions, writing a unique cover letter for each one will overwhelm you. This might tempt you to write a single generic letter, change only the company name, and send it out for every job opening that matches your profession.

However, if you do that, your resume and cover letter will very likely get deleted by an ATS or the recruiter as it will seem irrelevant much like spam.

Each corporate job opening on average attracts 250 resumes, and of these candidates, only four to six are called for an interview. So, 98% of resumes and cover letters get rejected as irrelevant.

Never use the same cover letter for different job applications.

Instead of sending generic resumes and cover letters for every single company, concentrate on the ones that appeal to you the most.

Find five good companies. Target your resume at each one, and then customize your cover letter to accompany each resume. The next day, find five more companies. Stop sending broad resumes and template cover letters to random companies. Your goal is to get a job that you really like.


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